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There's no such thing as the Best Fighting game.

I don't think the best fighting game has been made. All of the fighting games we have now are just modified versions of the originals which were great when they first came out, but now it's time for something new. 

Street Fighter is a very good fighting game, but it's not the best to me. The thing that makes Street Fighter great is the characters. Street Fighter has one of the best cast of video game characters ever comparable with the likes of Final Fantasy 7. 

Tekken has always been my favorite fighting game gameplay wise. I like the combo system, however I wish it was more realistic at times. Being able to juggle someone in the air and bounce them off the ground back in the air is fun, but it takes away from the game to me which is why I don't consider Tekken to be the greatest
Fighting game.

DOA has somewhat of a Tekken syndrome. It's super fun and flashy, but super fake. The thing with DOA though is that From the start you know you're playing as [email protected]$$ ninjas and assassin's so you expect it more so than Tekken, but that still doesn't help make it more believable. However 1 thing DOA has over Tekken is the counter system which needs work but at least they have it, Oh and the
interactive stages kick @$$.

Virtua Fighter is probably the most realistic out of the bunch. The thing about Virtua Fighter is it's boring. Virtua Fighter is one of the most boring fighting games I've played, and They still have that horrible floating jump from the
first game.

These are just the big names of today.  Games like Bushido Blade had hyper realism but took away fun factor, Clay Fighters was fun but could be taken seriously, Killer Instinct was also fun but being able to chain combo someone to death isn't, Mortal Kombat introduced much need violence to fighting games but over the years it went over board, Capcom vs series are fun but have the same problem as Killer Instinct, King of FIghters, even anime fighting games have come a long way.  I name Dragonball Z Budokai 3 and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (NUNS would be even better if it have a tag system like Marvel vs. Capcom 2) as the best anime fighting games ever.  But still none of them capture that feeling of perfection.

We need a fighting game with a cast as recognizable as Street Fighter, with the combo system of Tekken, a improved counter system and stage interactivity like DOA, but with the realism of Virtua Fighter, and a slight gore factor (no more than Mortal Kombat vs. DC). When that game comes out then we'll have a true BEST FIGHTING GAME.

Doppy5143d ago

Whoops forgot about Eternal Champions.

socomnick5143d ago

we can all agree about one thing though

Tekken sucks.

ceedubya95142d ago

were some of the outrageous storylines.

but then again, nothing beats the King of Fighters series as far as pure outrageousness.

Gue15142d ago

You forgot about Guilty Gear X too...

The game has an incredible selection of characters, insane combos, good music, story and gameplay. Beautiful graphics and non stop action. BlazBlue can't come any sooner!

Now about the realistic fighting... eeeemmmm, I don't know what to say.... These are just video games you know...

ceedubya95142d ago

Isn't this a great year for fighting games?

The next few months are going to littered with quality fighters:

Blazeblue, UFC, Fight Night, KOF, and so on. Man I can't wait! My Street Fighter fightpad is going to be worn out.

lizard812885142d ago (Edited 5142d ago )

the wii has GG, and TvC....and thats it. it sucks since i love 2D fighting games. also waku waku 7 is awesome too.

i prefer non-realistic fighters like the Capcom vs series, now thats my cup of tea, and i prefer that type of play style, and i mean marvel/tatsunoko style.. snk vs capcom sucks i think, although the neo-geo pocket one,(SNK vs Capcom - Match of the Millennium ) it mixes Marvel vs and KOF style game play.

and thats a mighty character select screen, what is that, M.U.G.E.N?

Doppy5140d ago

I like the non realistic games as well, but I know how my fighting game would be if I were ever able to make it, and it would blow Tekken, DOA, and Virtua Fighter out the water.

and yeah it's MUGEN