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Sony's Arrogance and Complacence Can No Longer Be Denied

You read the title correctly, and it's 100% true. I have had to make a number of what some may consider to be "anti-Sony" blogs lately because Sony is screwing up big time. Everything they've been doing is either anti-consumer, or pushing people towards PC , and the blind rabid defenders are complicit in these moves. Sony is laughing at us right now. And here's why.

For starters you take a look at the PS4 Neo. Now, the existence of the Neo and Scorpio have been rumoured to be something AMD wanted to happen but the point is that while I detest, vehemently, the existence of both of these consoles for many reasons, Microsoft is taking a different approach with their Scorpio than Sony is with Neo. For Microsoft, the Scorpio is more a beginning. It is intended to be a part of their whole Windows 10 integration plans which is kind of a pseudo merger of PC and Console gaming. Microsoft is not trying to compete with PC gaming, they are trying to embrace it while maintaining their own control. That plan has its issues of course, as any PC gamer whose been doing it long enough will be able to recount stories of the last time MS tried to take control.

But when we look at Sony, all we see is a company trying to compete with PC gaming, yet giving gamers all kinds of reasons to go straight to PC. Sony is using Neo as a cash grab. There is no unified plan with Neo, and early indications show that while Sony says that there will be no Neo exclusive games, there will in fact be Neo exclusive games just based solely on numbers. Don't believe me? Take a look at Digital Foundry's assessment of Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4, specifically the VR portion. DF says the complexity of ROTR precludes the whole game being played in VR without some serious compromises to get the necessary framerate, and that's on a BASE PS4. Sony is trying to push VR and we're expected to believe that this won't necessitate Neo exclusive games simply due to the resource demands of VR? And lest we forget, these are companies. They can say something one day, and then justify why they lied the next. So we have games that will not be able to run properly on a base PS4, creating the incentive to buy a Neo, which with its premium price will definitely cost more than the PS4 did at launch, with the promise that we will see this same thing happen again in another few years with the next incremental "updates."

If you're a gamer that cares about money, why would you NOT now consider PC when the power is superior to consoles and has longer legs? And if that's not enough for you, we move on to...

The PS+ Price Increase.

Sony thought they'd be slick and just non-chalantly announce a price hike in North America for Playstation Plus. In the U.S., the price will go from $50 to $60, and in Canada (where I'm from) it's $50 to $70. A f***ing $20 increase? Justified by what?

Have the game offerings improved? No they haven't. We're still getting the shallow indie shovelware titles instead of good AAA offerings. It's probably why Sony pushes indies so much, so that the vast expanse of time between first party offerings isn't so noticeable, and they don't have to spend money trying to offer AAA games for free on PS+. So why are we paying more for PS+ exactly? Is PS+ more stable than Xbox Live? Not really. From all indications, both services are pretty much on par with each other for stability. Sony also just got around to offering 2-Step Verification for security so.... is that what we're paying for? Literally nothing has changed with their online in games, and I think it's safe to say that the majority of people paying for PS+ are only doing so because online play is locked behind that paywall (thanks for setting a precedent Microsoft), and not for the poor offerings in the free games. So basically Sony has become just like any old cable company that increases their prices, insists that they've made improvements to the service, but now they have to increase the price. Can anyone list the improvements to PS+ please? Because from where I'm sitting, there hasn't been any that justify a frickin' $20 price hike.

Then there's the fact that Sony JUST got around to offering folders on PSN after YEARS of people asking for it. Personally speaking, it's not really a feature whose presence or absence matters to me, but it did matter to literally millions of people and Sony only just now got to it. But where are the custom themes? The themes available for the PS3 are so vastly superior to the shite offered on PS4 that it's too sad to be laughable. Why doesn't that option exist on PS4? Because then there would be no reason to pay over $2 for a very poor quality Dynamic Theme, that's why. Then there's the lack of external hard drive support. This is actually a particularly needed feature for us Canadians and I'll explain why.

The price for games in Canada has always been stupid. Strong or weak dollar, we've always paid more than the U.S. for games, and today is no exception. A physical disc copy of a game, in my province of Ontario, is $80 plus 13% Harmonized Sales Tax. That puts the price of a physical disc over $90 Canadian. For the kind of broken, shallow, or unfinished garbage that passes for games these days, *cough*NoMan'sSky*cough.* The only good thing is that the Canadian government doesn't yet consider the purchase of digital games to be the purchase of a taxable good so if you are looking to save money in Canada with your game purchases, then you have to buy through PSN and pay the flat $80. This means the pitiful 500GB HDD that comes with the PS4 will fill up FAST. So then the argument is made that you can just delete games you're not playing right? Cool, and if you want to play them again (assuming they haven't been removed from the marketplace), you have to download them again. Do you know that Canada is one of the worst countries in the world for competition in the telecommunications industry? We have 3 large companies that effectively monopolized internet. As a result, we have low bandwidth caps and ridiculously high prices. When you have games up to 50GB in size and your monthly bandwidth cap is 60GB, an external hard drive is a life saver.

So we have the fact that the Neo is actually an encouragement to go to PC if you're the kind of person who cares about power. We have the fact that gaming on PC is cheaper in terms of both game pricing and free online play. We have the fact that Sony has not really improved PSN at all and yet feel justified in raising the price due to "market conditions", which was the same excuse they used to raise game prices in Canada (though they never lowered the prices when the dollar was strong). So what's left to ask?

Well, the question is, what has Sony really been doing exactly? Yeah, the PS4 has a TON of games, but most of them are indie garbage, followed by 3rd party titles. Are we to congratulate Sony on the work of other studios? Are we to praise them for moneyhatting exclusivity yet berate the competition for the same? What about features? Sony has shown that they move at the pace of a sloth when it comes to adding features that fans ask for, so are we to praise them for that? Microsoft is getting praise for Backwards Compatibility, even going so far as to make it a core principle of the Windows 10 integration plan going forward; Sony tries to charge us for pseudo backwards compatibility with upscaled, trophy supported PS2 games, no PS1 classics, and the removal of games from PSNow, insisting from their lofty vantage point as current market leader that no one wants backwards compatibility and they certainly don't inflate their prices.

