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Sony Has Lost It

PSX 2015 has to have been one of the most boring conferences I've ever had the displeasure of sitting through.

Not since Microsoft revealed the Xbox One has a conference been so boring to me, and the only saving grace from that were all the memes afterward.

What the hell is wrong with you Sony? First you insult us with your answer to Microsoft's BC being a "you're gonna have to rebuy your games, but hey trophy support!!" nonsense, and now your very own conference is littered with boring indie games and subpar VR experiences?

Literally the best part of the conference for me was the 2 minute FFVII trailer.

I don't care about Call of Duty, no one should.

I don't care about Star Wars Battlefront getting some new planet either.

I REALLY don't care about the seemingly endless wave of trash/shovelware indie games Sony insists on shoving down our throats literally every conference, with this one being the absolute worst of them with the deluge of indie crap.

Why is Level 5 disinterested in continuing franchises like Dark Cloud or Rogue Galaxy and now focused on this Studio Ghibly stuff?


Why does VR look like crap?

I seriously just wanted to fall asleep during this conference, and people think I'm a Sony fanboy.

Look, Sony has grown complacent. They aren't even trying anymore. Shaun Layton comes out wearing a Crash Bandicoot t-shirt and we didn't get a Crash Bandicoot game.

Gio Corsi, even though he burned Tim Schafer, started the endless wave of indie title showcases and has the nerve to be wearing a "Third Party Relations" jersey. Yeah, indies are technically third party, but that's not what the majority of us were hoping for.

Sony isn't even trying. Period. They insult us with this rebuy scheme BC and phone in their own conference because they know that nothing MS can do will ever see them overtake the PS4 now. Sony's studios are working on garbage games (except Naughty Dog apparently), while Sony saves money pushing indies and letting third parties pick up the slack. It's insulting and it's not what Playstation was about.

Don't try telling me the conference was good, because it wasn't. It was a boring indiecade with one or two moderately decent trailers and a pathetic VR segment we really didn't need to see.

And for the love of god, NO MORE FRICKIN' DESTINY AT YOUR CONFERENCES!! We get it, you're partnered with Activision for this frickin' game. We don't need you shilling every month.

I'm so disappointed with you Sony. When it comes to conferences lately...

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Godmars2902017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Missed the keynote, can't find it on Youtube unless its some tool's reaction video, so I can't say much.

Still, find it hard to believe that Sony did a bad a job as MS when they only talked about the X1's media functions.

DragonKnight2016d ago

I may have slightly exaggerated because the conference was literally that boring to me, but here's a link to the keynote and you can see for yourself.

Godmars2902016d ago


Again, you're comparing the very first public X1 presentation to what is the third or fourth one this year for the PS4. Expecting them to deliver just as well as with this E3, which many Xbox fans insist the X1 because MS largely showed off what they intent to release next year. This is Sony doing just that: showing off they hope to release in 2016.

Thanks for the link, may or may not watch it cause I've already seen many trailers I've wanted, and I refuse to even consider that aside from what I'm hearing about a T-shirt flub, that Sony messed up as badly as when Mattrick was pushing DRM and kinect.

TFJWM2016d ago

PSX is a community event at heart...They had some decent announcements but if you were looking megatons you are going to be disappointed. Somehow you got it built up in your mind it was going to be PSE3...

Game4Next2016d ago

What's your opinion about SONY giving incentive to Episodic Final Fantasy VII Remake Exclusivity?

donthate2015d ago

I came into the conference with tempered expectations, because I knew Sony already blew their load at E3 and that was kind of disappointing with stuff far into the future and timed exclusivity. They will save a few minor nuggets for the smaller shows, but E3 is the biggest one. That is why I was so surprised when MS had so much to announce at Gamescom.

So for me with tempered expectations, I think the only complaint I had was the poor showing of PS VR. The demo was just extremely poor with what looks like a indie demo, and it didn't work!

The VR content was also extremely disappointing as I was expecting greatness from first party since first party has been a poor showing on PS4 so far.

To me, I want to praise Sony for holding the event, and the push for VR! But Sony fell short on the content for VR and the content for PS4 in the near future that isn't obscure Japanese games or indie games.

Christopher2015d ago

***So for me with tempered expectations, I think the only complaint I had was the poor showing of PS VR. The demo was just extremely poor with what looks like a indie demo, and it didn't work! ***

The whole VR portion was definitely the massive low point of the overall show.

I haven't been interested in VR and what others seem to want out of VR isn't what I want. So, I don't even know if that's what people want or what. But, to me, I'm still confused about it and it's still looking more and more like a gimmick similar to last-gen motion gaming.

Gazondaily2015d ago

Fans are responsible for hyping the event so much.

Yes Sony mis-handled the event and had an extremely poor VR showing that almost made me question the future of VR.

