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Here it goes: Let's see how this goes

PS3-PSN-PSN ID-PS Home-PSStore update.

Between April 14 and April 17

Has to do with community, the PS forums being completely remodeled, the Killzone website getting the link-in to your PSN ID, all PS-related games will get PSN ID link-ins, universal ID that works across everything "Playstation", Rockstar Social Club, PSN ID and Home.

Has NOTHING to do with in-game XMB, Home beta being available, firmware updates of any kind.

Might do: Check accomplishments from online, check friends accomplishments, check friends list, etc, all online. Has to do with Home, but this is the part that's working independent from the actual program.

What it technically is: A massive community tools upgrade.

KozmoOchez5711d ago

If indeed all of this is true, it should be a news article because to me, it appears to be massive news!!!

Harry1905711d ago


DrPirate5711d ago

This is 100% pure grain of salt I heard from a friend of a friend of a cousin who works at Sony.

KozmoOchez5710d ago

I don't even know what to think of that statement there...ever heard of the game telephone?


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