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The Pirate's Blog: Sony, throw us a bone will ya?

I'm an outspoken Sony fan. Why? They've treated me well in the past, and they seem to have an optimistic view on the future. This piece of writing exists solely for the purpose of wanting to write off certain feelings I have in a way I think is constructive and insightful.

For the first time, I find myself losing alot of faith in Sony's promises. I never bought into 4D gaming, or any of the marketing bullet points they use to try and sell their console. I'm not an idiot, I know this box isn't the be all, end all of all consoles forever and ever. It's just that certain things really threw me off. With the delay of Home, the neverending wait for this magical "Going to fix everything wrong with the PS3" firmware 2.00, which I WOULD LOVE SONY TO THROW US A BONE!!!! I don't even care if it comes out anymore, I just want some bloody confirmation that they're working on something! The system is flawed in too many areas for it's fans to stop ignoring. When it was released, fine, we knew things would pick up, but now we've been left in the dark for too long.

I won't bring myself to get an X-Box because paying for online goes against many of my principles. I'm not home for enough time to take advantage of online gaming, that's why I don't get involved in MMO's. I bought Warhawk knowing I can play it whenever I want because the online will always be free. Anyone from the Microsoft camp must be thinking, "So then why do I stick with it?" For all the 360 owners wondering why the hell don't I just make the switch, the 360 has no games that appeal to me. That doesn't mean I think the system and it's games are garbage. There's just no interest in the current games out for it. None, none whatsoever. There are three franchises in video games I cannot live with out: Metal Gear Solid, God of War, and *Naughty Dog Trilogy here*. (All three Crash Games and CTR, All three Jak games and JakX, I was a huge fan of all those games).

Despite all that: The fact is this: I hate my PS3. I really do. I hate the fact that when I'm voice chatting with my friends, I can't be in a game or doing anything else. I hate the fact that I can't listen to my soundtracks during any game I want. I hate the store's design. I hate the way Sony doesn't communicate with us.

Sure, I have a 72' 1080P TV to enjoy my media that's on my PC, and I really genuinely do enjoy watching blu-ray movies with HD picture and sound, it's a real joy considering I'm a real audio/videophile.

Nice and dandy I can open a theatre with the machine....How about it's other aspect? I'm not talking about the games, I'm not worried about that, I'm alot more worried about the underlieing framework on which the PS3 operates on.

Even moreso, I'm fed up of waiting, I'm fed up of hearing nothing from Sony. I'm stuck in such a limbo right now it's pathetic.

I currently own 3 games, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword (And unlike most people, I've put about 25-30 hours into that game and I'm still not done), and Resistance. I do think the games on it are a beautiful demostration of what the system is capable of in the future. I think the remote play function is great. Upscaling DVD's and PS2 games is an outstanding feature, the backwards compatibility.

Somehow it just feels like it's not enough. And Imagine this, I got my 60 GB for 400$, and I feel a little ticked off right now, what about the people who don't have family that works in video game retailing and has to shell out full price. You guys must be furious with Sony.

I don't know, I am going on a random rant just typing anything that comes into my mind, anyone willing to offer reasonable discussion?

Before I get the "stop whining" posts. Yeah, I am whining because I'm angry, I'm fed up, and I'm tired. I really feel Sony has me by the balls considering the franchises that are on their system, there really isn't an alternative for me, my vise in gaming is single player, cinematic, epic journeys, and no first party studio's make those types of games like Sony's First Party does.

So again, anyone willing to address anything I said? Point out any flaws? Agrees? Disagrees? I'd love to hear feedback and what you guys think about the situation. If you have any "Wahhhh" or "Crybaby" posts, I don't want to hear it now, save it for later, I'm really not in the mood for it.

osirisomeomi5913d ago

I agree with every point you're made. Every move that the competition makes reminds every PS3 owner painfully of how Sony ISN'T making the moves it should be. They know what the problems are for the console, and those problems are hard to get out. However, that those problems haven't been addressed by the company in the ten months since release is inexcusable. I don't know what it is about third console companies resting on their laurels, but Sony is floundering around this console in a way that is vaguely painful to watch.
I hope the system works out, I really do, but judging by the rate underlying problems are being solved, I'd say this console will be a worthy purchase right about the time the PS4 comes out.

InLus5913d ago

Ok this statement is to everyone who has or who wants a PS3. Some statements maybe fan boyish, but for the most part I'm letting you know the facts nothing more but nothing less. I want all PlayStation fans to not be driven away by a price tag or bad reviews, but media can be twisted and turned into something stupid. Just read and learn what the PS3 offers and nothing more thats all I ask, reviews and previews tell you what those people think, not what you think a good or bad game or console should be like. So just read and learn or relearn to love the PlayStation Brand.thanks

Have you been thinking $600 is alot of money to be buying a game console? Have you been feeling like maybe your $600 maybe could of went to something better? Are you feel that SONY isn't doing all they can? Do you feel like maybe I should be looking into getting a 360 because it would seem that they are getting all the demos, big hit titles, and cool arcade games? Do you feel that you've spent $600 on a dream cast? (Dream cast did cost the most when it came out and didn't do well) Are you getting mix messages about the PS3 exclusives because they're getting bad reviews?

