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Mighty No.9: The Spiritual Successor of MegaMan

As you may or may not know, Keiji Inafune, formally of Capcom, and his company Comcept has launched a Kickstarter for his new Project: Mighty No.9. The goal is $900,000 and it's being made for the PC via Steam and will release in Spring 2015. However, if it reaches it's stretch goal of $1,350,000 it will come to Linux and Mac and if it reaches $2.5 million, it will come to the 360, PS3 and Wii U. I do think it'll come out to the PS4 and XB1, because there are some secret stretch goals that are just question marks at the moment and it'll be 2015 by the time this game comes out. It's being made by an all star team, most of which developed the original MegaMan games, yes Inafune is the lead here and even Manami Matsumae, the women who worked on soundtracks for the original, is making soundtracks here. They already sound awesome and so MegaMan like to me:
You should listen to it while reading. It really made me remember running around ACDC town as Lan and transforming from Geo to MegaMan. It really did.
Oh also, you can get dinner with Inafune!

Mighty No. 9 stars Beck, the 9th in a line of powerful robots, and the only one not affected by a mysterious computer virus that has caused mechanized creatures throughout the world to go berserk. Players will “run, jump, blast, and transform” their way through six stages (with more added via stretch goals) in any order of their choosing, “using weapons and abilities stolen from your enemies” to take out the remaining Mighty Number robots. I'll leave the Kickstarter video link here:
The video is very deep and shows clues of resemblance to MegaMan. You'll see.

Now this is from someone who hasn't played the original games. First off let me just say that Capcom has really dropped the Mega ball. I guess the reason Inafune is doing all of this is because Capcom is not delivering, so he will. I still can't believe Capcom cancelled not 2, not 3, but 4 MegaMan games (MegaMan Online, MegaMan Maverick Hunter and MegaMan Legends 3, I don't remember the name of the last one), all of which could've made money out the ass. 25 years of MegaMan, Capcom's KEY franchise and they have completely squandered it. For the 25th anniversary, they made some crappy IOS game. And Capcom, I don't care what you say, I don't care how you say it, Megaman Cross Street fighter is not a new MegaMan game. It's an 8-bit fan made game. What Capcom has done with Megaman is way worse than what Square Enix has done with FF this gen.

I hear a lot of people say that FF is dead (which I strongly disagree with), but you can almost say that MegaMan hasn't even existed this gen. What new Megaman game has come out for the 360 or PS3? None. Jack shit.

Even in the cameos, like Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 are lackluster as hell. They added in Zero and made X a DLC costume for him. Shouldn't it be the other way around Crapcom? Or gee, I dunno, maybe you could've added them both in?! How about the Street Fighter X Tekken cameo. C'mon! I swear that they just made a cross between an mid age crisis affected Homer Simpson and a drunk Peter Griffin and put him into the dumbass suit in the American box art of the original MegaMan. Damn Crapcom! The only cameo that looks decent to me is Smash Bros.

Despite the constant requests of Kickstarters to get these games back up and running (the ones Capcom cancelled), despite the bashing, the countless Youtube videos, the websites and the overall fanbase begging Capcom to do shit with MegaMan, they still ignore the franchise. And that's turned the entire fanbase has turned against them.

What disappoints me the most is that not one MegaMan is on the edge of dying, but all of them that have built the building the series has stood on for years. MegaMan X, MegaMan Legends, Battle Network (E.X.E/NT Warrior) and Starforce. Personally my favorite is Battle Network, which I would love to see go in a real time JRPG on next gen consoles. Unfortunately, that might never come into reality.

Hell, Capcom has been shitting on all of their key series. They ruined DMC, they screwed up Resident Evil and made it Gears of War zombie edition and don't even get me started about what they've done with Breath of Fire. Now we get to MegaMan and we can't say that we've played a new MegaMan game for a whole console gen.

Now with Beck taking on what Megaman will most likely be leaving behind, I hope that Mighty No.9 surpasses Megaman in terms of both quality and success. I want it to expand in a larger way than MegaMan. Yes that means I want different adaptations of it, with different worlds and gameplay. I think that it will do all of this.

