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Final Fantasy XV not appearing at TGS: What it really means.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that FFXV would not be at TGS and I seen some pretty pissed fans. I wasn't happy, but these guys were blowing it out of proportion. 'Screw you SE!' and 'SE will die soon'. Well guys, I don't think it's much of a big deal.

Now for people saying that it isn't ready and in early development... WRONG. If it wasn't ready to be shown at TGS, they would not have shown a 6 min story trailer and a gameplay trailer, let alone looking as advanced as it did. The real reason FFXV is not gonna be appearing at TGS is because of the fact that SE needs to market LR the most. I think they know that if they show FFXV alongside LR all the time, FFXV will steal the show and then some. So SE's just being careful as to how the place FFXV and LR when it comes to showcasing.

Secondly, I don't care what you say, I don't want them to rush this game. That's not to say I don't want the game to come out soon, but you know what I mean. From all the hype that has been put around this game even in it's previous form FFV13, do you really want them to disappoint? I'm gonna shoot and say that FFXV is most likely gonna be seeing a late December 2014 or even Jan/Feb 2015. Now for people who might be asking: What about Kingdom Hearts III? Won't that just take longer? Again, you don't want them to be rushing that game. As for when it'll release, I'm gonna say late 2015/ Q1 of 2016. Seriously. I have the utmost faith in Square Enix. I really do. As soon as FFXIV and LR are out of the way, we'll be getting more and more info on FFXV and KH3. Trust me.

To be honest, KH3 is not a game that was needed till about a year ago when DDD came out. The people that shrugged off anything apart from KH3 and called games like Re: Coded, BBS 358/2 Days and DDD are gonna be lost big time. BIG TIME. So I kinda think that the KH3 announcement was a bit over rated. Don't get me wrong. It's gonna be a blockbuster when it comes out. It's gonna be one of my favorite games of the gen, but there's no need to get so angry at SE for not showing it at every single event. Plus, next month, it'll be at the D23 Expo with a big presence and it might even be at jump festa. Don't forget about the fact that SE might have a press conference in January, maybe even without mentioning LR, since it'll be out barely after then. Aside from that, you should check out the 'spinoffs' if you haven't already. I know they're on different platforms, but at least look at a walkthrough. We're also most likely getting a KH2.5 announcement at TGS, which will include KH2 KH BBS and Re: coded for 2014. So no worries.

If anyone is to blame for how poorly SE performed in the 7th gen, it's Yoichi Wada. He screwed up FFXIV and he approved of both FF13-2 and LR. The new CEO, seems like a pretty smart person. Less than 2 months when he becomes CEO, we get a KH3 and FFXV announcement in the space of 15 minutes.

Again, I have the utmost faith in SE for both FFXV and KH3, to the point that I wouldn't mind if SE made FFXV-7. Lol. After FFXVI and XVII though.

Hell, we're most likely gonna get some new footage of FFXV in the PS4 interview that Nomura will be talking about the game in.

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wishingW3L2994d ago

I know FFXV will be a great game not because I have faith in Square, because I don't, but because I have faith in Nomura because he's the only relevant person on that company right now.

XboxFun2994d ago

The more I see of FF XV the more I really like it.

No matter what that game is going to be huge and a great seller. FF is the only RPG that has cross-mass appeal.

Looking forward to it for the Xbox One along with KH III.

Irishguy952994d ago

Hmm, I feel I should inform you the 'story' trailer, was a target render. I didn't know at first and wondered why the gameplay trailer had different effects than the other one. But there it is. Sucks.

EXVirtual2992d ago

They look the same to me. Either way, Nomura also said the graphics would improve.

Irishguy952992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

...They aren't though, they are confirmed to be a target render, i don't care about the graphics, I care about the gameplay, which was not in game, but CG. The battle gameplay trailer was in game, the leviathan trailer was not. All the cool things in the leviathan trailer are not actually in the game. + The effects are VERY different. In the leviathan one, they look exactly like the original trailer. In the gameplay one, their is this blue after glow on Noctis which looks crappy. This doesn't actually have anything to do with graphical quality, for some reason the effects are simply different on teleporting and summoning weapons. The Cg looks vastly superior.

The biggest difference in graphics is the animations between the two trailers. The leviathan one actually seemed like the original trailer in real time. The battle one did not.

Darrius Cole2993d ago

How much time do they need? The game was only announced in 2006.

People like this guy are the very definition of "die-hard" fans. Squenix under-delivered the entire PS3/360 generation, but this guy still has "the utmost faith in Square Enix"(his words, paragraph 3). It's "hard" for his faith in SE to "die". Even though SE is forcing yet another sequel to FF13 a game that under-performed expectations, and that we know was deliberately downgraded. Yet he still has the utmost faith.

Well my faith in SE has been downgraded to "hope."

EXVirtual2993d ago

If Yoichi Wada was still the CEO, I would've said that I have the utmost faith in Nomura. Not SE.

Yes, SE underperformed this gen as well as other Japanese devs. That doesn't mean that they can't fix themselves.

I respect your opinion nonetheless.

leonard2992d ago

It's Nomura, he's known for his procrastination with games and holding back for longer development time.

Emilio_Estevez2993d ago

I'm a firm believer that the more time you give a game the better it will turn out. Obviously not always true, but it will be good imo.

Side note: I edited out your F-bomb

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