Its standard that Sony grow complacent when they are in such a massive lead. If only they had some competition in the VR department, then we would have a real drive to deliver something great (not saying that they don't but I reckon it would be more evident).

As for Destiny, money-hatting deals means that they have to be in bed with Activision just like MS were previously.

All round, not that great a show but I was really loving just how incredible Uncharted and FF look.

SO hyped for Uncharted atm.

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Game4Next2016d ago ShowReplies(3)
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Game4Next2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

SONY can stop promoting Final Fantasy VII remake, let SQUARE ENIX do their promotion. But SONY wants to make SQUARE ENIX looks Great.

Rise of Tomb Raider exclusivity that's stupid, dumb, retarded, bad business.

Doesn't mean SONY should do that too, it's retarded ie. slow because it's episodic.

SONY must stop promoting FF7R and let survive on its own.

Godmars290 you won't end SQUARE ENIX as along their great buddy keeps promoting it, that great buddy is SONY.


lalagideon2015d ago

What is "bad business" about Rise of the Tomb Raider's exclusivity? And for whom?

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Concertoine2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

"Why is Level 5 disinterested in continuing franchises like Dark Cloud or Rogue Galaxy and now focused on this Studio Ghibli stuff?"

Okay this is a matter of opinion because there was a vocal desire for Ni No Kuni 2 and a new Dark Cloud.

I think people are being hard on Sony. They just stretch themselves too thin between E3, Paris Games Week, Tokyo Game Show and PSX. To be honest, i don't see the relevance of PSX if it's just going to be like this every year.

DragonKnight2016d ago

There has been a vocal desire for a new Rogue Galaxy or Dark Cloud 3 for much much longer though. I can't play games like Ni No Kuni, it's too kiddy and bright for me. Sure if people enjoy it that's great for them, but if you've watched or heard about Dragon Ball Resurrection of F and saw what Frieza's hell was like, that's what Ni No Kuni is for me.

According to Shu, PSX was intended to be like this, a massive focus on smaller games and indies. Sorry, but they have a TON of focus on smaller games and indies at EVERY conference and they even repeat focus on some games. PSX last year was excellent, they jumped the shark on it this year.

Griever2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

What!? Man you have got some... ummm... weird taste. Dont want to say terrible since it is a subjective matter. You cant feel for a child losing his mother at such a young age? You cant understand his journey to revive her only to find out that it is impossible? He finds another purpose in life and in the end decides to live and face life on his own. You cant appreciate the childlike wonder in Studio Ghibli works? Spirited Away? Kiki's Delivery SErvice? Many other award winning masterpieces? How old are you anyway? Do you have children who you love dearly? Maybe you need to be mature enough to appreciate it? Are you even human?? No wonder you didnt like the keynote.

Man you need to be objective. If YOU did not like the games shown then it does not makes the show bad. There wasnt something wrong with the show; there was something wrong with YOU. How come many others were happy with the same keynote? Ni no Kuni II is a dream come true. FF7 Remake gameplay video was awesome. Nioh gameplay was great. The Tomorrow Children is beatufitul and I have already registered for teh beta. Yeah, the PS2 BC was disappointing but just dont buy it and they will get teh message. Yeah, GoW IV and Sony Bend's game were missing and it was disappointing but you also have to consider the fact that this was their like 4th or 5th conference and they have delivered on all of them. Those game are still releasing so its not like there are no more games coming to PS4. Give them a break please. One underwhelming show is no end of the world.

DragonKnight2015d ago

Dude, don't try to make me like something you just categorized yourself with "childlike wonder." I'm 32 years old, I don't have my own kids but have helped raise plenty of them and I'm not into this Studio Ghibli nonsense alright? Give me a Rogue Galaxy, or a Dark Cloud or hell even another White Knight Chronicles any day over this.

The conference was boring, enough that Shu had to address the disappointment most were expressing himself so perhaps you should follow your own advice.

Griever2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

I just categorized it as childlike wonder? You sure are not informed much about Studio Ghiblia and their works. Try searching the internet and you will see that it is a common phrase used to describe Studio Ghibli works because of their innocence yet maturity and underlying layered themes. Ever watched Grave of the Fireflies? Really tragic film. Here are some links that use "childlike wonder" to describe them.

Man, you sure dont act like a mature 32 year old. You need to broaden your horizons and develop finer tastes in life and some objectivity. Just look at the disagrees that you got. Too much self-confidence is not good. It prevents you from realizing when you are wrong and are being stubborn about it. A little self-doubt and the will to improve will do you much good. In the end you can do and like whatever you want. Just dont bash masterpieces just because you are unable to appreciate them.

ABizzel12014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

I was at PSX, and the conference wasn't what I wanted to see as a huge PS3 exclusive fan. If you were looking for Santa Monica's new game, Sony Bend's new game, or the sight of another new AAA exclusive then PSX was a bit disappointing, and seemed more like a round up of what to expect in 2016, rather than last year's great showing.

