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Opinion: This Generation Sucks.

This gen sucks.

The best console with the biggest library of games has a pay-for online service (And I'm sorry if I'm cheap, but damn, I don't game online enough to subscribe to it, I prefer to game online when I only have the time), and a high hardware fail rate. Not to mention, when the gates opened, Microsoft was out there running it out, buying exclusives, entering the developer forums mindshare, securing the future of it's platform, boasting unforseen attach rates, delivering the best content, and they went, and they ran, and they delivered, AND THEN!!!!!!! with this sudden onslaught of stupid moves, losing developers left, right and center, no more communication with the audience.....Slowly, slipping away... But why Microsoft, I'm a Sony admirer, and even I admit you guys had this generation by the balls.... After 07, it seems to be dry except for a handful of games equivalent to the PS3's exclusive library at the end of 07. '09? Rare's gonna save your asses right?

The best built console has all the right features,powerful enough to power the damn universe if someone invests alot of time and money in it, but it's lacking up the whazoo in features that have been promised since way before launch (In-game xmb, crossgame chat, etc, etc have been promised to us in 2006). It also has the smallest line-up of games with all it's gems being developed internally, so if you want quality games, you have to wait for first/second party studios and other exclusive games (ala MGS4) to really get the full worth of this console. How rediculous is it, when every multiplatform game on it refuses to take advantages of the features that make it unique because it's not cost effective. Here's the answer: It's NOT rediculous, it's brilliant economic management. Sony! Let's see you coerce some developers into taking advantage of your hardware that ISN'T a PC, instead of just suggesting as if it was a polite request. You're current install base payed premium price for it's product, we want a company this is willing to go out of it's way to get everyone and anyone to deliver the best content possible for that install base, if it costs you, so be it, it already bloody damn well costed us a fortune too, did you forget us? Lets not forget that rediculous cost of entry, altough I truly believe 400$ for what you get now (and for the upcoming titles is actually a better deal and actually worth it to any serious gamer who couldn't jump in before)

The highest selling console is a piece of crap. Last-gen era graphics and sound. Graphics and Sound don't make a game eh? That's like saying 1960 horror movies still scare you, it's not the same experience, especially if you're one to get involved and immersed in the worlds the game creators want you to dive in. Gimmick controls (I'm sorry, I hated Lair because I hate waving my hands like a madman trying to play a damn game when all I feel like doing is laying back), a lineup comprised of damn casual games, training games, and first party Nintendo titles which, aren't fairing any better then games on other platforms. Let's not forget that they;re blood well trying to market exercise as a video game. This has been done centuries ago, it's called sports for f*cks sakes. People knock Heavenly Swords replay value? At least the story was good, Metroid Prime 3 had no replay value WHATSOEVER, same goes for Zelda Twilight Princess. Just to show you, I have a Wii in my house, but guess who bought it... My mother and my sister. I haven't touched the damn console except for the day I got it to see what this idiotic hype over WiiSports was. Turned out to be a damn shallow experience only comparable to pong and any other game you can play with one button on the controller.

I hate the way this generation is going up to now. Every bloody FPS is getting 9-10 on all ratings, niche and artistic games are getting the shaft, video gamers everywhere are no longer united, but think they're soldiers warring on a front. Screw this sh*t mates. SOMEONE BLOODY WELL TELL ME WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED! Since when did we start caring about console sales. It's not our bloody job to sell the console, but yet, we want our consoles to succeed so more games are made for it...Look at that lads, we're in a bloody three way tug-of-war..... Isn't THIS a fun game? Which other console generation had "fanboys" and trolls, and fanwars. What is it that made games so special then, and what is it now that makes people hate good games. So you hate Halo 3? Shove it up your ass mate, I actually liked Halo 3, I actually liked the production values of Heavenly Sword, I look forward to seeing what an immersive experience like Killzone 2 could provide, or what an interactive Star Wars game like Mass Effect can give us. No, we're all too busy bickering with one another. We're slaves to the reviewers...Slaves to the gaming press, slaves to the companies that think they own us, thinking we live and die by every press release.

/End rant.

DrPirate5892d ago

Like any good radio or talk show host would do after ranting off.

Feel free to leave any remarks or opinions.

I don't mind people who disagree, or people who can tell me I'm wrong, or my "facts" or baseless.

As long as it was entertaining in some way, or it made you look at something in a different perspective, I'm happy.

Anything you liked, disliked. Would you want me to ever write again, or shut my hole. Comment away.

Evildoomnerd5892d ago

as rant of the year. So brutally honest, no siding, points out flaws in a fair and unbiased manner. Seriously, this angry lad deserves at least 4 bubbles for that.

Prismo_Fillusion5892d ago

I disagree with a lot of what you wrote. About all of the systems. Mostly though, are you really too lazy too use the sixaxis for Lair or point at the screen with a Wii game? I'm not talking about gameplay or how good/bad a system is, but just about your laziness. Jeeze man.

I think the reason things are worse this generation is that there are three consoles from the start. I much prefer two. So hopefully one gets weeded out eventually. It's like when a sports league expands teams - the talent gets thinner on each team.

DrPirate5891d ago

It's not a question of being Lazy.

I work 12 hours a day. I don't have the energy at 11 o'clock to flail around.

Marceles5892d ago

Especially the FPS part...I'm so sick of FPSs this year and we still have CoD4, HAZE, and Crysis coming out (probably something else but dont feel like naming everything). I've been tired of FPSs since Bioshock, and Bioshock would've been an amazing and incredible experience for me if I didn't see so many of them. But I like how 2K games actually tried to do something different with the FPS since Half-Life 2. Anyways very cool rant that I actually took the time to read...format wars, fanboyism, crazy reviews, confused game companies that can't decide on one SKU, price wars that mislead the consumers, 30 fps/60fps/framerate arguments, 720p/1080p/640p HD arguments, disc space, exclusives, timed exclusives, delays, confirms, rumors...i'm just tired of hearing about it all. Bring on the games, ignore all of the hype and rumors from magazines and the internet and have an opinion of your own...just because someone says a game is good doesnt mean you have to go into every game forum and hype it so much that people are just tricked into liking a game because they're "supposed to like it", and the same goes with hating a game. Someone sees a screenshot of a guy standing on a building overlooking the city...it'll probably end up being a cool game but i'm sure it's been done before, but one fanboy already yells out GOTY!!! then everyone wants to be sheep and follow him, some people want to be different and totally hate the game...anyways lol, for the 3rd time nice rant :).

RadientFlux5892d ago

well written rant... even though I disagree with a lot of what you had to say concerning multi-platform games and future x360/PS3 exclusives

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