The reason I have written so many anti-Sony posts and blogs lately is because I have become disillusioned with Sony. With the PS4, Sony is putting as little effort as possible forward. And if you don't believe me in that regard, look at the work they put into the PS3 to make it a wanted system, look at the successes of the PS1 and PS2 from a game quality and quantity standard. These consoles eclipse the PS4 in every way. PS3 has more media features, more OS features, and more work put behind it, while the PS4 came out with less, has proceeded to move slowly with adding anything, and all Sony seems to care about are indies, timed exclusivity, and more additional hardware that they'll abandon like PSMove or Vita or PSTV. Those last two pieces of hardware are the saddest of all

While I understand that a lot of the complaints I levied here can easily be levied at the industry as a whole, some of the complaints are specific Sony issues that are bigger than people care to discuss. There is so much blind acceptance for anything Sony does and, as someone who has for years been called a Sony fanboy, it's pretty sickening to see the lengths people go to to be willfully blind about Sony. We don't get our way by praising a company that wants our money, we get our way by making them work for our money.

**EDIT** I have decided to remove that last paragraph as, upon reflection, I had to agree that it was a pointless incitement.

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Abash1766d ago

You seem incredibly blinded by your hatred for Sony, so much that you can't see that the PS4 is a terrific console with some of the highest rated exclusives this gen. And yes, exclusives that you can only play on a PS4, making my purchase more than worth it.

And Sony isn't forcing anyone to buy a PS4 Neo. In fact, they are showing their commitment to having the original PS4 still fully supported by remodeling it alongside the release of the Neo. If you want to spend the money for a premium PS4 experience then they are giving you the option, that is all.

I'm not happy with the PS+ price raise, but I know how the world works. Any other company would do it in their position, in fact MS did it last gen when they raised the price of XBL to $60. An extra $10 a year though isn't enough to make me cancel my PS+ subscription or sell my PS4.

Honestly, I'll save my torches and pitchforks for something Sony does that is completely out of line, like trying to block used games on their consoles or requiring online sign ins every 24 hours to use it. Those were the only times I was furious at a gaming brand and I wouldn't be an Xbox One owner if MS went through with those things.

maniacmayhem1766d ago

*Honestly, I'll save my torches and pitchforks for something Sony does that is completely out of line,*

Well Sony seems to be implementing all of these incredible MS like tactics slowly to their users so not to get you all too upset. It's just a shame that none of you can actually see this because Sony dangles these *exclusives* in front of you.

I guess it makes it that much easier to accept.

TwoForce1766d ago

It will do the same thing with other. I think you ignore that in the future, there will be more companies will do the same thing with other. It shouldn't be suprise to be honest. One day, you will defend MS to the end just like we do and you realize that it doesn't make anything different.

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StormLegend1765d ago

Sony is just evening things up. Why let MS make more money on XBl when they can make the same? Both onlines are similar. And making a cheaper PS4 is a smart idea for the people who can now buy one that's even smaller. What other MS tactics have they done?

Omnislashver361765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

What annoys me is he somehow implies that MS is taking a different route with Scorpio... You understand MS is the reason Scorpio AND Neo even exist, right? Because X1 was overpriced and underpowered, they needed a new console. Sony simply has to respond, else get left in the dust. So you've really got your fanboy goggles on.

This is coming from someone buying both consoles. MS started this mess with required sign in, day one update, overpriced($499) console with a 7790(900p aimed card), no trading games. It was totally anti-consumer. Yes, they are both corporations and will shaft their consumers, but MS really got the ball rolling especially with paid online with 360 and X1's mistakes.

Gazondaily1765d ago


"You understand MS is the reason Scorpio AND Neo even exist, right?"

Lol what?! MS is the reason Neo exists? Nonsense.

Kokyu1765d ago

MS's win 10 intergration is just them still pursuing their all digital plan. Thats why to get a win 10 copy and an xbone copy you have to go digial. Neither company are for anyone but themselves stop pretending one is better than the other.

S2Killinit1765d ago

Isnt Sony's price increase only matching what MS has been charging since last generation when they hiked up the price?

1765d ago
fr0sty1765d ago

Back to these articles again, eh? It's PS2 gen all over again.

uptownsoul1765d ago

What does the author mean when he says: "It's probably why Sony pushes indies so much, so that the vast expanse of time between first party offerings isn't so noticeable"?

I mean how in the world can he say this in 2016???

rainslacker1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

What besides the price hike has Sony implemented slowly that would get us riled up?

Could you answer that without saying things that are completely ordinary across all the console makers, or is your comment just some general hyperbole meant to imply that Sony is doing all these things with a cold precision that keeps us complacent.

From what I've seen, Sony is getting a lot of grief from the price hike, both companies got a decent amount of grief over the upgraded consoles when it was a rumor, and Sony has gotten plenty of grief over their lack of BC, and Sony has gotten plenty of grief over the way they handled PS2 classics.

Given all that, I'm not sure how well Sony is doing at slowly implementing things which go unnoticed and allows them to get off without a scratch on the public perception side.

I think almost everyone who isn't a rabid fan boy sees these "tactics" for what they are. The exclusives they dangle in front of us though, are why many of us like the brand so much, and most of these tactics I assume you speak of, are pretty pointless to that end. PS+ price increase is the one thing that will have the most negative impact on how many people play games, and so people are going to be upset regardless of the exclusives.

So once again, you state nothing of substance, and rely on hyperbole to try and sound intelligent.


Hate to say it, but in this case, given the rumored and confirmed release window, it seems that MS is the one actually responding. Sony would have had Neo in the works for a while if they're releasing anytime this year. MS only has a target spec, which indicates they were really caught off guard by Neo....which they likely found out about through the grapevine sometime around the time Spencer asked what people thought of an upgraded console.

I really have no idea why Sony felt it necessary to release an upgraded console....although the rumors that it'd be more expensive to produce the older hardware going forward is a compelling consideration....but still seems kind of a stretch since they're still going to produce the slim.


It's called FUD. Anagram for "F**ked up data". Meant to confuse and imply that something is true. The hyperbolic nature of the delivery is done so it can be stated with authority, using a general contextual understanding of the repetative arguments that we are witness to daily, and only serve to reinforce the concept that what is said is true without having to actually provide any concrete facts or further analysis to actually back it up.

