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Next-Gen Launch: Here we go again

By now, I think we all know that we can go on N4G, Youtube, Disqus and Twitter and see the same thing every time a new gen is up and coming. We all know the Tango (If you want a more detailed version of my first paragraph, please check this article out: http://whatisplaystation4.c... )
A new gen is revealed.
Launch games don't look stunning.
People complain about no gigantic leap in graphical fidelity.
Then a talented dev, 1st party or 3rd shows off an amazing looking game in both gameplay and graphics and blows everyone away including the PC only gamers.
Consoles keep pumping out amazing games.
Then they start to show their age and we're back to square one.
And the cycle resets every gen. The discussions I've seen about this upcoming gen are following that same pattern. Up to this point at least. Yes I'm talking about the launch games.

A lot of PC gamers and their dogs especially have been flipping their shit and tables, screaming: 'Cancel the gen!' 'Next gen is already outdated' 'Next gen ruined! Gonna play BF4 at 1080p 60fps at ultra settings. PC masta raze!' 'PC gaming is already at 4K! Next gen is weak!' And I swear, they make me laugh so much.
First of all you have to remember that 95% percent of the games we've been seeing and hearing about are rushed, cross gen, multiplatform and un-optimized launch projects. Of course you're not gonna see the most ball busting graphics around! It's the launch of the console.
Now a lot of people have been saying 'They have an x86 architecture, which means if they can't run BF4 at ultra settings at 1080p 60fps, they're already outdated!' No. Okay?
Just because they have x86 architectures, it doesn't mean that there's zero optimization that can be done. I remember a while ago there was an article, where a dev said 'In 1-2 years you'll be blown away by the next gen consoles' Now that's coming from a developer. Not some guy on N4G, a developer. I think that it's the multi-threading in the CPU that devs have to get by. When that's bypassed and some actual optimization is done, the performance of the next gen consoles (PS4 especially) will be amazing. Hell, look at imFamous: Second Son, or Tom Clancy's: The Division. infamous SS is an open world game releasing 3 months after the launch of the PS4 and it's an exclusive. Only 3 months after. That game looks amazing in both gameplay and graphics and is running at a smooth 1080p @ 30fps. You saw that screenshot of that car surrounded by neon lights. The Division is most likely releasing a year after the PS4/XBO. Did you see that gameplay at E3? The physics and animations looked smooth as hell and the graphics were freaking beastly! And that is an open world online only game. Yeah.
That's the sort of stuff that we're getting in one year. Imagine 2-3 years. Exactly.
You can't look at launch games and expect the best of the best. Hell look at Deep Down. An online game from Capcom which has amazing graphics and runs at 1080p 60fps as well as FFXIV:ARR. Fair enough they're PS4 exclusives but you get my point.

Secondly, you PC only guys are over reacting. I'm not about to start saying 60 fps doesn't matter, but it's not mandate in every game. You're getting great physics, graphics and worlds, but then you're like :'Oh, it can't play BF4 at ultra settings.'
How many people here on N4G can actually play BF4 in ultra settings in 1080 60fps? Not as many as the masta raze says they can. You'd need a beastly rig to do that chiz. I've also seen people say that the PS4/XBO should be able to run games at 4K. 4K. Do you know how expensive that would be? You'd have to get a 4K TV (wallet killer), and the consoles would be hella expensive. Hell, Oculus Rift hasn't even gone up to 1080p yet. Have fun spending more than 2000 bones. And here's the funny thing: Now because of Valves recent announcements they think that the Steam Machines and Steam Controller are 'innovative'. Well, last time I checked, you guys were shouting about frame rates and resolution, but now you wanna talk about innovation. Why? Because it's Valve. If you're honest with yourself, the Steam Controller is quite unorthodox. So unorthodox that instead of analog sticks, they have trackpads, the equivalent to virtual analog sticks on your phone or tablet. Yeah, it sucks. The button placement is awkward as well.
As for the Steam Machines, they're literally plug-in PCs running SteamOS. I'm telling you, that thing is not going anywhere at all. Why?
1. It comes out approximately a year after the PS4/XBO.
2. It's most likely upgradable, which the general consumer doesn't really want to deal with.
3. There are several versions from different manufacturers which will most likely have their own specs, which might cause confusion
4. The price of the Steam Machines will most likely be higher than the next gen consoles, meaning a noticeably more expensive price tag.
5. I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys on N4G would just want to upgrade their PC.
6. The SteamOS' purpose is to get more support for Linux, but at the moment and for a while longer, the support for Linux is abysmal compared to Windows, meaning that you're not going to have a huge selection of games.
The best part is, this PC is console esque, the things that PC gamers have been bashing. But again, it's because it's Valve. I do think the SteamOS is a good idea though.

