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Rant: Teh PC Masta Raze

I've seen this WAY too much. The amount of ignorance and outright bullying in the comment sections from PC fans. Not just here, but on Youtube, Disqus, the whole Seven Eleven.

Some one told me that sometimes, you have to call people what they are. So I'm going to. Some of you people are PC fanboys. I'm am fully aware that there are Nintendo fanboys, Sony fanboys and Xbox fanboys, but they none of them are no where near as bad as PC fanboys. They think they are so superior to everyone else, just because they play on the PC. I'm sure you've all seen the 'Real Gamers play on PC' bullshit.

If you're just a PC fan who makes it clear that he just prefers the platform, this does not apply to you at all. I'm not going to generalize and I'm not gonna start shouting that all PC players are pirates. Because I know PC players who buy physical PC games.

Some of these fanboys think they are VASTLY superior to console players, just because they play on the PC. A user said this in a comment:'Every single game shown for the PS4 and XBO is LAST gen to anyone who has been pc gaming for the last 4 years.
Literally, games from 2009 on the PC destroy anything shown on PS4 that is REAL gameplay.'
'I'm playing at 1600p bro.
Something you'll be doing in 10 years and acting like it's the coolest and newest thing ever.
But I'll already be playing at 8K by then.
Enjoy the scraps and crumbs that drop from my table.'

The level of arrogance and ignorance in those comments is just infuriating to me.

Consoles give a completely different experience to the PC. I'm getting a completely different meal on my table. I'm not getting something inferior to you and I'm not inferior to you. Same goes for all console players.
When this user was talking about 1600p and that I'll be experiencing in it 10 years, he HAS to be trolling. When the PS5 and XB2 and 9th gen Nintendo console come, out those systems will be running 4K games. Because this gen is going to be 7-8 years maximum and by then, 4K would be the standard, but as of right now, it's not.

How many people on N4G, let alone the general consumer, have 4K monitors or TVs? Not all that many. And it's not because they can't afford it, it's because it's a pointless investment.

Movies haven't gone into 4K and games sure as hell haven't (As a standard at least). Buying an expensive ass TV that you're only gonna get full use out of in 8 years and it'll be cheaper by the time those 8 years end. It's just not feasible or smart.

Now when he says games from 2009 destroy anything shown on the PS4 from real gameplay... well, that's just plain delusional.
Maybe on maximum settings from devs who focus on making amazing graphics, but mediocre gameplay, maybe. But barely any.

But I've just gotta ask this question. Why are we comparing the PC to consoles?
PCs need that extra power, because they are meant for so much more than gaming. Music, downloads, files, OS', the works. They're also fully upgradable.
Consoles are optimized for gaming and are not upgradable.

Now I know someone's going to ask the question: 'Then why are console players comparing the specs of the XBO, Wii U and PS4?' Personally I've been trying to avoid any power articles recently and if I do I'll just say something like: 'I'm very glad that the PS4 is a powerful console'.

But even then, the reason why console players compare specs is because they all fall into the same category. Consoles are platforms optimized for gaming and are static the second they come out. That's why.

Now with a lot of PC players, they say the same thing over and over again. Something along the lines of this: 'Consoles are weaker and more expensive long term. More expensive games and online subscriptions.'

When they say that, they clearly aren't considering the fact that they upgrade their PCs on a pretty regular basis, about 1-2 years (Not all, but a noticeable amount.). I know you don't have to upgrade it yearly, but I'm just making a point. These upgrades are not small either. Most of the time, they're not exponential, but they're very noticeable, meaning the upgrade could very well cost $400-$700. Much more then the 50-60 dollars you pay in a year.

Now about the cheaper games, they have a point, however they don't always get these amazing deals 24/7 (On AAA games). If they did, then Steam would not have crashed when the Steam Summer sale started.

What really makes me laugh is that even if these consoles were on the level of the highest end PC, they'd be extremely expensive. Then the PC fanboys would say: 'Ha, you have more expensive games and expensive hardware!' We all know that.

Now onto Steam, the card the PC players always use.
'But I'll already be playing at 8K by then.' I'm quoting that for a very important reason. Development cost are already skyrocketing as it is. On current gen hardware, we got GTA5 a game that took 265 million dollars to make. Luckily for R*, they were making a game that is probably the most hyped up game this for this generation. When games take up more and more power throughout not only this upcoming gen, but gen after that, when all you're games are running at 4K, 8K and with amazing textures and physics simulation, do you really think that these AAA publishers are going to sell the game for less than $60 on any platform? Especially the platform that has the game performing at the best caliber (If you have the specs for it)? All these companies, who we as gamers have labelled as greedy? A prime example, EA. It won the worst company in America twice in a row. Not just among gaming companies, but from banks, stores, the works. Hell, we even labelled R* as greedy when it was revealed that micro-transactions were revealed for GTA online. So do really think that companies will sell their games for less than $60 on any platform?

Hell. No. You might argue that R* could indeed do that, but that's because they're one of the only companies in the gaming industry (if not the only ones) that can make a 735 million dollar profit in 3 days. With other devs, even Activision, cannot do that. And if Valve does not agree with that, then guess what those companies will do? They will go off and make their own PC gaming service and charge a full 60 bucks from there. I'm not saying PC gamers will be inferior in any way to console gamers IF this happens though. It most likely will happen though, because everyone (not just PC guys) are demanding advancements in graphical fidelity. It's not a bad thing to want good graphics, but they should mean less than the gameplay.

The only way I see game development costs keeping at a steady rate is if devs make graphical and resolution enhancements at a much slower rate, especially when this upcoming gen ends. Physics simulation should keep progressing at a reasonable speed though. What's even funnier is that people didn't like Steam when it initially launched. Now... well you already know.