Well my friends, I'm sad to say I've heard all of this from some of our members and people that I've talked to. Well hey people you have to remember its still a PlayStation console, I mean did SONY let us down with the PSone and PS2? I don't think so!

Ok don't get me wrong, the PS3 is a console that you'll have to save up and work for but here is what $600 gets you right in the box; now a 80gb PS3 with PS3 title MotorStorm, a controller, power and basic red, white, and yellow TV cords, a Ethernet cord, and PS3 hand books. Plus the PS3 is online ready even before you buy it, so all you have to do is go home and plug it into a internet course or if you have a wireless router then you can set it up to do wireless internet, and hey because online is free you can just go and register for the PSN (PlayStation Network) and get online and right to gaming online.

People remember the PSN is a brand new service that is FREE!!! Its going to take sometime to get it really going, yes yes you going to say well they had another year even before the console was out and now that it has been out for 10 months. Well I don't know about you but I'm pretty satisfied with our PSN. Yah we might not be getting everything that LIVE does but hey I've looked over what LIVE and the PSN offers and the only thing is achievements, and so 360 owners are paying $50 for achievements a year, which they still have to work for in the games themselves which they still pay $65 for....I think 360 owners are getting ripped off, but hey to bad for them right? Ok now it would seem from some people that we can't compare both PSN and LIVE because one is FREE and the other is a paid service, well its kinda hard not to when the consoles that support these services are so closely compared. And hey people keep on saying when is the PSN going to live up to LIVE, so theres another reason why they are compared to see where each one stands and whats coming out on that service, but it is pretty bad that the PSN is catching up with LIVE by leaps and bounds and when HOME comes out then what? Will LIVE need to be FREE at some point in the future or will SONY start charging for the PSN? Also another reason why we have to compare them is that this Generation of consoles are being sold with the word "Community" in mind, so we have to see how each console brings there community together by the online services they offer.

Ok LIVE might be getting all these demos and arcade games, hold on guys, the PSN has given us some kick ass arcade games, and so when I was talking with one my good friends who owns a PS3 and he has been talking about getting a 360 because they seem to be getting all the demos and good arcade games and so I mention what about Blast factor, Super Stardust HD, Nucleus, then he told me, "but they're all shooters", wow doesn't that sound like he's talking about the 360 games? lol Ok there is alot of shooter type games, but there are puzzle games, motion sensor games, and PSone titles that you can download and play on your PS3, but then if you have a PSP you can copy to your memory stick and play PSone game on your PSP, can't say thats not sweet right?

Ok enough of talking about the differences about the consoles, lets just stay with what our PS3's give us and what will they be giving us down the road. Oh ok PS3 gives us the ability to play DvD's, CD's, Blueray movies, play and download PSone titles, play PS2 games, and play PS3 games. You can go on to the web with the web browser, where you can watch utube videos, download music or videos to your hard drive. You are able to change your background with an personal image, also you'll able to either use a USB or bluetooth wireless headset for online chat. We have motion sensitive controllers that are charge by via USB port, which 15 minutes of charging time gives you hours of game play, also if your battery goes dead or won't charge then SONY has guaranteed that all you'll have to do is to send it to them so they may put a whole new battery for FREE! . Also you get 80gb's of memory, but the thing is your not restricted to stay at 80gbs, you are able to swap it out with a bigger hard drive, with out screwing up your warranty. I almost forgot, but the PS3 also has a wireless internet adapter built in the console so you can either have wired or wireless online. Ah one that needs for introduction, and thats the PlayStation Eye which is the next generation Eyetoy, we all know how the Eyetoy was a big hit and still is and you know what? the PSEye is going to be the same way, but just think next gen graphics, realism, and the new technology within the PSeye is going to blow away everyones mind and bring innovative games like Eye of Judgement, a card game brought to life.

Talking about the PSP, you know SONY is trying to making the PS3 and PSP really good friends in a since because they want total interactivity between both of them. One really cool thing that I've already mention is that you can buy PSone titles on the PlayStation Store and then download them to your PS3 harddrive, then you just hook up your PSP to your PS3 via USB and then copy the PSone title to your PSP memory card and you'll be able to play it right on your PSP, so it'll be like having a PSone in your hands. Another cool feature is that your able to remote play your PS3 with your PSP, so your able to view your photos, listen to music, and watch videos off your PS3 through your PSP. Right now there are alot of restrictions but they did open up some with Folding@home, now your able to run Folding@home through remote play on your PSP. Also it enable you to use the PSP as a controller for the PS3.