For a good example, read maniacs comment that you are responding to.

Anyhow, dragon's expression is a slightly more elegant way of making all those lists where certain games are conveniently left off because they don't meet some arbitrary criteria, and as a bonus, it doesn't require any real thought to actually spell out like a list does.

ShinMaster1765d ago

I remember all those things fans said Nintendo would never dare do unlike the inferior two competitors.
But then ended up doing them anyway.

subtenko1761d ago

Meanwhile Microsoft dangles dirty socks in front of its users.....

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JasonKCK1766d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

"Honestly, I'll save my torches and pitchforks for something Sony does that is completely out of line, like trying to block used games on their consoles or requiring online sign ins every 24 hours to use it. Those were the only times I was furious at a gaming brand and I wouldn't be an Xbox One owner if MS went through with those things."

2013 called! Some people actually act as if they went through with it.

uptownsoul1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Can somebody tell me what the author mean when he says: "It's probably why Sony pushes indies so much, so that the vast expanse of time between first party offerings isn't so noticeable"?

I mean how in the world can he say this in 2016???

EDIT: I have to say that I love how people are disagreeing with me like they can point out the "vast expanse of time" between Sony's 2016

Unspoken1765d ago

DragonKnight is actually right. He is trying to call Sony out before they turn into "Evil Gaming Corp". Same thing happened with MS, but now Abash and others say its the natural course for companies that lead their market to screw the gamer and it's now some how legitimate. I'll let you guys figure this one out.

DragonKnight1766d ago

"You seem incredibly blinded by your hatred for Sony, so much that you can't see that the PS4 is a terrific console with some of the highest rated exclusives this gen. And yes, exclusives that you can only play on a PS4, making my purchase more than worth it. "

You've been here long enough to know who I am. Don't talk with that level of ignorance. Everything I've said about Sony comes from their decisions, their lack of effort. I don't give a damn about ratings. Ratings =/= to fun. Most of the exclusives on the PS4 are indie games that suck and i don't congratulate Sony for the work of other studios, nor do I Microsoft.

"vAnd Sony isn't forcing anyone to buy a PS4 Neo. In fact, they are showing their commitment to having the original PS4 still fully supported by remodeling it alongside the release of the Neo. If you want to spend the money for a premium PS4 experience then they are giving you the option, that is all. "

They can't directly force people to buy a Neo, but what they can do is heavily incentivize it. If you think Sony doesn't want people upgrading then you're saying Sony doesn't like money. As we've seen with ROTR's Croft Mansion VR and DF's assessment, VR is barely workable with the base PS4 for proper games. So this is what's going to happen. Yes, VR "works" with the base PS4, but if you don't want a short, shallow experience then you're going to need more power. Sony is going to push VR hard because it's something they have over both competitors. We'll definitely be seeing Neo exclusives, if only just for VR because the power is needed. So the push to buy a Neo will be real. It's exactly the same way that cellphone companies try to entice people to upgrade their phones and get on a longer contract. Only in this case, the price is not the incentive.

People like to tout this "options are good" argument everywhere as though people shouldn't be upset about things. More option is good for gamers right? Yeah, that's what you said with DLC and then it resulted in the mentality devs have to put out unfinished games with cut content they sell back to you. That's also what you said about microtransactions, and now we're seeing games released to make the base game a completely unfun grind fest pushing you towards paying for the microtransactions.

Every option corporations come up with is never designed for the benefit of the consumer, it's designed for the benefit of profit. With each blind defense, you open up the flood gates of exploitation to extreme levels. We've seen this already before. With Sony when they launched the PS3 and their message behind it. With Microsoft when they launched the Xbox One and their message behind it. And now again with Sony who haven't seemed to learned that market leadership doesn't mean you forget the lessons of history that show that arrogance is a bad idea.

TwoForce1766d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

And you seem to ignore that you will let other get away.
Edit : Like Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft will get away their plan while you focus critize on Sony a lot without notice. One day in the future, these companies will do much worse than Sony. No, you need to balance it by staying in the middle neither left or right. You are staying left side too much. And yes, I see you removed the last paragraph but some people will remember what you are saying. " WALL OF TEXT "That's what you posted the last paragraph.

Edit#2 : @Bansai No, he isn't. He just doesn't control his self control.

DragonKnight1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Let other get away? What?

EDIT: So just give Sony a pass because other companies are also terrible?

SmielmaN1766d ago

Where has it been proven that PSVR is "barely workable" on a standard PS4? I mean, they started preorders earlier this year based on using it with a standard PS4?

fatsodubmo1766d ago Show
Rude-ro1766d ago

Let's look at the core solid fact.
One company, Sony, from the get go, always supported their consoles beyond necessary. The other company has always treated their exiting console like an annoyance. Even their only golden child, the 360. Never mentioning it with advertisements or giving any lime light to any of the games once the One came out.
One company has a long history of pushing new titles. Trying to push the boundaries with both indies and AAA. The other company continually shows their monopoly heritage in full colors. Signing and creating deals to leave out other gamers. If you think this tactic is not going to PC... well, that explains your biased uneducated rant.
Sony is making the of most their previous exclusives by opening them up to be played anywhere while keeping games exclusive per new console. A beautiful tactic due to the fact they have so many exclusives and there is no reason for the to sit dormant after the life of the console ceases.
So many indies? Like recore? Sea of thieves? Etc? Microsofts highest rated console exclusive is an indie. You can tell who is the biggest fankid is by how much they have to move goal posts.
Sonys vision is to be a gaming company. They are broadening that horizon. They are not competing, they are capitalizing in every facet that exists currently.
Microsoft is not a gaming company. They are a marketing advertising company first. They are not creating a Windows console link to embrace, they are grasping at everything to try and salvage their declining console, home PC, failed phone, tablet market. They are purchasing ideas and pushing them all together with no cohesive solid plan. They now say Windows is their plan. Really?! You mean the same name that has made them money from the get go? The same Company that has been sued for monopolies and dirty advertising within that same name?! Ok. That is not a new vision, that is the new sales pitch. They became complacent and arrogant and now are in a reactionary state. Trying to find the new curve to be ahead in and they are failing.
Name the last AAA exclusive that was made from Microsoft that was not the repetitive titles for the last 9 years. This right proves that they are not a gaming company.