People are always saying that consoles should be more like PCs and that consoles are holding back gaming.

Consoles should evolve, but they should still keep their core feature: Plug and play. Console players and the casual market especially don't want to deal with upgrading their gaming platform. And yeah, consoles should definitely get into DRM. /sarcasm.

Saying that consoles are holding back devs and therefore gaming is valid and invalid.
It's valid, because consoles are holding back developers from letting game development costs skyrocket at an even faster rate (to some extent).
It's invalid, because what these consoles are somewhat holding back is how fast the graphics improve. The graphics and the graphics alone. Not the innovation, not the gameplay. Simply the graphics.

We all know that some 8-bit indie titles from this generation have had more innovation than the biggest AAA games in the industry. PC players have been saying that the most (because all indie games make it to the PC before they make it to consoles), but now, just because of the X86 architecture that the PS4 and the XBO have (they are quite custom though), the PC fanboys are now hungry for the AAA wood.

Again, I'm not saying anyone here is inferior here, I'm just stating the facts. I can think of a few games that won't come to the PC that have been announced for this gen so far. For one thing, every single first party title from Sony MS and Nintendo. You cannot deny that. It's not going to happen now and it won't happen later.

The main point of this blog is that PC fanboys are not superior to any gamer just because they play on the PC. Again, I'm not generalizing. This doesn't apply to all of you, but some of you. Give console gamers some respect and don't be so obsessed with putting them down because you're just wasting your own time, talking about 4K and 1080p @ 60fps on max settings when most of teh PC masta raze cannot achieve that with their rigs. When the user said: 'Enjoy the scraps and crumbs that drop from my table', he's contradicting himself. Like I said before, consoles are a completely different experience and PC gamers with that sort of mentality are getting crumbs from their own table. The graphics seem to be the only thing they care about. Games also have something called gameplay.

I know some people are going to disagree with me here, but I'm not here to base things off of what other people think, but what I think. Everyone here is. Otherwise, there would be no point. And for the last time, I'm not saying PC guys are inferior.

Anyways, thanks for reading my blog. Hope you enjoyed it and sound off in the comments.

EDIT: Maybe I didn't make this clear enough (sarcasm), but I DO NOT hate the PC or PC gamers in general. Again, if you're just a PC gamer who makes it clear that they prefer the platform, then this does not apply to you. I have extremely close friends who are PC mainly guys/girls. So please, if you disagree with what I'm saying, don't be shouting and screaming that I hate the PC and that I think PC gamers are inferior to console gamers. Because I've said this a million times.

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TwistingWords2964d ago

Yeah this is only your 800th blog, trying to complain about PC gamers.

Now just look at your own comment history and see how you've spewed your mouth and look at EVERY article relating to the consoles, at what ratio is the idiocy coming from?

Every xbox article is "lol 900p not even 60fps", go into every Battlefield 4 article and what do you see. "xbox is holding back the PS4"


How many more blogs do we need from you claiming that every PC gamer is a douche and that console gamers are perfect.

Also you think maybe PC gamers can be douches because of the amount of double standards around N4G, forums etc?

One minute 60fps doesn't matter, then x dev announces that a game is going to be 1080p60 and suddenly its a must have, then another dev says its not 1080p60, then what happens? You guessed it, comments claiming it doesn't matter and you get blogs on N4G trying to claim it doesn't matter.

EXVirtual2964d ago ShowReplies(2)
lex-10202964d ago

EXVirtual is very very ProSony and very anti PC and Anti Microsoft.

While there is nothing wrong with supporting a side in a respectful manner you need to learn how to do it EXVirtual. The way you present arguments, comments, phrases, and the like can make or break your argument before you even get your point across. Let me ask you something. How does this blog help anything? You are attacking PC "fanboys" in a very aggressive and condescending manner. No PC fanboy is going to read your blog and say "oh well maybe he's right. Maybe I shouldn't act like this." They are going to read it an say "Man this guy is a condescending punk." and quit reading before you even start talking. I have made it perfectly clear many time that I am a gamer. I don't support one system/console or the other. I just play games. That being said even I had difficulty reading your blog with the amount of attacking in it. You are not helping your point by writing like this. Let the PC fans enjoy their PCs. Let the Xbox fans enjoy their Xbox and let the WiiU fans enjoy their WiiU. Just because some has a different opinion than you, or likes something different than you doesn't make them wrong. It makes them Human.

Finally have someone grammar check your blog before you post. This is painful to read, and sadly it's your standard work.

zerocrossing2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I'm taking no sides here, there's good and bad when it comes to both console and PC gamers.

But what I find most funny is how so many PC gamers take that "PC master race, dirty console pesents" thing seriously. Zero Punctuation's Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw made that up as a dig at how stupid that kind of thinking is, yet it seems to have been lost to some people.

FriedGoat2961d ago

Alot of these PC elitists have no idea what the REAL glory days of PC were like, I still keep my pc upgraded, but its basically a an mmo, ARP, indie platform now.

zerocrossing2961d ago

Oh I'm sure of that, but I'm probably the same though since my first foray into PC gaming was way back with Quake 2.

Letros2964d ago Show
Ducky2964d ago

Those comments are made by trolls, and you've lost the moment you give it any serious thought.
... and trying to make up arguments on a topic you seem to have little familiarity with isn't going to improve anything.

It's a stereotype from a joke that has run amuck. Just enjoy your soup and ignore the pasta race waving their meatballs around.

OrangePowerz2964d ago

Don`t worry they only come out at the end and start of a new console generation and after that go away again when the proper exclusive console games come out.

I played great games on PC during this console generation and great console games and anybody who just sticks to PC and dismisses consoles misses out on some of the best games this generation. It really is their loss.

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