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Lol, I'm gonna get so much hate for this.

The biggest story recently is that M$ has 'upgraded' the Xbox One from 800MHz to 853. Good job MS. Pathetic boost to damage control. *Slowly claps*. Either way, the comment sections have been blazing.

First off, if you think a 53MHz boost has any significant meaning, my PC which maxes out Crysis 3 laughs and I don't even use it that much. Secondly, am I the only one concerned as to how MS plans to release this thing without a next gen sequel of The RROD? It's really late in the game to making an upgrade like this. Really late. As small as this boost is, they still need proper time for testing and stuff. I really think you Xbox fanboys are avoiding the truth.

I'm also wondering-didn't someone from MS say specs don't matter a couple of weeks ago? I mean, I'm just saying. And a lot of you fanboys stood behind it as well. In fact you fanboys have said the DRM M$ was conjuring up is the future. Don't you dare otherwise GTFO. The future of gaming is not to get smothered by a greedy companies bullshit. When EA did online passes did people say it was the future? No! Because they aren't a console manufacturer like M$. That's how I know it's just fanboyism.

Some of you guys are under the impression that the XB1 will run games better than the PS4 and all I have to say is: Bullshit. If you guys remeber, the Dark Socerer demo was only using 4GB of GDDR5 RAM and was running at 1080p and was jumping between 30 and 90 fps. The frame rate wasn't even optimized. Sony was using incomplete PS4 dev kits. As for MS they were using high end PCs at E3. Don't try to avoid it. We've got pictures my friend.

Let's talk about the whole Direct X11.1 thing. So apparently, the Xbox One will run Battlefield 4 the best (on consoles at least). Mainly because of the fact that the Xbone has Direct X11.1. That and MS have Battlefield 4 in their wallet, due to the whole DLC thing. Which'll bring me to something later. Now the PS4 uses APIs called GMN thing called GNMX (with the PSSL being they're shader language), which basically has ev everything that DX11 and OpenGL 4.0, but they got even better because they have access to the PS4 hardware. And yes GMNX and GMN is compatible with both DX and OpenGl. So yeah. PS4 continues to be OP. Like I said, MS has BF4 in their pockets so I really think Dice is lying. Really I do. I think the PS4 versions of a lot of games are going to run better. We don't even know how many GB of RAM it uses. At this point, it either 6GB, 7GB or 8GB with a secondary chip for the OS and recording. The fact is, DX11.1 or not the PS4 is still more powerful. I'll be very keen to see a PS4 vs Xbone comparison of BF4 when it releases. Both GMNX and GMN (PS4 APIs) and DX11.2 (Xbox One API) surpass DX11.1 . I'm almost certain that the PS4 APIs are more powerful because it has full access to the PS4 hardware. I've read the actual statement from Dice and all it mentioned was DX11.1. Not the XB1. He never said that the XB1 would run it better. I think that statement was directed at guys who're buying BF4 on PC. Gaming journalists will twist anything for hits. Especially when next gen is around the corner.

Also, I've said this before, but has anyone else noticed how many xbox fanboys have migrated to this site? Or at least being a lot more vocal. Because ever since that reversal, I've seen loads of people running back to MS like bees to honey. It's strange as hell to me. It's also funny how anyone that disagrees with what M$ does is a Sony fanboy and gets pummeled with disagrees.

Lastly let me say this: M$ is scrambling right now. They're saying and doing whatever they can to keep them from getting hammered with negative publicity and PR. Why are did they increase the clockspeed? Because of the PS4. Point, blank, period. Some of you guys get way too easily impressed. Especially after the whole DRM debacle. And if you're wondering why MS get's so much slamming, it's well deserved. Don't deny that. And let me say this as well: The Xbox One WILL NOT outsell the PS4. It's just not possible. The 360 came out a year prior to the PS3, had a cheaper console and they still came last. So if you think that after this whole DRM debacle, the main focus of TV and a console that is $100 dollars more than the PS4 is going to win, you need to wake up FAST. If things go the way I think they will, that thing'll come dead last. Why did MS show actual games at E3? Because gamers were about to destroy them with negative feedback. All MS has been doing is active damage control. Nothing more. We know they moneyhat as well. How much do you think they paid to get MGS5, FFXV and KH3?Deal with it. You xbox fanboys also think that the XB1 offers more than the PS4. You guys come up with TV (which you already need a f***ing service provider for in the first place) and some of you even use the Kinect. Really? A camera which you use to flail around like a jackass waving and waving your arms like your recording a hyper harlem shake, doing all of these weird ass movements to play a game? A camera that is needed to make the console function? A camera that makes the console $500 in the first place? Yeah, I call damage control BS.