However, there was still plenty to get excited for.

SFV is launching in 2 months, so this is the last big conference push
Uncharted always impresses, and it's launching in 3 months
Ratchet & Clank is in 4 months
Final Fantasy 7 gameplay was unexpected and great to see
COD League is great for COD fans
Battleborn needed that moment and presence (and it's actually solid)
King of Fighters needed that new gameplay footage
Ni-Oh looks like Ninja Gaiden meets Onimusha (people been asking for O)
MLB is expected but it's the last surviving baseball game
PSVR had a nice reveal with a bunch of indies and games like Ace Combat 7
Ni No Kuni 2 was a big new game
Epic games once PC exclusive now found its way on PS4.
And there were a bunch of other indies and VR games shown.

Sure there weren't a ton of new stuff, but what was there was still good and noteworthy games, and there were even more games on the show floor, which for some reason Sony didn't add to the press conference like Far Cry Primal, DriveClub VR (and a bunch of other good VR games), Chasm (an amazing Metoridvania / Meagan style indie game) and plenty more great indies, and more.

Another thing is you have to give indies credit. It's easy to dismiss them, because we buy consoles for $60 AAA games and not indies, but it's a completely different story when you get to meet the people making these games, who are spending their savings on them, reaching out through kickstarter, and doing what they love, so after being there and seeing the struggle and passion for myself, I respect Sony completely for this huge newfound push of indie games, because their games are taken completely for granted by the majority of gamers, and Sony is offering them a spotlight that they would never be able to obtain under any other circumstances on console.

So overall i don't think we can really say it was a bad conference, it just lacked a lot of new big AAA games. Boring maybe (Battleborn guy was there too long, and some people talked too long), disappointing if you wanted to see a bunch of new games (yes), but it wasn't bad.

I'd give it a C+ / B- for lack of new AAA games and drawn out segments, but what was there was still good.

IamTylerDurden12013d ago

Wtf ru talking about? Every show is focused on small bs games? Did u see e3? Paris Games? Hell even Tokyo had a few big announcements. Ur delusional friend. Sony has announced a ridiculous amount of big games from e3 to now - FF7, Horizon, Gravity Rush 2, Ni No Kuni 2, Last Guardian, Gran Turismo Sport, Tekken 7, Detroit, Dreams, Robinson: The Journey, Shen Mue 3, Nioh, WiLD, Matterfall, Nier ect.

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-Foxtrot2015d ago

Only thing I don't get about Ni No Kuni 2 is that yeah I wanted it but what is the point when Studio Ghibli aren't a part of it this time, wasn't that the whole appeal

They could have done Dark Cloud III and waited on Ghibli to see if they could round some of them up to work on the sequel just like the first. I know the composer is coming back but that's it

WildArmed2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Hell yeeah there was a desire for Ni No Kuni 2! Beautiful game, awesome soundtrack and amazing gameplay!

My GoTY makes a comeback! Literally the biggest news out of PSX for me.

Followed by Yakuz5+0.

The Ni-Oh gameplay was a pleasant surprise.

Either way, Ni No Kuni 2 alone made PSX worth sitting through. Simply amazing! Sony brought back a game that obviously had demand.

People shouldn't be so quick to judge a game like ni no kuni because it looks "kiddy".

Godmars2902016d ago

Okay, watched the keynote. No real surprises, maybe even boring but, yet again, NOTHING close to the first X1 reveal. Certainly doesn't justify your reaction to it.

As for you issues with JRPGs - you're late to the party pal...

Concertoine2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I dont think he intends the comparison on the level of shock or backlash, just the boredom. And i agree in that respect, the pacing just felt bad and it felt kind of bloated. If it was 1 hour long and trimmed some filler out it probably would've felt better.

It was like watching a really long Nintendo direct, there's those BAM moments and then just mountains of crap in between.

magiciandude2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Sony has been dropping the ball this generation, and this year's PS Experience is no exception. Sony should just throw in the towel on conferences like this and save their material for E3, Tokyo Game Show, etc. etc.

This gen, Sony has been repeating a lot of the business tactics that MS did last gen, and MS got so much hate for them. More and more gamers are catching on what Sony has been up to this gen. Definitely selling out...

Godmars2902016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Dropping the ball in what way?

Because of SJW BS I am over and done with accusations with nothing to support them, just put out to be believed, so at the very least you need to explain how or in what way Sony's "dropped the ball" with the PS4. How it was any worse than what MS did at the start of the X1 launch - which got people fired.

And how exactly does a multi-million corporation "sell out"? Cause usually that's who people sell out to.

magiciandude2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Compare the first two years of the PS3 in terms of exclusive content, to the PS4, and see how the PS4 stacks up.