I don't understand what Capcom's thinking. If they released the 3 cancelled games I mentioned, it would've broadened the series. You would have your 2D platformer MegaMan, your action RPG type MegaMan and your FPS. Maybe Legends 3 will get another chance, but the other 2 will have to be forgotten and make people think: What if?

Who knows, maybe MegaMan himself will come back, but it's easy to see it won't be anytime soon and unfortunately, I fear the franchise will become a flipped page in gaming. It'd be so unfortunate, because this character is among the league of Sonic and Mario. Despite this, it's clear to me now that Capcom isn't likely to do didley with MegaMan. I really wanted X9, BN7 and Starforce 4. This is the way it's gonna be, man. Beck is taking on MegaMan's role. But, here's to hoping that this get's a fire burning in Capcom's ass, so that they actually make new MegaMan games.

As of right now, the Kickstarter has reached over $800,000 in it's second day. This is a huge middle finger to Capcom from the fans. Now when they say that not enough fans were supporting Legends 3 we have even more proof that it's BS.

This is the only way the Blue Bomber can live on. So Mighty No.9, show me what you've got. Here's the link to the Kickstarter and please help if you're a MegaMan fan:

Thanks for reading guys and leave a comment about your thoughts!

Fighting new battles.

All of MegaMan and Zero.

Passing the torch.

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PopRocks3593015d ago

Good blog. Really glad someone chose to spread the word on this game! I've already pledged $20. I really hope it's a success. :)

ABizzel13015d ago

It's only Day 2 and it's already at $870,000, and the goal is $900,000, I'm pretty sure it'll be a successful kickstarter.

PopRocks3593014d ago

As of now it's over $1 million! AH! So excited. :)

dredgewalker3015d ago

Hope this game turns out great, and if it turns out great I hope it sells a ton of copies on different consoles.

Donnieboi3013d ago

He's gonna make Capcom wish they never disrespected the Mega Man franchise while he was gone.

OT: Does a 2D game like this really need a $1 million budget (look at low budget for 2D games on phones)? Couldn't he do it with much less, and use the rest to develop ports for additional consoles/portables?

PopRocks3593013d ago

Heck yeah, man!

That's a good question. It could mean the game will have a large scope, or perhaps to cover costs to create a studio for the purpose of developing the game? I guess the only one who would truly know the answer is Inafune. Either way, I can't wait to play. :D

trafalger3015d ago

i like these kickstarter projects because it means no big company will have there input of "it must sell well" that so often stains how games end up from idea to delivery.

can you imagine if there was a kickstarter for a new resident evil? it would be aimed solely at the original hardcore crowd. instead these companies have become mainstream oriented trying to sell as many copies as they can to the widest demographic as possible.

zeal0us3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

The MM series has a cult following but honestly most of sales for some of the MM games aren't that high. Capcom obviously didn't want to take a risk. When sales for series start going down the publisher usually will move on regardless how many fans the series have. Now doesn't mean I didn't want to see a Maverick Hunter X2, PU2 or another Battle Network game.

Now with all that said I think its great Inafune can make a spiritual successor to MM. With the way its going the goal could be met possibly by tonight or tomorrow morning.

wishingW3L3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

the last Megaman game that sold well was MMX4 but after that it was flop after flop: Megaman Legends, the Tron Bonne game... The Megaman X and Megaman remake for the PsP, MM8, MMX5, X6, X7, X8, everything flopped. The collections for MMX and MM flopped too just like the RPG Command Mission.

You know, the MMX collection was supposed to be enhanced ports of the games with 60 frames gameplay and slightly updated graphics but since the MM collection sold like crap they just emulated the MMX games and called it a day with emu glitches, low frame-rate and everything.

MM9 and 10 sold well though and made profit but not the kind of profit that Capcom had in mind, so they abandoned the series.

Megaman fans are loud but they aren't many and the same with Shenmue fans always harassing Sega over it.

X3013d ago

Thanks for the blog. After reading this and the kickstarter page, I've made a pledge.

Best of luck to you team of Mighty No.9.