The Xbox fans are gonna be bashing me all over the place and I know that for a fact. It was quite fun to write this blog. Thanks for reading and I hope you were entertained even if just a little bit.
EDIT: I knew it man. The comment section of this blog. *Sigh*. There aren't that many comments, but so far all I see is people just saying things that make know sense or saying something on the lines of: 'This blog is terrible'. Why? Because you've got nothing else. You have nothing to say that opposes the actually content of this article directly. Also I find it funny how you some of you guys say that when it comes to the XB1 specs are meaningless to discuss but when it comes to the Wii U, that's the first thing people talk about.

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TwistingWords3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Not sure which is more pathetic, this pitiful blog to ruffle a few feathers or your severe affliction with a console.

GenericNameHere3039d ago

The way this is written, makes it sound really pathetic and just wants to cause fanboy wars. If this was written nicer however, without trying to insult the other camp, I think it would be a good article on how none of these things are special, and are just PR talk to entice customers into thinking it's a revolutionary thing.

Cam9773039d ago

I agree with all of this. MS fanboys are just blindly defending the One and hiding the issues like they didn't happen. The One was rushed and there is evidence to support this such as the 180, the dashboard hasn't been shown yet, the clock update and more. Expect a RROD 2.0.

Ravenor3038d ago

We haven't seen the PS4 dash demonstrated outside of a bad video that sony released and a few screens. Please, step down from your high pedestal.

Welcome2Die3039d ago

Its funny that now that M$ is doing massive damage coontrols the fanboys think they are in the right and anyone that disagrees with whatever M$ is doing is a Sony fanboy. Sony clearly has the superior console and the better consumer product, anyone that does not see that is either blind, a M$ fanboy or both.
This little "upgrade" is insignificant.
Nice blog.

BillytheBarbarian3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

"Its funny that now that 'insert hated company here' is doing massive damage controls the fanboys think they are in the right and anyone that disagrees with whatever 'insert hated company here' is doing is a 'insert loved company here' fanboy. 'Insert loved company here' clearly has the superior console and the better consumer product, anyone that does not see that is either blind, a 'insert hated company here' fanboy or both.
This little "upgrade" is insignificant.
Nice blog."

-----------good stuff :P

SuperLupe3039d ago

Why do you guys bother anyway ?

I decided that I was going to buy a Xbox One over a PS4 because it caters to me 100 times more.

Nothing you people have ever said has altered my opinion, neither in the past on other subjects nor now on this partucular subject.

Also I dont know a single person who's opinion is made thanks to you guys (when I say "you guys" you know who I am talking about).

I mean we all have a brain, eyes and pair of hands so we actually get to form an opinion by ourselves. Thats why no matter how hard you people have trolled the 360 for instance it was still a massive hit.
Another example is the Vita, no matter the amount of hype you guys created pre and post release it's still flopping.

My point is ... all this is pointless.

And the guy who wrote this blog just comes off as a complete psycho, the worst part is that its definately unvolutarily.

AceofStaves3039d ago

I'm the same way, but with the PS4. No amount of crowing on and on about the XB1, or slamming of the PS4, will get me to buy the XB1. It offers nothing that interests me, so there's no changing my mind.

Welcome2Die3039d ago

You're right and there is pretty much nothing that will change my mind about buying an Xboned.

DragonKnight3039d ago

@SuperLupe: Good comment. It's nice to see someone who is an Xbox One fan just come out and say "it caters to me more" without any need for further clarification because that's right what it comes down to.

I disagree with your assertions that the Vita is flopping, or with your commentary on the mental stability of the blog poster however.

dredgewalker3037d ago

That's all you need to say and it's a perfectly acceptable reason. I'll also buy a PS4 because of said reasons. Though I have to be honest in saying that overclocking is a bad sign since it gives the impression that a processor is underperforming. It would have been better if MS replaced the processor instead which leads me to the conclusion that the processor is already in production and it would be a financial disaster to scrap it for a newer one which would also lengthen the release of the Xbox One.

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BillytheBarbarian3039d ago

Do you guys realize that they still haven't used all the power of the PS3 or 360?

This stuff matters...not.

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