Heavenly Sword
Valkyrie Chronicles
Motorstorm Pacific Rift
Ratchet & Clank Future Tools of Destruction
Ninja Gaiden Σ
Metal Gear Solid IV
Disgaea 3

Disgaea 5
inFamous Second Son
Killzone SF
The Order 1886

Most of those PS3 games brought something new to the table and were well received. PS4's lineup has been a disappointment by contrast. Bloodborne was great, but it's a repeat of the tried and true Souls formula. Still, it's one of the best games this generation so far. inFamous Second Son is arguably the worst of its franchise, and Killzone SF is just a shadow of its predecessors on the PS3. Knack was bad, Driveclub had one of the worst launches of any major video game release ever, and The Order 1886 was about as good as many have expected, aka not that good at all.

Sony closed down studios behind popular franchises like Socom and Wipeout, and looks like Evolution is next given the disastrous launch of Driveclub. If RAD was a Sony studio, then I am sure the same could happen to them also.

The PS+ paywall for online multiplayer is a repeat of MS's XBL in terms of business practice. MS received a lot of criticism for charging for online play, only for Sony to pull the same move with the PS4.

The abundance of remasters like TLOU, GoW III, Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, Gravity Rush, Uncharted collection (with no multiplayer, oddly enough), in addition to passing on the slack to the indies and marketing deals, is quite a sign of the times that Sony's interest with the PS4 is to cut back on the game development that made the previous PS consoles great, and just squeeze as much cash as they can while putting minimal effort.

The PSVita failed, or it's really Sony that failed the PSVita. I've never been so disappointed in the way a company like Sony handled a portable that had so much potential to becoming a part of history as one of the best gaming devices on the go. Everything that could go wrong with the Vita pretty much went wrong, right down to the memory cards to the games. Call of Duty and Resistance were developed by Nihilistic Software of all developers out there. The collections of PS2 games were a broken mess of sub-standard performance and visuals also.

Pretty much all the Vita had going for it, for nearly 4 years into the market, was only a handful of games that appeal to the masses like Uncharted, Killzone, Gravity Rush, and Persona. The rest are mobile-quality indies and niche Otaku games. You and I both know that Sony has no plans for any more AAA first party development anymore, giving Vita owners that believed in their expensive gaming product the shaft. This kind of business is unacceptable. Similar treatment was given to the PS Move also. I have no hopes for the PS VR, either.

Like Dragon Knight said, Sony is just not even trying anymore. As a former Sony die-hard, this overall picture is way too obvious and insulting.

Christopher2015d ago

You're forgetting a shit ton of exclusive content if 2nd and 3rd party exclusives count, just FYI. And that's both on PS3 and PS4.

magiciandude2015d ago


Care to fill them in? At least I took the time to list any at all...

Crimzon2015d ago


You actually missed a bunch of other PS3 titles as well such as Formula One:CE (back when Sony had the F1 license, I still consider that game much better than any of the Codemasters F1 titles that came later) as well as Folklore, SOCOM and one of my favorite games of the entire generation, Wipeout HD.

There's a whole bunch of other games as well, such as Haze and Lair which were obviously terrible, but god damn when you consider that people said that the PS3 had no games in those couple of years, and then put that lineup next to the PS4, it shows just how terribly Sony is slacking these days. They're doing what Microsoft did and relying on marketing deals for multiplatform games and timed exclusive DLC, it's pathetic.

I mean really now, the first couple of years of the PS3 had genuinely great games like Resistance, Uncharted, Warhawk, Wipeout HD, GT5:Prologue, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Ratchet & Clank, Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet...

What genuinely great games has the PS4 seen in that same two year span? Just Bloodborne.

rainslacker2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )


If you're going to list 3rd party exclusives on the PS3, shouldn't you also list more of the PS4 3rd parties as well...just to keep your argument balanced and try to shed the perception of you being a fan boy.

From the 1st party list you provided, I see that Sony had 7 1st party exclusives(including 2nd party) on the PS3, and 6 for the PS4...although you left out Until Dawn on PS4. You missed quite a few other games on both systems as well.

Your list is extremely selective, and I can only assume that's to make your argument seem valid.

So, what exactly is your point since you can't even seem to keep track of what was released when and where to back up your own argument?

I'm going to do you a solid right now.

Here is a list of PS3 exclusives

Here is a list of PS4 exclusives

I sorted the two lists by release date, and copied the info over to excel.

in the first two years of the PS3, there were 48 exclusives

In the first two years of the PS4, there were 64 exclusives.

Now I'm not going to sort it all out and say what was also on PS3, or PC, or Vita, or whatever, because ultimately, my facts won't actually change your fan boy approach, but I did feel it important to show that with my approach, I can at least back up my reasoning, and prove you are not making an argument based on fact, but based on data which you want to present to prove your own agenda.