The new consoles are not the same, the closest statement that actually has any factual truth to it in your entire rant.
One, is because of a lost market share and hopes that power is what the consumer base wants, the other is to stay competitive against the competitor..
Most consumers, not blind fankids like you, but real consumers, have a trust with Sony.
That what they have will be supported for years to come and with the neo, premium versions of those games to come. The install base is huge and will be supported.
But the Scorpio... the Scorpio in Microsofts hands spells the end of the one. Yeah, sure, they will share games and probably will be supported the best out of all other exiting consoles from Microsoft but what you fail to see is, Microsoft is going after the market shares they lost. This means exclusives. They do not make games so this means third party exclusives. Since they no longer have the faith of developers with a consumer base, they are opening up to the PC Windows gaming in order to to say they can provide to more consumers.... This is Microsoft we are talking about. Not a "vision" of Microsoft that they repeatedly keep spitting on their consumers when asking them to believe them ... again. They will now be trying the exclusives or exclusive content on PC as well. Why? To recapture the market share. If you believe other wise, I dare you to list facts that would prove it wrong. I have their entire history to against any argument you try to create. You have a "vision".

Out of your entire blind rant, one company has constantly been consistent.

Bansai1765d ago Show
ger23961765d ago

Simple solution, just game on pc since sony is screwing you over. The only thing I agree with you is the price hike on ps +. Having said that, I've yet to pay full price for gold or plus.

verynaughtyboy1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I find it interesting how you are genuinely annoyed on the basis of what you *think* Sony are going to do and what you *presume* are their motives.

Also, so what if the majority of Sony's exclusives are Indies, because 1. Indies can be of immense quality and 2. By their nature you expect more independent games to be released than AAA. What's your point? It does not follow that, because there are more indie games, then it automatically means that their are insufficient AAA games. That's a non sequitur.

Sony are surely guilty of some negligence and even some hubris, but there's far too much conjecture and poor logic in your article/opinion to support any stronger accusation.

mkis0071765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Most of what you are saying is uneducated ramblings or an underrepresentation of truths. Your insight on PSVR is shallow. The fact remains you don't make walls of text for ANY xbox related issues. They have plenty worth writing about to one so inclined. Your target, for whatever reason is Sony. Price hikes from $50 to $60 were done by Microsoft first a long time ago. Seems like you forget to mention a lot of this during your many attacks on Sony. Anyone who puts the dollar sign on Sony or Microsoft should not be writting articles to be taken seriously.

If a Sony Defense force exists, it's because people like you target them disproportionately.

Oh yes, let's just forget that the neo strategy has not even been divulged seem to have written your own.

One last thing is there seems to be a lot of people saying how you can't criticize sony...well this blog exists so that point is bunk. But additionally the reason why a lot more people get annoyed when you criticize sony is that a lot more people have bought their game console. Therefore, while not technically sound it can be reasoned that a lot of the people criticizing these views are actually happy with their sony products and services.

jb2271765d ago

Your post would make sound points if it didn't actively dismiss MS of any blame for essentially the exact same practices. Doing that essentially makes every point null & void.

First off, you say that Scorpio is somehow a different type of proposition because it represents MS trying to do a soft reset in order to bring in the Win10 integration, but somehow Sony doing the same thing for their VR initiative is deplorable? Neo is using its increased power to create a better VR experience just like Scorpio is using its increased power to create a more unified PC/Console platform. There is literally no difference here, beyond the fact that MS has already unveiled an extremely blurry picture of their convoluted plans while Sony hasn't, so essentially one can be criticized at this juncture, the other really can't. Also, you specifically point out that Neo will have exclusives while ignoring the sheer fact that Scorpio will too...both of these boxes will eventually have exclusives out of necessity, the only difference being that Scorpio's exclusives happen at launch in the form of VR compatibility, Sony's Neo exclusive potential is undetermined & may not happen for years yet.

Then there's the entire price hike point, you give MS the smallest sliver of lip over creating this entire practice in the first place, but you neglect to mention that this price hike only brings PS+ to an equal cost to the Live program after years of coming in cheaper. You also make a big assumption in claiming that there will be no change in the kinds of free games on offer for Plus when that simply isn't determined yet. For all we know, this is Sony listening to "consumers" like yourself that have been crying about the prevalence of new indies in the program over ancient AAA's that most core gamers already own, now potentially using that extra money to "elevate" the offerings.

Sony obviously makes mistakes, just like any other company in existence. There are criticisms to be lobbed but those same criticisms are ones that can be lobbed at the entirety of the console gaming space. Singling out Sony here while dismissing the same practices for others only proves that you have an agenda, for whatever reason. Half of your points are sheer conjecture & the rest are just kinda hollow here. Maybe wait to at least see what the Neo & PSVR is all about....had you simply held off a week or two on your vitriolic post you could've actually made some pertinent points after the PS Meeting puts Sony's true cards on the table. What I just read was basically just a long form fanboy trolling type comment, calling it a "blog" is really stretching.

WelkinCole1765d ago

"Every option corporations come up with is never designed for the benefit of the consumer, it's designed for the benefit of profit"

Are you really this naive?.

You really don't understand how market supply and demand works.

If any of these options or strategies that companies put out is not supported by the market they will die. Example MS proposed X1 used games polices died out because the market(gamers) feedback would not have it.

However despite what people are saying about DLC, pay online the market is still supportive of it. Even now the market seems to be receptive of up-gradable consoles strategies in their current form.

To effectively say companies strategy is to screw games over for profit is a pretty dumb and narrow view. Companies exist for profit and in order to get profits they must provide what consumers want otherwise you will run out of business.

No one is pointing a gun to anyone's head and say you must buy DLC, VR or the yearly iterations of certain game franchise. Yet the market is responding to them and gamers keep on buying them and effectively voting positively for these strategies/options with their wallets.

_-EDMIX-_1765d ago

I don't entirely know what you mean by "get away with" what company's games are you even playing that are perfect?


