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[email protected] will take time.

One of the biggest pieces of news recently is that BF4 on the PS4 (and most likely on the XB1) runs at [email protected] The final resolution hasn´t been optimized, but even if it still runs at 720p when it launches on consoles, my question is, does it really matter?

One thing that you have to remember with BF4 and all of these launch games especially, is that they´re launch games. Games with a very narrow deadline, some cross gen projects and that they´re the first games that open the doors of the next generation. They´re not going to utilize the full power of these consoles. It´ll take at least 1 year and a half to start delving into the real (not full) power of these systems. Even the XB1 will offer some games with kickass graphics. You need to think forward about these sort of things.

Another thing you need to think about is this: This game is running at [email protected], it´s unoptimized, it has good graphics, features building destruction and an online 64 player mode. That sounds pretty damn good to me, especially if you´re a console only person.

We can´t just think about the launch of these consoles and judge the entire gen off that. These are rushed games, through and through.

Look at games like KH3, for all we know that game could run at 1080p 60fps, as it´s being developed for a while. Games that have a good development period turn out better. Launch games are not the way to do that. I like games with about a 2 year development period, after the announcement at least. Maybe it´s because I´m used to waiting for a while for JRPGs. That´s just me though.

You guys remember the Dark Sorcerer tech demo right? That was running at 1080p and jumping between 30 and 90 fps and the frame rate wasn´t even optimized. It was using 4GB of GDDR5 RAM and running on an incomplete PS4 dev kit. Heck even the Warzone mode in KZF runs at 1080p 60fps.

I know some people are thinking: 'What about Killer Instict, that runs at 1080p 60fps' Well yes, but it has a lower texture resolution, two charcter models and a 2d plain. There are some fighting games that run on 1080p 60fps on current gen consoles.

Then we go onto the PC fanboys. Listen, we get it. The PC has the best specs. But what game requires the the full specs of a high end PC (let alone the highest end PC on the market) to get maxed out? Exactly. Not a single one. We get that you love the PC more than consoles. We get that you love Steam (which could go out any day of week). We get all of it. But these consoles aren´t really weak piles of dookie.
As this amazing blog says, these consoles will be able to produce almost equally to high end PC results (they are not high end PCs but like I said, no game uses the full specs of a high end PC), as the gen goes on. [email protected] out pf the gate is a bit much to ask for on consoles, especially with a game like BF4.

I know that somewhere down the line, [email protected] will be almost a standard for these two consoles, but launch day is not that time.

Also you guys should lsiten to music while on N4G:

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cunnilumpkin3028d ago

the resolutions will only go down from launch year, developers will try to keep up with the pc versions by putting more and more things in the games, more physics effects, more particles, more ai calculations, more tessellation etc.

so if the vast majority of ps4/xbox1 games are say 900p at launch, in 3 years most games will be 800p

and near the end of the console cycle, 720p will be the best you can hope for

EXVirtual3028d ago

Just like this gen when the it started at 720p and is coming to a close in 480p.
Oh wait...
Listen man, I know that you love the PC Like it´s your girlfriend, but quit being such an elitist.
Not all devs are trying to keep up with the PC buisness. To be honest I see a lot of devs quiting this whole Steam thing (not too many western devs), as games are costing more and more to make. No matter how you slice and dice it, PCs are not the ultimate platforms.
I´ll be very curious to see your reaction to when Steam shuts down (It´ definitely not going away anytime soon). Like me you´re pretty new here, so I really don´t want to get off the wrong foot.

TwistingWords3027d ago

"Not all devs are trying to keep up with the PC buisness. To be honest I see a lot of devs quiting this whole Steam thing (not too many western devs)"

Show us the list then?

Back up your statements with proof... which you have neglected to do a few times you've mentioned this.

Also, stop trying to play good cop bad cop with your comments putting retraction statements in brackets, to try and negate your lies.

trafalger3027d ago

but even if it still runs at 720p when it launches on consoles, my question is, does it really matter?

why wouldn't it? back in 2006 sony promoted true hd. with bluray overtaking dvd and enthusiasts now drooling over 4k tv's your trying to apologize for 720p on new hardware?

"Listen man, I know that you love the PC Like it´s your girlfriend, but quit being such an elitist."

that sounds very mature. why did you write this blog if you aren't willing to respect other peoples opinions? i looked into your post history and this is your very first comment,

"Oh sure. If their specs were better (which would never happen), they would be like 'our specs are amazing yeah and that's final."

the topic, ironically, was about specs for the ps4 and xbone.

you know what i notice here, console fanboys who live in glass houses. where they are very quick to point out how the ps4 is more powerful than the xbone but hate it when the pc is brought up. its why the console wars are what they are and it seems like sony fanboys are the ones who on average act more like elitists than any other group and are the most defensive about the pc being superior.