Crimzon2015d ago

By my count:

In the first two years of the PS3 there were 46 exclusives.

In the first two years of the PS4 there were 20 exclusives.

The PS4 count goes down even further if you exclude the Uncharted and Last of Us games, which you really should since you don't need a PS4 to play them so they're not exclusive, but I left them in the count anyways.

It also looks like Nintendo is absolutely dominating when it comes to exclusives lol, jesus do they have a lot. Anyways, I think that you've only strengthened magiciandude's argument by posting those lists. You have to take some serious liberties and exceptions to try and wrangle the PS4 list higher. I mean it even mentions Bastion as a PS4 exclusive and that's been on pretty much everything...

rainslacker2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )


In that case lets take out Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and plenty of other PS3 games from the list I post.

Fact is, they were playable on the console within the first two years of the cycle, and despite being remasters or on PC or whatever, they were still "new" games available for the console.

PS3 didn't suck the first two years of it's cycle as many say, but I wouldn't doubt that depending on the topic at hand, magician may change his argument to say just that.

Truth is, we could fan boy up all these calculations to no end to show why MS and Sony have 0 games available for play right now, but in the end, is it really worth it? is it so important to prove these things to be true? It took me less than 2 minutes to post those links and count the numbers to disprove magicians point. Magician spent how many minutes of his life to make a list to prove something so he could make the PS4 look bad? Isn't that just kind of sad? Isn't it kind of sad that I spent two minutes of my life to call him out on it? Isn't it sad that you spent how many minutes trying to determine what was true system exclusive, and what was not?

The saddest part of all, we'll do it all again in the next thread. That's what we do now. Great isn't it?

@your comment below

I'm not asking him to silence anyone. Just moderate the discussion so it stays on point. It actually can be done, and the only people that complain about it is the trolls who are actually trolls if it's done properly.

In any case, my comment was just me being flippant, and not any expectation of him agreeing to it.

Crimzon2015d ago


"In that case lets take out Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and plenty of other PS3 games from the list I post."

I did lol, the numbers are for real exclusives only, NG Sigma didn't count towards the PS3 total that I gave.

As for your argument about whether it's important to prove these things true or whatever, it's a bit late to say that people are fanboying when it was you that decided to prove it was true. Unfortunately the sources you used to back your argument actually claim the opposite. So sure, you can change your tune now and say that it doesn't matter anyways and it's totally fanboyish but well, you started it :p

I think the thing you're failing to take away from this however is that neither magiciandude or I, or anyone else who's been unsatisfied, is going out of their way here to try and make the PS4 look bad. We're just expressing disappointment with how this console generation has played out so far since we're all PS4 owners and we want some good games. Don't you want Sony to get its act together as well? I mean you own a PS4 as well, right? Why wouldn't you want Sony to improve and start delivering the kind of experience that we all wanted when we bought the console?

I dunno about you, but the whole reason I stuck with Sony was because last generation they favored pumping out incredible exclusives constantly, whereas Microsoft was busy making stupid marketing deals for multiplatform games and buying timed-exclusive DLC. Maybe other people can suddenly do a 180 and pretend that they love that now that the console they own is doing it, but I refuse to have double standards.

rainslacker2015d ago


OK, in the interest of positive discourse, lets take the fan boy out of it. However, lets base the discussion on the original fan boy comment I responded to.

Magician decided to use exclusives as his metric for his argument, but then goes on to list games that were not exclusive or even 1st party for his selective list.

I feel I did the same, but simply redefined what I consider an exclusive into anything that was technically console exclusive to PS, since in all these arguments it's always about PS vs Xbox...and we all know that's the case.

By my calculations, many of these cross gen games were still "new" games, because they were actually remasters. Even cross gen games can be included if they are PS exclusive, because it may be possible people would get a PS4, yet not have a PS3 or PC, thus making my original count as valid as magicians, however, my definition of what had more is made up of a qualified metric, with a table of facts to back up my argument, whereas magicians is made up of a preposition with some mental gymnastics to make the facts fit into his argument....also known as fan boy logic.

I don't know if I proved myself untrue by my links, you only really proved me untrue because you used your own metric...which admittedly I did challenge magician to do, however, in spirit I actually wanted him to use the same metric he applied within his original comment which included 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party exclusives, as well as remastered type games(Sigma) making it somewhat multi-plat. But I won't really spend much time arguing over this point.

Instead, since it's probably easier to just define a metric lets try that.

