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Would I (a PS3 owner) Buy A Bungie Game?

The answer is simply yes. As long as it was a great game thats fun to play. I mean i can be pretty fanboyish at times (not so much as i was), but why would i miss out on a great game? Some peoples minds are as empty as a basketball.

Its great having exclusives and just ony system (it gets expensive owning two), because that just adds to the amount of games you want and some people (like me) only have so much money. Not only that, i've been a Playstation owner since the PS1 launched and it hasnt change, but that doesn't mean i wont enjoy 360 exclusives if i dont get the chance (which isn't often nowadays).

I've played and beaten both Halo 2 and 3, and i enjoyed them alot with my cousin. I disliked the endings of both games, but still liked them. Halo 2's ending was a horrible cliffhanger (in my opinion) and Halo 3's Master Chief going to sleep at the end left me wanting a better resolution to the story (atleast a Halo 4 would be nice). Both left a bad after-taste in my mouth, but i still enjoyed them as i've said before (especially the forge and online).

If Bungie did make a PS3 game, I would need it to have upgraded graphics from Halo 3 and Halo: ODST though (Halo Reach seems to be a step in that direction), but graphics are not a top priority by any means, just would be nice. It would also be nice if it wasn't just a FPS, or not a FPS at all. A RPG/FPS (think Borderlands) would be great i think, or a platformer/shooter (think Ratchet and Clank). I wonder what a Racing game would be like with Bungie behind the wheel? So many other genres Bungie could do that im sure they would make awesome games in.

The rumor itself just sounds rediculus, but if some miracle brought them to make a PS3 game, im defiently sure it would be in my collection, no matter the genre.

Quote of the Day: Fanboys will be fanboys and gamers will be gamers, but ether way (most) of them are enjoying great games no matter what system they own...

Reader Questions:

Would you buy a Bungie game for your PS3? What genre would you like Bungie to make a game in next? Do you think HipHopGamers actually right?

lh_swe4943d ago

Don't get me wrong I share your exact opinions about the games however for a studio that is famous for nothing else it would be nice to see them expand their horizons. To what I don't know it's hard to say what they would be good at aside from FPS but I suspect it'll be something sci-fi related, maybe something like an action-adventure but one can only speculate.

But we don't even know if this is true, and I have never trusted HHG but I do pray it's true.

Saaking4943d ago

Other than Halo, Bungie has made pretty mediocre games. I'd have to see the game reviews first. Other than that, the only way I'd buy it is if it was exclusive to PS3.

RockmanII74943d ago

The Myth games were great too.

Bnet3434942d ago

and Marathon, I remember playing that on my old ass iMac he he.

I_LOVE_MYSELF4943d ago

1. I would not miss out on a great game... If Bungie made a great game on PS3 (or even if it was multi plat) I would deffo buy it...

2. I would like to see them do a sci fi action based RPG

3. I tend not to listen to anything HHG says

p.s good blog

Perjoss4942d ago

"I would not miss out on a great game"

a true gamer.

Digitaldude4943d ago

Do you think HipHopGamers actually right?

Well looking into the past.... lol.

Another One4943d ago

There really is nothing to dislike about Bungie as a company. They treat their community very well, they have a record of good games (Halo, Marathon, and Myth), and they've made at least one game for a Sony platform before (Oni).

If the game is good and is on the PS3 as well as the 360, there's no reason not to buy it.

To answer your other two questions, I'd like to see an action RPG or FPS/RPG (Large open world) from Bungie. And to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Bungie's next game was a multi-platform game. They do love a lot of PS3 games and are cool with Naughty Dog.

HolyOrangeCows4941d ago


Remember how the people who didn't buy map packs got the shaft and couldn't play Big Team Battle (My favorite match type) for all those months?

And when they released a 5 hour game with the MP mode recycled from the last game?

Another One4937d ago (Edited 4937d ago )

"Remember how the people who didn't buy map packs got the shaft and couldn't play Big Team Battle (My favorite match type) for all those months?"

So those of us who bought the map packs shouldn't be rewarded for doing so? Sounds like you should've dropped the tiny amount of cash and gotten the maps so you could play Big Team.

"And when they released a 5 hour game with the MP mode recycled from the last game?"

Took me a while longer than 5 hours on Legendary and I quite enjoyed it. The multiplayer on the other disc was just a bonus as far as I'm concerned. It allowed me to clear up some hard drive space too.

We can all look at it different ways. I still see no reason to dislike them.

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