Stop trying to add morals to businesses...

its_JEFF1765d ago

"their lack of effort"

That line right there, tells me all I need to know about where your coming from. It's from the same place that call's dev's "Lazy." You think those dev's don't know that the game their making is not gonna workout? Do you think if they had a chance to fix it, they wouldn't? Effort... Sony spending the money to hold a conference isn't showing effort? Sony taking the time to make the chip sets in the PS4 smaller so it runs cooler, redesigning the box, and possible lowering the price doesn't show effort? Huh? They're putting as much effort into it as MS is, you know why? To make MONEY! Their not running a charity. All this "effort, or lack there of, is to make money.

BTW where are you getting this info about PSVR barely working on PS4? Most of the previews have been positive, WTH are you talking about? Cool your jets, take your emotions out of it cause right now your emotions are getting the better of you. Right now you can't see anything positive about Playstation, absolutely nothing and that's alright but... that's called being a fanboy.

uptownsoul1765d ago


Can I ask you what you meant by: "It's probably why Sony pushes indies so much, so that the vast expanse of time between first party offerings isn't so noticeable"?

I mean how in the world can you say this in 2016???

Brugal1765d ago

With all due respect, you're angry towards a company who didn't force you to spend a dime on their products. If you feel like Sony is screwing their customers then don't purchase their products, it's a better response than going on an angry tangent. Everyone has different opinions. Personally, I've never appreciated games more in my life than I do now, and I've been gaming since the days of NES and Atari 2600. There's more of a variety of games that caters to any type of gamer, now more than ever.

rainslacker1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Yeah, options are bad. That's not anti-consumer at all.

Again, it's the final implementation that matters. The existence of such products does not make it anti-consumer.

Seems you simply want to be the arbitrator of what is good and proper for the consumer, and use it to express your moral vision for what the consumer is allowed to partake in.

news flash, the market decides. Not you. You can only decide for yourself, which will play a part in the market.

You can criticize, but don't get upset when people say you're over reacting for the way things stand now.

Beyond that, calm down about the new hardware. You don't know anything about Sony's hardware other than they actually seem to be approaching it the same way as MS is with Scorpio...yet you praise MS for integrating platforms? What a joke.

PSVR could take off or flop miserably. Why not wait until it's actually on the market, and let the consumer decide before criticizing moves made now meant to promote a new product? VR can, and alrady does work on the stock PS4. Stated time and again by Sony, and hundreds of 1st hand accounts for the past year or so. Until we actually see Neo exclusives, VR or otherwise, your bitchfest is premature, and makes you seem way too reactionary.

DLC wasn't a bad thing when it first came out. In many cases, it's not even a bad thing now. That's why it got/gets a lot of those passes. It wasn't always great content, but before it was abused by some publishers, it just was what it was. The "anti-consumer" stuff came later.

Could happen here, but you've bypassed the slippery slope, and fallen off the sheer cliff. You're stating something is anti-consumer because something can happen, not as a matter of concern, but as a way to accuse a company that actually hasn't done any wrong. It's unfair, and completely childish, and the same thing that causes so much turmoil in today's society.

And what's worse, you get upset about it when people call you out on your hyperbolic nonsense, and worse than that, what salient points you do make are lost in your inept ramblings. If you could manage to make your points of concern something that people should be weary of going forward, without all the premature accusations and morally righteous nonsense, maybe people would be more likely to hear what you have to say, and actually gain some value out of what points you're trying to make.

"So just give Sony a pass because other companies are also terrible?"

No. but in your own blog, you give MS praise for releasing Scorpio as somehow beneficial, yet it's anti-consumer for Sony to do it because it means it pushes people towards PC. If you're going to give one company a free pass, then apply it evenly for all companies.

I'm not going to speak for TwoForce, but no company should be given a free pass, but at the same time, I wonder where your extremely hostile accusatory blogs are towards the likes of MS, EA, Ubi, etc, which do just as many things which could fall within your definition of anti-consumer.

So no free pass, but wait until they actually do something wrong before going off on some rambling idiotic diatribe which assumes guilt before action like your some sort of twisted Minority Report all seeing oracle of the future.

History often repeats itself, but the way you present things means no one actually sees the history or reasoning behind your arguments, and instead just sees you as some irrational fan boy. Which is a shame, because I know you actually were pro-Sony enough in the past to not outright dismiss your criticisms.

oNIXo1765d ago

"You've been here long enough to know who I am."

lol. I've been here forever, and I have no clue who you are. You're not important.

Domovoi0ng1764d ago

This place is full of console fags. Thanks for bringing some logic in here.

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trooper_1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Expect articles to completely blow things out of proportion. I'm not happy about the increase either but Sony is not the only company in the world that raises prices on things. You can find deals on Groupon and other sites if 60 dollars gets under your skin.

1765d ago Replies(4)
Officialxandr1765d ago

That's one of the reasons I don't own an XB1 (besides the fact that I only like QB and Scale bound). Microsoft constantly lies and people feed into it. Remember when they said Sony and SE have a deal because of FFXIV? SE clearly said (a year prior), that if Microsoft was down to have cross-play they'd also have FFXIV. Now, Microsoft does this whole 'cross-play' thing to try and look like the good guys (although I am 100℅ down for it). I'd love to play games through my Ps4 with my Xbox friends. The fanboyism (from either side) is just ludicrous. Everyone needs to enjoy their respective platform and that's it. Gaming is supposed to be about fun and unity, not bashing and hatred.

1762d ago
_-EDMIX-_1765d ago

@abash- 10000% agreed.

@mani- no one cares...

donthate1765d ago Show
Aceman181765d ago

To this blog writer I say YAWN.

Yetter1765d ago

Pretty sure this goes both ways. He makes a lot of good points in this blog and the Sony fanboys come here in droves to defend them.

leoms1765d ago

The Sony Fanboys appreciate your concern for them on this article. I guess if people are refuting ranting artcile by posting facts, they are immediately considered as Sony fanboys. What do you call those that post BS?