Talking about Folding@home, I will have to mention that its a program that is doing research through the PS3's all over the world to help find the cures for all types of cancer, once again another great thing about the CELL processor is that it can handle great amounts of data really fast and really well, because the type of research that needs to be done for cancers need a very powerful super computer, and the PS3 has topped and pasted off the the folding@home super computer that they are using. So your PS3 is even more powerful than the worlds most powerful super computers?

If people are going to doubt the reliability of the PS3, well all I have to point them to is that SONY is a hardware company and pretty much everything that comes out of SONY is top notch. The PS3 is a master piece of hardware with the CELL, RSX, BlueRay Drive, and a harddrive. What's not to like about this Developers? This gives you everything to make a true next generation game.

Now lets go to the games, well whats there to say? its a PlayStation with full backwards capability? Well if you have or wanted to ever go back and play a PSone game you could, if you wanted to play God of war or Killzone you could. Now with the PS3 games, I keep on hearing, "PS3 doesn't games, no big titles, all of there good games are coming out later in the year or next year". People...huhh....Stop whining about how there isn't any games and go and play games! Play something that you would have never thought of playing before and you maybe find out that you love it! Thats what happened to me. Please, "There are no games", is an understatement when you have all the PSone, PS2, and PS3 library to play and tryout. So when you go and look at a PS3 or Games to buy look at PS2 and PS3 games, yeah you might say if I want to play PS2 games I would just go and buy a PS2 for $130, ok what happens when SONY finally kills the PS2, then you screwed aren't you? So having a PS3 gives you the option to go all the way back to PSone and PS2 and move on to PS3 games now doesn't it?

Ok here are some the games that the PS3, and no other console will offer you now and in the future:
Resistance Fall of Man, MotorStorm, LAIR, Warhawks, Heavenly Sword, SingStar, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Eye of Judgment, Unreal Tournament 3, Haze, Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Folklore, Ratchet & Clank tools of destruction, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII & versus XIII, Kingdom Hearts 3, White Knight story, Time Crisis 4.
As you can see the PlayStation continues to do what it has done since the very first PlayStation, and that is reaching out to all gamers likings with so many different gaming genres.

Now moving on to something I think will change the word Community forever in console online gaming, and that is HOME. HOME might not reach out to you as some that is necessary for gaming, but hey you don't have to use it, even though I don't really think you can stay away from HOME when the icon will be starring you right in the face on your XMB and when you see all your friends on your contact list all saying HOME right under their name. For a second I will go back to LIVE and say HOME is more of an answer to LIVE, its like 2D meets 3D. I will leave this subject about HOME alone for now because theres not that much out there that we know about HOME and because its going to be something entirely new to the console world I want people to witness it for themselves and make there own opinions.

Also for those people who own more than one major console you are missing out on really what one console can truelly offer you, because your spending most of your time playing or worry about one or the other.

Ok my last statement would be that if you keep on concerning yourselves with what other consoles are doing and getting then you will soon miss out on what you console is offering you and how you can fully use what you console gives you. So just concentrate on your console that you bought and that you worked for and you'll love it every second you own it. So remember don't worry about previews, reviews, blogs, news statements, and what people at stores say, go with you personality leans towards and what you want as a gamer nothing more but nothing less.

I want to thank you for your time and I hope you learned something,
Brad Faix(PSN-InLus)

5913d ago
aiphanes5913d ago

I am glad you liked heavenly sword...I am about to get that one...

Warhawk is totally awesome, they are fixing the issues in that game...

The PS3 is the best at DVD upscalling...the remote play is not to die for since they annouced an enhanced remote play at TGS...did you forget this?

The Xbox 360 breaks like a china bowl dropped on a concrete floor...

The PS3 alone is getting over 1 Petraflop on folding@home....

Do you even fold@home?

People forget it has only been 10 months since the PS3 was released...when the Xbox 360 came out it had not games and it took till Gears of war...10 months after release for the Xbox 360 to get good.

DrPirate5913d ago

I do fold@home. Contributing idle processing power to medical research is important to me, especially since I hope to one day become a doctor.

I also request further comments don't tell me why the 360 is great. I know why it is great, I know why I don't want one.

I hope they're fixing the Warhawk issues in terms that: I want it to be easier to join my friends in a game. I want to be able to be in a party with them, and join a game at the same time with them. They need to update the community features.

Also, I do use the remote play feature often. Wake on Remote Play (Turning the PS3 on remotely), how awesome feature is that? I now have a remote control to my PS3 from anywhere in the world.

My comments are generally directed to Sony's lack of communication, and how it's tiresome to see features missing when Sony had a year's overhead to mimic and exceed everything the 360 did.

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