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Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS with no Subspace Emissary? Really Nintendo?

Nintendo has revealed that SSB4 on both the Wii U and 3DS will not feature the SSE. They've said it's because clips were watched online, but I think I know the actual reason.

It's because Nintendo finds it too hard to make HD CGI HD cutscenes. They're so use to making anemic games on anemic hardware. Now I'm a Nintendo fan mind you. But I have to say this. Nintendo needs to get with the times. FAST. Look at SSB4. It's an HD fighting game that could be run on the PS3. It was announced back in 2011. That game should've been there AT LAUNCH.

Apparently, they only started Mario Kart 8 last year. Why? That game especially should've been developed along with the console. Point, blank, period. If they even made nit a launch window title, they would've sold at least 3 million units. I don't even wanna know when they started the new Zelda. Probably just last month.

The industry has evolved in so many ways, but Nintendo seems stuck in the past. The 3DS is exceling, but if they could only apply that to the Wii U. Reatilers all ove r the place have been dropping the basic Wii U model and the deluxe model (which only has 32 GB of storage!) Doesn't have a price cut.

The games that are gonna keep Nintendo relevant are the 1st party games. They have a weaker device, no 3rd party support and an absent first party lineup. The key games like Smash Bros and Mariokart are coming out next year, but by that time, people would've already purchased a PS4 or even an XB1. They know their games take a long ass time to make. Pikmin 3 has been in development since 2008. 5 years. Really.

One thing that I hate is smartphone and tablet gaming. Angry Birds is not gonna take over Infamous, Zelda or even Halo. That said, Nintendo is making us look bad. They just stopped giving a damn. It's so hard for them to make HD games, that people are saying they may as well go to mobile gaming. Not even handheld. This is the most iconic gaming company. They have the most money. That's when it really looks bad. I don't like the idea of smartphone gaming with Nintendo. But if they don't step up big time, they'll either go bankrupt or just go to smartphone gaming and I cringe at the thought of that. Nintendo fanboys have been saying specs don't matter. But I've got something to tell you. If you don't the specs, you're not getting the games. Better yet: If you don't have the install base and the specs, you're not getting the games. I say that because the Wii was very anemic but got loads of games because the install base. But with games taking more and more to make, I don't see devs bothering with a watered down ports that much. They don't have the specs either! They had a whole year's head start and have completeley wasted that time. Between April and June, the Wii U only sol 160,000 units. That is bad. Very bad.

Nintendo fans have also been asking: 'What about the PSVita? That's performing badly, but Sony isn't getting much heat.' Well I'll tell you why. Because of the simple fact that the Wii U is a console and the Vita's a handheld. Simple as. I for one want the Vita to get more games, but it has good JRPGs and I'd prefer for Sony to have better focus on the PS4. As long as the Vita keeps getting good JRPGs and hopefully a price cut, I'll buy one.

The point is Nintendo needs to step up. Big time. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, but I might skip the Wii U. And if I do get it, it wpn't be anytime soon.

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zerocrossing3042d ago

I agree with you, I really do.

But I honestly believe the big problem with Nintendo these days is that the heads running the place are old and behind the times...

Get some new blood at the helm and I'm almost certain we'd be seeing much more worth while innovation or at least not so much bafflingly late catch up.

gamer423042d ago

I personally don't believe SSMB4 needs cutscenes, look at the first one and melee (melee being my favorite) they didn't need cutscenes, but their excuse was complete bull.

" The 3DS is exceling, but if they could only apply that to the Wii U."

The only reason the 3ds is a sucess was because of the price cut and nintendo puting all their resources on it when it was in trouble. Hopefully they'll see the 3ds is doing fine and do the same with the Wii U.