1762d ago
neutralgamer19921765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

what are the other option? go with xblive oh that's right they also charge $60

seriously some of you really need to stop. it's like when neo was leaked all the xbox fanboys hated but the moment scorpio was announce the argument went to well scorpio will be better than neo

233 comments LOL

you think your article will even make a 0.1% dent? vocal minority is all we are

we say we will boycott yet cod sells millions
we say we will boycott yet xblive and psn-plus numbers only going up
we say we won't buy these consoles yet these consoles setting sales record

the day gamers grow a pair and actually speak with their wallets is the day we will see actual change until than be happy don't worry

there is a reason bethesda can release glitched filled games yet win GOTY awards and sell so well

we as gamers are are gutless

next time don't buy the yearly releases

hold MS to this standard too. the only reason ms is trying extra hard because they are so out of this console race(behind over 20 million if they were up 20 million i am sure sony would be the one trying hardest

common sense

what's really funny or sad(depends which way you look at it) that some think these companies are loyal to us

rainslacker1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

"the day gamers grow a pair and actually speak with their wallets is the day we will see actual change until than be happy don't worry"

While true in theory, the fact remains that gamers are not a cohesive group that consumes in the same way across the board. For every disgruntled person, there are 100 who are indifferent, a few thousand who don't care, and a million or more that are oblivious to what's going on.

Boycotts only work on things which appeal to a singular audience, and has something surrounding it which is so egregious, and gets enough press among the masses....not just the minority(as you rightly call it), that it compels people to truly have disdain to actually vote with their wallets.

More often than not, the stuff we complain about is just annoyances, not outright terrible deeds worthy of pitchforks and torches.

I think the only time in 36 years I've seen gamers unified as a greater whole to the point of making a difference was with MS and their DRM/online policies before this gen started.

Anything other than that, and it's just two minorities bickering over console war nonsense which has little impact on the overall market.

Beyond that, all we can do is criticize, hope for the best, and simply decide for ourselves on an individual level if we are willing to spend money on a product. It'll be rare that we can actually affect change....and ironically, all this reactionary nonsense we see on a daily basis, with the extremes like the person writing this blog, make it so valid criticisms are easier to dismiss, or harder for those in power to actually hear, because the unjustified stuff like this blog is so vitriolic that it paints all of us as irrational and entitled.

Edit @ Below

Few months? More like a week or two. People calm down after a while after the reactionary goes away, and people grow bored being upset about an issue that may be in the news. Short attention spans and all that. And to a degree, that is one reason why companies don't worry so much about the vocal outcry, because it doesn't last long enough to become meaningful.

Not going to speak on what I feel is a fair price. The company will determine the price they want to set, raise or lower it when they feel it prudent, and all I will do is determine if it's of worth to me. I may say if I feel it's worth it, and elaborate why, but never will I go and say that others should feel the same. Me, and every other individual is a tiny drop in the ocean that is the consumer market. It takes waves to really affect change...and waves are hard to come by.

showtimefolks1765d ago


I agree that was the only time almost everyone was together. Even gaming sites and retailers were bashing ms hard

Fact of the matter is just like everything else these complains are here for a little while and within few months people will move in. Price increases is nothing new

I am the biggest Sony supporter but they should charge once price across all countries(taking into affect like taxes and other things). But the price difference of 20 plus dollars is not right. I mean if USA is paying $60 than other countries should pay equal to that 60 dollars

Domovoi0ng1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

So the only reason to buy a console is the hostaged games xD xD xD .....and now they are moving towards pc. Omg SOOOO many brilliant exclusives to play in shit quality :o :o :o

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Aloy-Boyfriend1766d ago

Ranting over something you don't know? How about you wait until Sep 7?

Also, how come Sony is wrong for giving devs and players more power yet MS isn't by jumping to next gen 3 years after current gen started? They are basically doing the same thing: upgrading their current console.

I'll give you the PS+ increase and I'll wait for a reason as to why they did it. Think however that XLive is also $60. So if Xbox gamers can pay that amount, so can we. No big deal at least for me

Thatguy-3101766d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Remember xlive price was hiked from 50$ to the current 60$ that it is now. Subscription services modify and change prices. People are simply just picking at straws and are butt hurt that Sony isn't getting the same amount of flack as the competitors. This goes back to the "media bias" conspiracy. All in all whether people like it or not the Playstation platform is thriving this generation and come September 7 things will amplify it.

Lennoxb631766d ago

"This goes back to the "media bias" conspiracy."

It isn't a conspiracy. Media bias is in every industry. From music, sports, tv, etc. In gaming, media bias just so happens to be in Sony's favor more often than not.

Rude-ro1765d ago

You do realize that Microsoft is partnered with, owns, and are affiliates with most media outlets do you not. (Obviously not by your statement)
I can link to you every negative spin put on Sony since Microsoft has entered the gaming buis... You can not. Sure, the media has listed facts and all the Xbox kids get mad when they are not in the favor of the great Microsoft, but they are facts. What you say sounds like a trump fan. "The media is hating on them" yet constantly gives them free press 24/7 never stating anything but facts.
You all rant about comparisons this gen as if it is negative articles yet the company that made it famous use to advertise said better versions. So who shaped the consumer to care?
Do a little homework and you will see where Microsofts money lays.

BlackTar1871765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Sony isn't getting the same slack?

ROFLMAO SOny is the only one getting Slack about the mid gen upgrades. MS has been given a free pass by lik 95% of the media on the mid gen upgrade and you can see it right here in this RANT from OP. Yes i know he isn't mainstream media but this is still a great example.

This to me is priceless and so correct as said below
"You all rant about comparisons this gen as if it is negative articles yet the company that made it famous use to advertise said better versions. So who shaped the consumer to care?
Do a little homework and you will see where Microsofts money lays."

THis was basically invented last gen and saw the rise of numerous websites dedicated to comparisions and XBOX ate it up SUPERIOR VERSION SUPERIOR VERSION look more grass extra shadow 2 FPS differnce SUPERIOR VERSION. They loved it last gen and MS heads talked about it. Now the tables turn and their are way way way less websites dedicated to comparison and the xbox crowd feels they are being mistreated cause they lose them all? It's so hilarious and insane.

