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Pre-TGS: PS4 and Xbox One.

So before TGS, I'm just going to talk about how these two consoles will play out in Japan. First of all, the PS4.

The PS4 is set for a February 22nd 2014 release date in Japan, with launch games including Yakuza Ishin and Dynasty Warriors 8:Extreme Legends, Earth Defense Force, Dream Club, a beta of Deep Down and Final Fantasy XIV as well as exclusives throughout 2014 such as Lily Bergamo from Grasshopper Manufacture, Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign and Natural Doctrine from Kadokawa Games. On top of that, Sony is going to be at TGS and will shed some light on the games that were less explained during the conference and most likely dropping some surprises for the PS4. Now I know Yoshida did say no more surprises left, but he does troll in a good way, so I think we'll see a surprise or two.

That right their spells PS4 domination in Japan. Yes, despite the 2014 release date. Now listen, as far as I know, the Holiday season isn't as big in Japan as the NA and Europe. The NA and Europe are the places were Sony have the most competition in home consoles, so it's a good decision to cover ground their first and then tend to Japan. And even so, it's just a few months later.

You also have to remember that the PS3 is still trotting out buckets of Japanese 3rd party exclusives right now. For Japanese games this year we've got:
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix
One Piece Pirate Warriors 2
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (Japanese release this fall and western release early 2014)
J-Stars Victory VS ( also on the VITA and might not get localised due to licensing issues)
As well as some localisations that have happened this year like Ni No Kuni and Tales of Xillia. Hell, Tales of Xillia 2 is getting localised next year. Not to mention that handhelds and mobiles are the main thing there, but consoles are still relevant. So yes, the PS4 will be doing well in Japan. Especially later in the life of the console, because I can guarantee that we'll be getting a lot of Japanese 3rd party exclusives. You should also note that games like Yakuza Ishin, Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign, Samurai Warriors 4, Monster Hunter Frontier G and a Kagero sequel are also coming to the PS3, so Sony doesn't have to go all out in Japan.

Now as for the Xbox One, it's not looking too good at all. On top of the XBO's terrible reveal, Japan did not like the 360 in the first place and seeing the PS4 already has a big lead ahead of the XBO in terms of Japanese exclusives (not a single one apart from Crimson Dragon), they really isn't a point in getting an XBO in Japan. That and the fact that's it's huge and that does not fly in Japan at all.

So the lineup MS is taking to TGS with is going to be:
Kinect Sports Rivals
Crimson Dragon
Forza 5
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
Killer Instinct
And Titanfall
These eight games will all be playable at TGS. Now listen, this consists of literally no Japanese games apart from Crimson Dragon, which looks very underwhelming to me at least. What else do they have? Well FIFA 14. Really? Does Japan care about FIFA? Kinect Sports Rivals? It's a Kinect game. Ryse? Deep Down is gonna be playable. 'Nuff said. And Titanfall. I get that mechs are the thing over in Japan, but the FPS thing does not work at all for them. Also, isn't there a Gundam game coming out for the PS3?

I'd go and talk about the other games, but you guys will all be able to figure out why this lineup will get crushed by the PS4's. I have no doubt that MS will get Microsoft Japan's new IP out there, but will anyone really care? As it is, PS3 games like J-Stars Victory VS will have more attention than the XBO games at TGS. Just Saiyan.

I have seen reports on MS meeting with Japanese devs, but I don't think that's gonna work out at all. For the last decade, MS has been meeting Japanese devs and it hasn't worked out. The Japanese exclusives for the Xbox have all flopped. Miserably. Look at Tales of Vesperia. The game did so badly on the 360, that Namco Bandai had to release a PS3 version. So I don't think Japanese devs are gonna fall for MS' pay checks again and if they do it'll bite them back HARD. I really hope Japanese devs have realized working with M$ has not been good for them. Their moneyhats do nothing but give them an exclusive and make the company who developed it lose money. Look at Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. I can guarantee you that they will sell TERRIBLY on the XBO, FF15 especially. Like I said, JRPGs didn't sell well on the 360, so with the XBO? Hah, don't even get me started. But, you know what, these games will run better on PS4 and SE have confirmed that they'll be making FF15 sequels and that the KH series will go on after KH3. So you know what I'm hoping for.

So yeah, I think the PS4 will do just fine in Japan and that MS most likely has another Xbox Japan flop on their hands.

Thanks for reading and look forward to the games at TGS! This blogs recommended music is:

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XboxFun3002d ago

"So yeah, I think the PS4 will do just fine in Japan and that MS most likely has another Xbox Japan flop on their hands."

Great blog filled with non bias and informative information. I especially like your rant at the end of how the Japanese should never work with MS again.

The best part though is your claim of some specific games running better on PS4. Exactly how will they run better on the PS4? What could it possibly do on the PS4 that it won't do on the Xbox One?

dark-kyon3002d ago

you must be the few xbox users what bother for japanese games,the reality is what the xbox fanboys only care for shooters,western rpg and sport games.every japanese game have sold more in ps3 what xbox 360 for that game how blazblue c.phantasm is playstation exclusive.

EXVirtual3000d ago

Better frame rate, graphics, etc.

BillytheBarbarian3002d ago

Japanese game devs have been slipping trying to keep up with western devs. It's a no brainer Xbox will fail in Japan because Japanese value different entertainment. Turn based RPG games on handheld devices crush everything else on the market over there.

pacostacos3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

i cant wait to play KH3 on my Xbox One, I enjoyed the first two on my ps2 but that shipped sailed a long time ago