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Gamers Today Are Way Too Picky

I've noticed in the past few years that the mortality of gaming has only had two major focuses,  graphics and story. Growing up I use to play just about any game I thought was fun. The graphics were not top notch but were just plain fun and enjoyable. It's gotten to the point gamers focus on the small things just to get the full enjoyment out of game to the point it becomes an interactive movie, which sets a line of error through the industry. I've seen way to many games that have been shafted due to poor story and graphics, which to me is very unfair. If we took the same supposed "rules" of enjoying a game. Then just about all titles before 1999 would be shafted due to the fact that the graphics were not top notch as well as for story. We've all played Mario and who can say they have had to ask for a plot or story just to enjoy it? From what I can calculate this  graphics over gameplay as well as a required plot started when Sega entered the battlefield against Nintendo's NES. They both began to boast that their system had higher bit's. This required need to me really ruins gaming.

Especially when you're playing a classic and someone says

"Those graphics are horrible. This game sucks."  This kind of thing has ruined generations of gamers.

gamesR4fun5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

damn right im picky games gotta b a real AAA n have a decent amount of hours worth b4 ill pick it up just cant afford to pay that much for crud or something short on content.

but ya funs not all about graphics a lot of ps2 games still worth playing and for a lot less dough.
and we still have a 64 that gets use some of the best games ever no one i know would complain about graphics when we play it. GoldenEye is still top notch Killer instinct Zelda jus ta name a few. Gaming was a lot more about fun then now its guys like take ten spewing crap on the industry to defend their own subpar product. Did you ever hear Rage spewing crap back in the day no they made the best game they could n let it speak for itself. Heck other that there name in the credits most of us never heard about them... But well never forget those epic games the ones that are still being copied today.

Breakfast5392d ago

Im guessing youre talkn about GoW?...oh and itll be copied on oct 13th, not today.


gamesR4fun5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

i was thinking more goldeneye zelda sorta thing but epic joke lol

lh_swe5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

Are you saying Uncharted copied GeOW?

The cover system yes otherwise it takes inspiration from Iniana Jones and Tomb Raider, btw do you have a reason to try and bash an awesome game like Uncharted, especialy with all the reviews and praise that game has got? It may take a lot of inspiration from other games but they do it right.

On topic I think the price of games today is making me picky, but I'll try to find a source with similar a game taste to my own (noobtoob) and then base my decision of what they think (that is if I'm unsure about a purchase).

But the fact of the matter is gaming as medium of entertainment is growing much like the film industry has, we can't sit through every movie thats received a fair amount of praise, we can only afford (and have time for) those that come highly recomended or have actors, directors or from a particular series of movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, James Bond etc. I think the same principle applies here, especially due to the growing market.

ia_studio5392d ago

60 bucks is a lot of money,
I understand your point but the fact
is that graphics are important
you can't let them aside, a video game is a visual
interactive experience if it looks a generation old
in a current gen console it it something to be
angry about, games are made to have fun to
entertain it's user and visual aspects and I'm
not saying the game needs to be realistic
I never meant that in fact I'm against realism
in games It just takes away the creativity Are important
but still at the ver end if the game doesn't have a good
"Fun Factor" which is the sum of all aspects of a game
and target group the game wont succeed.

Tony P5392d ago

I value graphics to a degree. A fairly cold degree. In all honesty, it doesn't even have to be 3D. There are however, plenty of established advantages to being in 3D so I prefer it. But once you're in 3D and maybe have rich physics, the rest is extra. It doesn't have to be the best-looking game for me to enjoy it. But if they can manage that without shorting other areas of play, go ahead. As a rule though, most can't. The exceptions to the rule can be counted on one hand.

Besides that, there's one other area I wish devs didn't have to focus on: full voice acting.

Now, it's not a bad thing-- for some games. But as an RPG player, it gimps the experience of a dialogue heavy game. It costs a lot more for ironically being far less malleable compared to text. That is backwards. Before it, we had a smart mix (and arguably better VAs) of voice and text. Excellent RPGs like Baldur's Gate and Morrowind were text and voice. And I would have rather seen a game like Oblivion keep the same formula.

Bereaver5392d ago

The main pick above all now is the point of fanboyism.

Picking each other, not picking ourselves. This causes mass amounts of complaints that are unnecessary to a proper developer. But to those developers that run their mouths like no tomorrow? They deserve every bit of hate.

Ashby_JC5391d ago

I agree with you to a point. I thinklike what other pppl have stated that paying 63 (US) makes buyers more picky as to what they buy.

BUT....for me I cant stand the whole back and forth arguing and bashing of a GOOD game that doesnt have top notch graphics.

Lets take the GT series and FM series. The number one argument in favor of the GT series is the graphics. Its always "Will the gfx in GT is the best" etc

FM series I agree doesnt have the best GFX but what it does have is the FUN factor. The game is fun....check that out... a GAME that is FUN!! lol

Right now I am playing OP Flash 2. The GFZ are seriously lacking. But what I did was kept playing the game. BEcause when I was playing the socom series on PS2 NO ONE complained about the look of the game.

WHY? Because it had great gameplay and online was FUN as HELL!!!!

Lets take Gears 2. Great looking game ...loved the SP. But I hated not being able to continue playing continuous matches with the same ppl after a match. That was a dealbreaker!! Great looking game that failed for me in the MP.

I think alot of the "GFX Whores" Need to go back and play there PS1s and PS2s etc and realize that GFX is not the end all be all!


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