Just use your head for 1 second. How many Anti neo slap in the face articles did we get over 50 in a 30 day period and probably more. We've had maybe 10-15 for Scorpio if that. So please reflect back and lets talk about Media Bias again please.

maniacmayhem1766d ago ShowReplies(9)
DragonKnight1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

"Ranting over something you don't know? How about you wait until Sep 7?"

Ranting over something I don't know? What have I said here that is still ambiguous and unclear? Is the price of PS+ not rising? Yes it is. And there is no justification for it. What will waiting until September do? Somehow Sony is going to come out with a good reason for raising the price? Don't be naive.

"Also, how come Sony is wrong for giving devs and players more power yet MS isn't by jumping to next gen 3 years after current gen started?"

First of all, learn to read. I said both Scorpio and Neo are bad ideas. Second of all, I've already discussed issues with Scorpio and Neo. If all you're going to do is skim through everything you come across, do everyone a favour and don't comment. Thanks.

"Subscription services modify and change prices."

There you have it folks. Because it happens, we should be perfectly fine with it even though there are no improvements and no justification for the hike. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the exact attitude that allows for games like No Man's Sky to be released, for Sony's complacence, and for iterative consoles. You all care nothing for value, nothing for consumerism, and should really just forward your pay directly to Sony's bank accounts.

kayoss1765d ago

Look at it as a business stand point. PS+ subscription and adoption are at its highest. Why not take that opportunity to hike the price up just by a little? Netflix did it, 24 hour fitness did it, Microsoft did it, and i can go on and on. Sony and Microsoft is a business after all. We know that inflation is the cause for price hikes for everything which believe it or not includes gaming. Sony as a company is recovering from a near bankruptcy just a few years ago, which means layoffs and closed headquarters. Now that Playstation have brought them back, they need to hire more employees and have more headquarters for operations. This means that they have to pay new employee and where is that money coming from?

We at this point knows very little about the Neo, but my best guess is that Sony dont want to be left in the dust when the Scorpio is released. This is why Neo will be announced come September. Regardless of how you feel about Sony, Microsoft needs Sony and Sony needs Microsoft so that they can keep each other innovated.

Aloy-Boyfriend1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Yes! You are rating about Neo when you don't know what it is yet and saying how it is bad and that it will gets its exclusives even tho Sony said no. How about you wait until Sep 7? Oh wait you can't restrain yourself with your rants. That's why I stopped reading. It is not fun to read a childish rant with no objective points and only purpose to flame wars.

You also mentioned how they lasted long to add folders just to add more fuel to your argument... If you don't like Sony then vote with your damn wallet. Your rants only give Xbox fanboys the strength they need to bash PS4 and try to make us PS4 owner feel like we are sheep.

Write something contructive for once and stop whinning. The fact that you had to edit and erase the last paragraph shows you don't hold back saying any kind of shit. Think, then type!

fatsodubmo1765d ago Show
Dark_Knightmare21765d ago

What I don't understand is how you can say most of sonys exclusives are indies because that's bullshit. Yes they have a lot of indies and a lot of them are high quality,popular indies but if you did some research you would see that since these consoles launched Sony has more triple aaa exclusives with a higher meta critic average than its competition. I have both systems and like them both for different reasons but the x1 has Def been lacking especially this year to the point I barely turn it on anymore. For example Sony so far this year has provided 6 triple aaa exclusives and a bunch of awesome indies like firewatch,salt and sanctuary,alienation etc while on x1 Microsoft has provided one triple aaa exclusive in quantum break which was really good but way too short with no replay value and one really awesome and known indie in inside which just so happens to have released on ps4 yesterday. Looking ahead for the rest of year Microsoft does start picking up the pace but with the slow year they've already had so far and the four exclusives Sony still has releasing it's just no contest. Now about the price hike yeah it sucks but you know what since the service was introduced in 2010 they haven't increased the price so enough with the entitlement it happens with services all the time like netflix,Xbox live etc and at least they offered free games from the get go unlike Xbox where you were paying for the privilege to use the Internet and even apps for crying out loud and that's it so thanks to Sony Microsoft changed those conditions and made it better for us Xbox users. Now blame Canada's economy for the twenty increase that's not just on Sony and in the US it's not really an issue. I mean if 10 dollars extra a year or 7 dollars extra for three months is that bank breaking maybe look into a new hobby because gaming is an expensive hobby.

TKCMuzzer1765d ago

Eh, most subscription based services increase in price without any extra value, its called inflation, cost of living etc.
Do you rant on at phone and internet companies? at TV subscription companies? council taxes? TV licences? etc etc etc. None offer more for your money yet the prices go up every year.
Sony has staff, costs etc, these all increase annually to point where outgoings start outweighing incomings. All the PSN servers, staff wages, utility bill, online security will all go up in cost every year yet you expect a business to suck up that cost? What successful business does that? It's not about excepting it as ok, it's about excepting it will happen due to changes in the economy etc. PS+ has cost me the same from the first year. Since then my TV has gone up every year, my phone line rental has gone up every year, my council tax has gone up and so on. None of these other services give me any more for my money, its put down to annual cost increase.
For some reason gamers expect games companies to be different (not only in subs but gamers in general complain about everything even though actual game prices have virtually stood still for 20 years), despite the rising cost for publishers and devs, which is why we see microtransactions now, because putting the cost of games up causes outrage.
Games value are subjective, each gamer will find a different value in each game. It is not for you to assume that all gamers won't find value in 'No Mans Sky', because many will. Value is determined by what you as a consumer gets out of it and this will be different for everyone. I knew 'No Mans Sky' was not my kind of game so I made my judgment not to purchase but I knew what it was about, no one hid that from me.

To assume people like myself can not make valid judgments on what I perceive as value or to assume I just except price increases for the sake of it is an insult to my intelligence and many others. Maybe myself and many others live in the real world, can put things into perceptive, see the bigger picture, I buy what I want, nobody forces me to make those decisions, nobody forces me to buy things like PS+, nobody will force me to buy a NEO, or VR or whatever become available. That is my choice, Sony is not tricking me, asking me to line their pockets and so on, if I thought they were doing something unacceptable then believe me I would not give them any money.

FamilyGuy1765d ago

Does "inflation" simply not exist in your world?
Prices go up, wages go up. It's bound to happen over time so why is this even worth complaining about?
Sony as a company is pretty vocal so I'm POSITIVE they will come up with some reasoning or excuse to appease people like you that demand answers. For me it was simply inevitable.

