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The Xbox One: Will all the good things last?

Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has been flip-flopping on their stances with DRM and self publishing. They've been working on getting into as many gaming events as well, from Gamescom to TGS. My question is, don't you think MS is just setting a trap?

At E3, MS showed actual games and exclusives. Why? Because they were getting so much negative feedback on the initial XB1 reveal. Nothing more. We all know their top priority is multimedia functions. That's why they're spending 400 million bucks on the partnership with the NFL. They're buying and showing games, because if they don't now, the launch of the XB1 would be disastrous. The exclusives will stop coming in about 2-3 years. Trust me on that. And as for KH3 and FFXV on the XB1? Count that as a one time deal my friend. Why? Because they'll sell like shit on the XB1, it's less powerful which will put a restriction on devs later and in Japan, that thing is irrelevant. I'll explain in more detail later.

Second off, why do you think MS added in self-publishing? Because they were getting flak from indies and gamers. It's all damage control for them. All they've been doing is copying Sony. Same goes for the DRM.

Now this is the main argument: The DRM. Guys, I'm telling you this for nothing, that DRM will return. Like really, think about it? For weeks on end, M$ was basically telling everyone straight to their faces that they're doing it and that it apparently benefits the consumer. Remember? 'If you don't have internet get a 360'? Sony came out at E3 with the no DRM. After that the pre-orders came around and surprise surprise: The PS4 was destroying the Xbone. MS 'took away' the DRM because they're pockets were empty. Simple as. Money pushed them. Not weeks of countless rants on youtube, twitter and even here on N4G. And for anyone that says Sony was planning the same thing before E3:

My point is, Microsoft have been scrambling because if they don't they won't be able to hear the jingle from their pockets. Not because of they're public image. Either way it'll be an interesting gen.

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MajorLazer3042d ago

Money is the end game for every company. Not just MS