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Drama, Drama, Drama.

Bored and curious, I looked up a few YT channels. I won't name them, but you can guess which ones. I will say that they are quite notable and have been responsible for controversy.

Anyways, I look up the channels, watch bits of a few videos and it suddenly dawned on me as to how much drama and sensationalism comes out of gaming journalism and gaming in general.

Dead Rising 3 comes out to the PC, and consoles suddenly become irrelevant. XBO controller gets a driver on PC? XBO is irrelevant. Downgrade from Watch Dogs? The game is irrelevant.

The weird thing, is that none of these things are really true. Whether you hear it on a Youtube video or read it on a comment from N4G or NeoGAF.

I'm not gonna lie to you guys. I have been guilty of this drama before, but recently, I just see no point. It doesn't really do anything anyway, aside from create feuds between people who try to act high and mighty because of what console they own or whether or not they have a PC.

When it comes to the PS4 and XBO being irrelevant and this gen being a disappointment less than a year in, it's really all bull.
This is a console launch we're talking about here. It's always dry as the Grand Canyon at this point and there are loads of cross gen titles. Some people (including some Youtubers I watched) don't seem to understand that, despite having experienced previous console launches. Of course there are gonna be cross gen titles in this day and age. While they're are probably 11 million XBOs and PS4s out there, there are 150 million+ PS3s and 360s. Games these days are so advanced and take so long to make and are so expensive. Unless they are making a game that would be too hard to pull off on last gen consoles, you're gonna see a lot of cross gen games in the first year. It's the same reason as to why we got so many delays and why the PS4 and XBO don't have a sufficient library in both exclusives and multiplats, in order to cause a substantial transition.

But despite that and a very big youtubers 'disaster is coming with next gen is coming' video, the PS4 is the fastest selling console. Really says something doesn't it?

But that's the thing. Trolls in the comment section and even the people who agree and worship these sensationalistic youtubers (who regurgitate news from here for easy views), are in the vast minority, a point which a certain user pushed on my last blog post. For how much NeoGAF, the so called 'most important gaming site' on the net, ripped on Watch Dogs, it was Ubisofts fastest selling new IP.

I honestly think that people take themselves too seriously. No one's superior to anyone else because they have this console, or these specs. And just because you use sensationalism or regurgitation for easy views, it doesn't mean your opinion is fact.

I mean, we're talking about video games. Are we really gonna cuss each other out because of games? I mean, I love games and there are some extremely nonsensical people out there but c'mon. A lot of the time, I can't help but view some people on the internet as guys hiding behind a computer and fake name to vent out frustration or sadness from their real lives, to make people feel bad about themselves.

I don't want to get to preachy, but I hope I'm not the only one with this mindset. Anyway, thanks for reading and tell me what you think in the comments.

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randomass1712733d ago

Some people are dumb and gross heart. That's what it boils down to, honestly. The kind of people who will judge you for who you are because your opinion on a piece of plastic or digital content doesn't sit well with them are lousy people and sooner or later people wise up to that. Good blog.

Software_Lover2731d ago

Why is this site down so much?

OT: As it pertains to gaming, since the internet nearly sucked the fun out of gaming last gen with their negativity, I don't even look at reviews anymore.

Trolls are trolls. I think in all my years of being on N4G I have only ever down voted 1-2 comments because they were that stupid.

memots2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Good work on being the better man Exvirtual.

I must admit that it makes my blood boiling but at my age and been playing games since the Atari 2600 and commodore i am over all this B.S, but i still cannot stop myself to cringe at some of the idiocy going on in the comments section and i do like to make fun of it.

Like you Software_lover i got down voted because i made fun of some people directly.

JD_Shadow2731d ago

Neogaf seems to be a club of "we think the same way" that never lets a dissenting POV in easily or let facts get in the way of what they want to believe (seriously, just try to post a link to the speech Anita Sarkeesian gave at Santa Monica in 2010 where she said that she didn't play games when she told everyone she was a life long one earlier: it got me permabanned, and an earlier attempt got shut down quickly). It gets ridiculous, and I pointed it out on my own channel.

As for the other YouTubers right now, this is why I do watch a select amount of people that I know won't just say things out of spite or because of being a fanboy. I want it to be their honest opinion, even if it's something I don't agree with, like TotalBiscuit or Jessie Cox. Whenever I say my opinion, it might end up being unpopular, but you at least know that it's something I truly believe and not something that I was told to say, or was out of anger. If I do so, I quickly correct my statement (we're only human, after all).

It's also a matter of getting yourself noticed. The more people watch your videos, the more traction you can get if your videos are well done and thought out, and you find your niche. I never planned to talk so much about Anita on my channel, but those videos get me the most views for whatever reason it is (I wish they'd watch more of the other videos I have).

I think it comes down to people wanting to see the drama. It's like the fascination with reality TV. You say you're tired of it, but you just can't help but be curious. I am honest, but also blunt in my videos, and so is TB and some of the other better known personalities. That's how you get respect: by showing that you're not afraid of saying things the way you want to say them (of course, there's always a limit), you make people believe that you really are giving them your honest opinion. I never turn off comments on my channel (unlike some people), and I want people to give their own opinions (I don't mean to talk about my own channel that much here, but talking about what I'm doing is the best way to speak on a more personal level). By doing that, I feel like I invite more interactivity to the issue being addressed, and hopefully can ignite a dialogue.

I know there are idiots that pollute the waters for the rest of us, but be advised that if you find the right people, you'll see that not all of us YouTubers are like what you describe.