In the first two years of the PS3 and PS4's life, how many 1st and 2nd party exclusive PS games did each console come out with since that is the only thing Sony has direct control over. Then lets do 2nd party, since that's paid for by these companies. To simplify things, lets remove the smaller indie games from the equation for both. I'll consider any retail PS3 game that would be called an indie title today to be exempt in the interest of fairness. We'll also exclude any title that didn't have a western release, since that would just make it unfair for you. Cross gen games are fine due to the reasons given above.

rainslacker2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

PS4(14 games, 9 if you want to play the cross gen/remaster argument)

Infamous:SS(We'll leave out first light even though it's a full game)
The Order
Until Dawn
Tearaway unfolded
Uncharted: TNDC

PS3 (17 games...2 of which were more DLC packs in singstar but were standalone products)

Buzz Quiz TV
The Eye of Judgement
Heavenly Sword
Resistance 2
Singstar Vol. 1-3

A difference of 3 games. Not quite the disparity that magician makes it out to be is it?

I don't think you're going out of your way to make it look bad, but I know magician is. Honestly, given the two lists I have, for exclusives, I feel that Sony has a marginally better first two years with the PS4 as far as content goes, but see plenty on both that was worthwhile, and when one includes 3rd party, or non-exclusives into the list, there's plenty of good stuff to play.

But it seems that there is this itch for people to portray the console as not having anything to play...and there is no logical argument which can actually back that up no matter how you want to break up the metric unless one is just that close minded about what games they'll play, or the more logical conclusion, they're rabid fan boys ready to jump on discrediting the system whenever possible.

I personally haven't been unhappy with Sony's output so far these last two years. They've released a lot of good 1st party games. Some had mixed reviews or reception, but I didn't find them crap. In the meantime, the 3rd party multi-plats keep me occupied, and I have the luxury of having many other generations of games to play as well as others from this gen. I just don't see it as Sony has failed at anything, because I feel they are delivering the games.

Your reason for sticking with Sony is the same reason I've been with them for four generations, as well as own their two portable devices.

I have been pleased with their output so far, and I'm excited for quite a few of their upcoming they haven't dropped the ball on that front.

Now I feel I've spent way too much time on this topic for no good reason, however, since you were fair and respectful with your reply, I don't mind discussing it.:)

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Godmars2902015d ago

You ave no idea how all over the place you are, do you?
Ninja Gaiden Sigma, MGS4, and Valkyrie Chronicles were 3rd party titles. Nevermind the overall mess the 7th console gen was.

Look, if you think Sony's dropped the ball, then they dropped the ball. If you're no longer a hard-core Sony fan that's not only good too but great as well. What you think any of that has to do with reality however is besides any real point.

You want to improve gaming, learn coding, get tons of cash so you wont have to cow to investors, hope an idea for a game you have has mass appeal, accept that it might not no matter how much work you feel went into it, fine. Just stop mindlessly dumping on *EVERYTHING* a company does. At the very least it doesn't make you look good to others.

magiciandude2015d ago

"Ninja Gaiden Sigma, MGS4, and Valkyrie Chronicles were 3rd party titles."

So is Disgaea 5 and Godzilla on the PS4 list... Your point?

"Just stop mindlessly dumping on *EVERYTHING* a company does. At the very least it doesn't make you look good to others."

Yeah because Sony is all above criticism. The hate for this blog, and Dragon Knight's previous blog is proof of that. I'd say you should be working for Sony PR, just in case you're currently not. You would qualify.

gangsta_red2015d ago

"At the very least it doesn't make you look good to others."

Awesome, I love it. I have seen you critize MS, XBO and some other games repeatedly but for Sony all of a sudden it's "learn code", "make a game" and basically a cry to stop dumping on a company i.e Sony.

Where was this defense when MS was pushing DRM on Xbox One? I saw many complaints and few comments if "build your own system" or "Gamers are entitles and expecting too much". Now that Sony is in the cross hairs we are getting the very vocal sony centric posters leaving level headed comments telling people not to freak out, stop expecting so much and giving Sony a pass.

It's so funny to see people protest and tell others to stop complaining (about their preferred company) when that's all this site and the internet has been about.

Godmars2902015d ago

My issues with MS have had broad implications. XBL Gold. How Kinect was more its own thing yet had poor evidence that it worked as advertised. The DRM the X1 started with. Dragonknight's and magiciciandude's gripe is that Sony isn't making or promoting *ENOUGH* games. That after three of four conferences this year, that this last one that it didn't have any real major announcements.

And while I agree with that, that this presentation was as bad as when MS were all "TV-TV-TV!" is an utter BS comparison. And if Sony's not making 1st party games anymore, if they're doing what MS did last gen while MS is picking up their game this gen - then sell your PS4 and buy an X1. Don't buy the PS4 games that are coming out.

This bitching about games that don't exist, that aren't being made by particular devs or studios just doesn't make any sense.

gangsta_red2015d ago

"My issues with MS have had broad implications."

Of course they did Godmars ;) of course they did...