You're calling Sony out as "anti-consumer" based on a bunch of assumptions. If you had more facts in your post you might not have as many people disagreeing with you. Hypothesis =/= truth

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 1765d ago
game4funz1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Exactly the point he is making.
You give the increase price a pass because it isnt worse yet then what you view as the competition.

They should have at least made a formal announcement.

He also said both scorpio and neo are bad.
Dont just grab on to little pieces of the post.

joeorc1765d ago

I think what many are overlooking is Sony has to compete with Microsoft , not by power which many gamers seem to think that's what Sony concentrated on at the start of this generation..

With Microsoft combining PC with Xbox , how is Sony ever or would be able to ever compete on Power? It's a moot point, because a PC always trumps the game console market systems in power no matter what..but how is Sony doing it?

Simple: Sony is going to the strengths it's always have done made gaming experiences only made for Hardware that they have designed..

The blog post here about Sony pushing Gamers to PC's , I think is being very short sighted in how or reasons why Sony has taken the directions they have taken and not has looked at the underpinning of the steps that they have or had to take.

Let's take the recent PlayStation VR hardware response by gamers view on how will it perform in the market for performance vs more expensive units.

Drive club was just reviewed by Digital foundry, and in such a racing game vs other more expensive higher costing HMD's Sony has proved with lesser hardware , lower cost that it can keep up with a gaming experience that many thought was not in the cards.

Does that mean PC cannot outperform the PSVR in such gaming experiences? In theory it should be able to not only keep up , but surpass the PSVR in VR gaming experiences.. But here is the caveat.

Will The PC developers do it?
Example: many Gamers after hearing PlayStation games that were exclusive to only Playstation's are now going to be Paid streaming the PC

Well why would Sony do it , if many PC players consider console gaming as lesser hardware vs PC's , why would they care if they have an expensive rig over the game console.

It's the content & context of the situation you have to take into account, many say I really do not want to buy PlayStation Hardware just want the games..well

With the option of Streaming you can , except for PS4 software which is still only PS4 systems now..the higher end PS4 is being set as a media center PS4..

It has the same games from Any PS4..

1765d ago
NewMonday1765d ago

saved over $100b on PS+ summer sales, they were on an unprecedented levels for PSN, they are more important than free games because they are games I actually want.

just the other day I saved about $35 on Divinity Original Sin and $17 on Trin3

TKCMuzzer1765d ago

It think people need to understand one thing, each year it costs more and more to run a business, that's how life works, wages go up, pensions go up, bills go up etc etc. This has to be levied by the business from it's customer base. From everything to servers, to online security will go up year on year. At some point Sony would have to start clawing this back or at least covering it's out goings.
Peoples phone rental goes up every year, their TV subs go up every year and so on, yet a game company does it and it they are screwing you over.
My line rental goes up every year yet I get know more for it. PS+ has been the same price since launch at some point an increase was always going to happen, you would have to be naive to to see it, just as I would have to be as naive to think my satellite company won't but up my subs every year.

rainslacker1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I don't think the PS+ price increase is anti-consumer in the way this blog is trying to imply. Anti-consumer it technically anything that isn't beneficial for the consumer, however, it's use in the common contextual sense, is something that actually takes away from the consumer that which they paid for, or removes something that should be a "right" of the consumer through means which go above and beyond the normal way goods are consumed.

The price increase is an annoyance. All it really is is something that LESSENS THE VALUE of PS+. This price increase may not be such a bad thing if Sony had kept up on keeping the service compelling like it used to be, but there has been a lot of discontent. The price increase could indeed be used to improve the service, but as of yet, it's hard to say if it will.

I do not like the price increase, because it's impossible right now to qualify it as the means neccessary to start giving a better IGC, or if it's just there for Sony to make more money, or if it's a necessity in order for Sony to continue to be able to operate their servers(to put it simply and without much detail). It could be a combination of all three.

The anti-consumer part of PS+ is that it paywalls online play...something which is typically desirable to have as a free service. But we had our time to complain about that, and we didn't do too much of that, despite being quite vocal about how we thought it was wrong when MS was doing it last gen....but that happens sometimes when one company is coming across as the lesser of two evils, and for the most part, Sony appeared to be all that was good before this gen started.

The price increase just makes me question if it's worth keeping. I can still get my money back out of it because I own the PS3, PS4, and Vita, and I do partake in the sales, but what I'm getting out of it makes me wonder if it's worth keeping, since I wouldn't lose out as much by not getting the IGC, or not getting the sales, and the online MP means nothing to me. Just become another yearly bill, whose price hike made me analyze if it's worth paying. Paying it isn't the problem, just the value of it all.

I do empathize more with my Canadian gaming brethren, since from their point of view, the increase is much more substantial, but that's a different matter.

+ Show (6) more repliesLast reply 1765d ago
Christopher1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I don't agree with the vitriolic way you present your argument, I do agree that it seems that Sony is getting to a point that they are forgetting their place from last generation and how easily they could be put back into that position by people flocking to Microsoft's console or even just moving away from consoles themselves.

Edit: That last paragraph serves no purpose other than the drown out any argument you may have by turning it into a fanboy war.

Nitrowolf21766d ago

Agreed. His has good points, but the presentation is sloppy

TwoForce1766d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I don't want to say this, but his presentation is just relentless without self control.

Edit : There are criticism and confront.

DragonKnight1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

There's no vitriol in my blog. Nothing that I've said against Sony is A) Untrue, B) Coming from a place of bitterness, or C) Somehow insulting or cruel to Sony.

Now if your argument is referencing my descriptive language of defenders, it's still not vitriolic because it's clearly seen throughout the whole site. Look at any article about Neo and you see blind defenders, look at No Man's Sky articles and you see willful blindness and defense simply because the game is a PS4 console exclusive.

This kind of thing has been going on for way too long, so yes I am relentless against Sony and their defenders. A bland piece would not be met with any better a reception than the one I presented, and I'm not looking for accolades or anything more than just putting out my thoughts with the blog. If people don't like it, cool, but it's not going to be changed.