EXVirtual3027d ago

Traflager Law, PCs are superior... when it comes to power. It´s pointless to say that it isn´t. I don´t hate it if PC is brought up. I use a PC dammit. I´m not completely neutral, but if you´re an extreme Nintendo fanboy, an Xbox fanboy, a Sony fanboy or a PC fanboy, I don´t like ya. I mean I´m not gonna slap you if I see you in person, but I don´t like ya. I´ve recently decided not to get a PS4 at launch. The games I´m interested aren´t there at launch.

wtopez3026d ago

Why did you have to drag the PC into this? You know you'll only get your ass handed to you. You see a lot of developers quitting the whole Steam thing? Why? Is it because of all those used copies of games Steam sells? As to your original point, what cunnilumpkin mentioned is true. Games only get more demanding as time goes on, while the hardware stays the same for years. For all the hoopla regarding the new consoles the truth is that the technology that powers those systems is already dated in many gamers homes. The GPU of the most powerful one (PS4) is close to an AMD HD 7850. By the time the consoles actually launch, AMD will have already released it's new line of GPUs and Nvidia will have released the rumored revision of their GTX 700 line. That's only this year.

Bundi3026d ago

"I know you love your PC like it's your girlfriend..." well that escalated quickly! I see no elitism in his comment, it rings very true.

Also, PlayStation fans really soukdt accuse anyone of loving their AME machine of choice like it is a person, t the irony/hypocrisy overwhelms.

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sklorbit3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

The majority of xbox1/ps4 games run at 1080p. Have you played the BF4 Alpha? Clearly the game has a long way to go even on PC, so its not surprising a console that it is being ported to doesnt have the definitive version of the game, especially months before release.

And btw last gen the games only looked better and better as time went on. Look at the games that released in 2006 compared to this year on the same console, there is an astonishing difference.

Why have such a negative view if there is literally no evidence or reason to think that way? Probably because you are "PCMASTERRACE" which is a shame. The better the next gen consoles are, the better ports PC gamers get, so be happy.

Ubisoft's "The Division" wouldnt look half as good as it does on PC when it releases if there werent new consoles with better specs.

GarrusVakarian3024d ago

Clearly you know nothing of console life cycles.

Happens every gen, compare launch games to end of gen games and the difference is amazing graphically. I expect the same this gen. We all know consoles will never reach PC graphically but to say its only downhill from here defies the basic logic of how closed system architecture works, longer period of time spent with it, the more you can learn to get out of it. You are mentioning numbers left and right with absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I see Killzone Shadow Fall running at 1080p 60fps looking that good and i have only the highest of hopes for PS4.

The_Sneauxman3027d ago

I for one don't take an unfinished build and critique how many frames per second or resolution, that's just madness.

Dice will reveal the specs soon enough and THEN you can or you can wait until it's out and THEN talk about it's downfalls or great tech. It seriously annoys me to see people grasping for negativity on an unfinished product.

Ducky3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

"We get all of it. But these consoles aren´t really weak piles of dookie."

The thing about consoles is not that they're weak, it's that they are static. This has its advantages, such as games being highly optimized, but also has some disadvantages. One disadvantage is that developers have to decide whether they should have more eyecandy/other feature, or a higher frame-rate.
Usually, they opt for the former.

Given what has happened in this and the past generation, it is unlikely that 60fps will ever be the standard because visuals are valued more over frame-rate ( see http://www.insomniacgames.c... )
The standard next-gen will likely be 30fps, and as developers understand the hardware better, they'll optimize the game so that it looks better while running at the same frame-rate.

BillytheBarbarian3027d ago

Tennis games with less onscreen motions and particle effects will be 1080p. Simple games.

AAA shooters usually drop resolution to keep game play and speed intact.

GarrusVakarian3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Yeah because Killzone Shadow Fall is a simple tennis game.

Oh look, it runs at 1080p native 60fps, and its a AAA shooter.

Bet you feel pretty dumb now huh?

BillytheBarbarian3024d ago

We'll see how that turns out. I hope for the best but you'll probably see poor review scores for slow down. Hope not.

GarrusVakarian3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

We don't need to "see how that turns out".

There you go, none of that "slowdown" you talk of. This is what you get when a first part Sony dev works on a PS4 exclusive for a long period of time. And you used all your bubbles, that was silly of you.

Be sure to watch in 1080p! And be sure to message me with a smart-ass reply i know you so desperately want to make.

jlo3026d ago


About 6 years.

When the PS5 comes out.

(by which time, you'll have a 4K TV, and 1080p will feel like 240p)

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