It's funny that you can sit here and justify your rantings, complaints and ravings (opinions) because in your head it had "implications" or whatever. But in others eyes all it seemed you were doing was DUMPING on that company.

"This bitching about games that don't exist,..."

Yes, bitching about how so far Sony hasn't provided a lot of titles to get excited for. Their over reliance on 3rd party titles, their continued promotion and PR marketing for indie titles, their lackluster first party line up (so far), their deals of timed DLC, paying for exclusive DLC and other practices that you and others had issues with MS last gen about are now all being shown by Sony this gen.

I just find it complete comedy that when this is pointed out we get the defense of "THEN YOU DO IT!" or stop dumping on company's (Sony) or something similar. Where was this last gen when criticizing MS and XBO?

Oh yea, that was justified. How convenient.

Christopher2015d ago

***It's so funny to see people protest and tell others to stop complaining (about their preferred company) when that's all this site and the internet has been about.***

I think it's funny seeing certain users so attached to this sort of thing that they've almost completely stopped talking about video games and instead have turned their online life into arguing against one type of fanboy group out there and defending one company from them.

rainslacker2015d ago


Wouldn't that technically be considered off topic?

If so, couldn't we possibly go back to the days when this kind of stuff was actually moderated? :)))

I'll send you cookies if you say yes.:)

Crimzon2015d ago


If Christopher is going to start doing things like that then he'd also have to take a bubble away from himself for breaking N4G rules when he used bad language earlier in this comment section (in his response to magiciandude).

Also, begging moderators to silence people just because they disagree with you is distasteful. Besides, it would be biased of Christopher to punish gangsta_red and not also punish you for being off-topic with your comment as well. And also me, for replying to your off-topic comment, and also Godmars290 for doing the same, as well as Christopher removing a second bubble from himself for being off-topic as well as using bad language earlier.

Or we could all just accept that people have different opinions and that's okay.

XabiDaChosenOne2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

@gangstared Lmao How long do you carry these grudges from your internet typing wars with you? I've seen your comments from time to time and it seems like you always have some vague "remember the time you implied this" comment for someone who is a Playstation fan. I have an eerie feeling you're over the age of 30 and that disturbs me a little.
But let me address your statement of Sony having a lackluster showing for its first party studios (First party studios ONLY, not Microsoft or Sony Ip's handle by third parties), so far(And no remasters). First, Microsoft and the Xbox one:
Forza 5
Killer Instinct
Forza Horizon
Forza 6
Halo 5
Kinect Sports Rival
Pretty Impressive list right? NOT! LMAOOO!!
Now for Sony and the PS4:
Killzone Shadowfall
Infamous Second Son
MLB the Show 14
MLB the Show 15
So as you can see, I can not wait to see what you have to say about Microsoft's first party contributions :-)

gangsta_red2015d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Wait...was that Sony list suppose to be impressive...I think you just proved my point.

Funny, because I never mentioned or even said Xbox's line up was great. When did this become a discussion about MS's first party contributions?

"How long do you carry these grudges from your internet typing wars with you?"

Oh the irony...

Did you just use the old internet usage of "FAIL"? Yea, let's not even discuss age after that tired use of am old internet slang term.

"My comment clearly states I can not wait to see your thoughts on Microsoft's first party offerings in comparison."

And I have to ask your completely incoherent self once again, How exactly is that relevant to anything we are discussing?

In fact don't bother, every comment you leave seems to bring about extreme eye cancer.

XabiDaChosenOne2015d ago

"Wait...was that Sony list suppose to be impressive..." Fail, I never claimed Sony's line up was great, please show me in my comment were I stated as such. My comment clearly states I can not wait to see your thoughts on Microsoft's first party offerings in comparison.
Gangstared: "When did this become a discussion about MS's first party contributions?"
Just a couple of comments above on an comment section about Sony:
Gangstared: "Awesome, I love it. I have seen you critize MS, XBO and some other games repeatedly but for Sony"
I guess MS and the XBO is only allowed to be mentioned when it suits you apparently LMAOOOO!!

XabiDaChosenOne2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

@gangstared "Yea, let's not even discuss age" Probably because you actually are..over the age of 30..(looks through your comment history)..yikes..
"And I have to ask your completely incoherent self once again, How exactly is that relevant to anything we are discussing?"
Lol you argue like a child which is once again cringe worthy considering your age. With your red herrings and such. Nice job swerving the latter part of my comment where I CLEARLY point out you bringing in MS in a blog about Sony just as I was. You're a hypocrite dude.

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Concertoine2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I've been saying this for a while too.

Lets not even start with the ps2's first year. Gta III and Devil May Cry literally invented new genres, right off the bat. Ico and Silent Hill 2 pushed games as an art form through unique gameplay and emotional story telling. Jak and Daxter introduced a massive open world with no load times. FFX needs no introduction, nor MGS 2.