The launch of a system does not showcase it's full power, no matter how you spin it. Look at GTAIV and compare it to GTAV. GTAV has a world more than double the size of GTAIV and it still has better much better graphics and animations. That's 7-8 years after the launches of the PS3 and 360. If the PS3 handle that and TLOU after 7 years, you can just imagine what the next gen of consoles can do. Also, all of these graphics conversations are about games with realistic art styles. Have you ever thought how the PS4 would handle a cel-shaded game? I mean, realistic art styles are cool, but their are other ones. Imagine an EX Troopers Sequel on the PS4. I'm already drooling just thinking about it. I mean, I know it most likely won't happen, but it would be badass.

Thanks for reading and sound off in the comments.

inFamous: Second Son screenshot

Deep Down screenshot

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TwistingWords2991d ago

Here, this will sooth and protect that butthurt of yours.

Ducky2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Your first paragraph is awfully similar to the ending of this article:
Don't know what the rules are for blogs, but I'd figure that the original author should be mentioned if you're going to build on their thoughts.

EXVirtual2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Alright. Let me edit that in.
EDIT: Also, this blog is based off of my perspective.

memots2991d ago

Thank you for your Blob.

I agree with everything you say and could not put into words the way you do.

I hope many people read and and call their tits a little.

wtopez2991d ago

"A lot of PC gamers and their dogs especially have been flipping their shit and tables, screaming: 'Cancel the gen!' 'Next gen is already outdated' 'Next gen ruined!"

"their dogs especially"? Does that mean that the dogs are complaining MORE than the PC gamers?

No one loves the next gen consoles more than PC gamers. They are basically closed PCs in a box. The X86 architecture means that PC will see less half-baked ports and in fact may become the lead platform of many games from now on. Also your title should be "I hate PC gaming".

s45gr322990d ago

I am not arguing your blog in regards to the steambox which you are correct it's a hybrid PC/console like how the PS3 launch with the other OS a month or two months later (your flavor of Linux and use it as a second OEM which I tried and didn't work out damn it). So let's see do developers need to familiarize with say hardware nope not this generation due to x86 architecture, AMD Jaguar Apu (which you can buy it on amazon). Do the games need to be optimize yes game developers need to be optimize to run well on the console operating systems. Here is the thing though the vast majority of multiplat titles minus fighting games the lead platform will be the PC. Why due to the hardware of the consoles and it will be cheaper too. Are the consoles outdated sadly yes the AMD Jaguar Apu was designed for laptops ; as well, it's GPU which is the HD Radeon 7970 and in xbox one 7870 . So instead of AMD offering the "pile driver" and the sapphire GPU the consoles get laptop parts ugh. Plus now both Playstation and Xbox gamers have to pay to play online, the online passes, microtransanctions, etc have not gone away and to make matters worse elder scrolls online charges a monthly fee for both console gamers and PC gamers. This means console gamers must pay not only the monthly fee for elder scrolls online but also the PS Plus or xbox live gold subscription fee. That's a major issue which worries me in regards to Destiny and the division which hopefully not a monthly fee gets attached to say titles. No backwards compatibility either foe consoles. When you look it that way not only are consoles weak but more expensive than PC gaming long term.

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