ALL of these games were in the first year. When people say the PS4 is on track with the PS2 in terms of quality and innovative software, it baffles me completely. What on ps4 besides Bloodborne compares to one of those games, nonetheless all? Hell even though Bloodborne is a great game, it isn't even much of a new experience compared to how fresh Demon Souls felt.

2 years into the 8th gen and we aren't even half as good as the first year of the 6th. Even the "no gaemz" PS3 (imo, an unfit title) had a much better software line-up.

jb2272013d ago

I disagree...if anything Sony should throw in the towel when it comes to the PGW / Gamescom conferences...PSX is an event open to the general public, catering to the fans, and solely celebrating a single brand w/ no restrictions on time or placement. I'd rather see Sony do a big E3, save a lot of their biggest JRPGs for TGS, then do a blowout PSX every'll give roughly 6 months between major conferences so games can make true progress between reveals & it'll make for a more fluid schedule....having Gamescom & E3 so close together doesn't do anyone any favors really because it creates half measures where games will get shortly revealed at E3 then expanded upon come Gamescom...I'd rather have every new announcement from here on be required to show a proper meaty section of gameplay as opposed to cg trailers, and I'd prefer it if publishers took a cue out of Bethesda's book & shortened their reveal to release window drastically.

There's a good chance that the companies are doing exactly that as we know little about 2017 at this point. Love to have Sony also keep up the 'available right now' strategy for their conferences & expand that out...Fat Princess Adventures was a good one this year but I would've loved to have something like Rime drop out of nowhere after little has been shown & many people (myself included) are very curious for the game.

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Malice-Flare2016d ago

still running that "making you buy your old games again" narrative, huh? you people had your chance with BC, the PS3 at launch had near perfect PS1/PS2 BC, but the market chose "lower price" and "new games." people accuse Sony of being arrogant to charge $599 when they were giving you all those features at cost $200 below break even price? get over yourselves...

you probably aren't even aware how much MS is paying to get that feature to you? it keeps XB1 in the red hardware-wise. for example S-E charges $15 for a that PC port of the original PS1 FFVII, how much do you think they are charging MS to even ALLOW disc based support for their old games? the only thing MS can count on the BC is to stop current 360 user from switching to PS4. based on history, that's only a small portion of the market...

DragonKnight2016d ago

I bought a launch PS3 thanks. I had my full BC. You're talking to the wrong person if you want to try grouping me in with people who never made use of the feature.

And you really don't know anything about the costs, so don't try acting like BC is so expensive.

Malice-Flare2016d ago

as a software developer for non-gaming applications, i can tell you, licensing fees are a big deal. the fact that MS has to ask publishers for permission to ALLOW disc support means it is not chump change and disc support adds extra to those fees...

that PS3 full BC wasn't free either, the hardware included may be cheap, but all the re-negotiating behind the scenes to allow it isn't. as far a publishers are concerned, PS1 games are just for PS consoles only, PS2 games are for PS2 consoles only, and etc. at the time of the PS2, it wasn't big deal since Sony got the money back in PS1/PS2 game sales, for the PS3 that added to the console's already high production cost, given how the PS3 sold, they had to remove it...

licensing is also the reason Sony didn't just put all the PS1/PS2 catalog on PSN for download except for Sony owned IPs. PSN, in legal terms, is like another console and thus requires contract re-negotiations...

just because you don't see the cost, doesn't mean it isn't there...

Crimzon2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Sony did not have to reacquire licenses for every PS2 game when they released the backwards-compatible PS3.

The reason that Microsoft has to acquire licenses is because it's software emulation and legally, the games are considered to be released again which is why they need permission. If the Xbox One had a Xenon CPU inside the box and was going with hardware BC rather than emulation, they wouldn't need to check with any publishers at all (provided the BC was disc-based and also merely selling the current 360 titles available on the marketplace, since their licenses remain intact).

Edit: Also, high-five for DragonKnight being a fellow 60gb owner. I had a BC PS3 as well and loved it up until it died. I had a bunch of PS2 games that I still loved to play up until the system stopped working and eBay sellers were selling them at a silly markup.

rainslacker2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago ) your other blog you said you couldn't play your copy of Rogue Galaxy because your PS2 broke. You made no mention of having a fully BC PS3. I'm 100% positive Rogue Galaxy works in the PS3, because I've played it several times on it.

Did you sell it? If so, doesn't Malice's comment still stand since you gave away the ability to use it's BC? I know you brought your PS4 without knowing if and when it would have or support BC.

Did you lie in your first blog to try and make it seem like it was a more pressing issue or hope those violins would tug on people's emotions?

Seems your last blog, all that issue you had with not being able to play your collection of PS2 games is totally your fault for selling your PS3...unless that broke too...or you made it up. Now you want Sony to just hand you the ability again because of your mistakes?