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Who do so many people buy a PS3, but end up playing nothing else but Call of Duty?

This is something that is annoying me for quite some time now.
And i just dont get it.

"Who do people buy a PS3, with TONS of great exclusives, and only end up playing CoD?".
Many friends on my PSN (including real-life friends) only play CoD.

When i look at their trophies, the only trophies they have are the following:
Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Black Ops.

This is getting so annoying!
Why buy a PS3 if you play nothing else but CoD? You are better off buying an Xbox360 then, because thats the good version of Black Ops. Or just play it on PC!

One lame example was yesterday. I convinced someone to download the open beta of Killzone 3. He downloaded it, installed it, and played it with me. We both had our mics on!

So i asked him: ''So you like it?''

His answer: ''Yeah its cool. But i got a 5 kill streak, and where is my reward?''

what? i didnt even respond to that question. Unfortunatly, an hour later, i had to go to work. Came back after a couple of hours, and guess what? He was playing Black Ops again.

I just dont get it. What is so special about Call of Duty? Im not trolling about CoD, because i think its a pretty decent game. But not THAT great, so that everybody has to play it 24/7.

Hell, everywhere i go (School / Work) everybody is talking about Call of Duty.

Maybe its just me, but how do you guys feel about this?
Because without a doubt, im not the only one thinking like this!

Thanks for reading!

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Nate-Dog3779d ago

I think CoD is just an easy game to play. It's a fairly easy game to get into and to play and is (well, for some) fun. Some people don't have the time to get into games like RPGs or open-world games so they just stick to simple and short games and stick to multiplayer. An advantage CoD can be seen to have over some other shooters is even how short some online matches are. Sometimes I don't have the time to play a BFBC2 game like Rush or Conquest which can take around 30mins+ to play, so I'd prefer to pop on CoD for a few minutes and get in a few games and pop off.

But I agree it is indeed a bit of a waste (I have many friends who are exactly the same), but some people just don't really have the time or interest in playing longer or "epic" games like the Fallouts or Final Fantasies and just prefer to play something more simple, easy and less time-consuming. Seems like a bit of a waste to me too that you'd spend that much money on a games console that has so much it can play but only use it for a couple of games but I guess some people just don't care about gaming as much as most of us nerds do. :P

ZombieAssassin3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

" Some people don't have the time to get into games like RPGs or open-world games so they just stick to simple and short games and stick to multiplayer"

That right there is the reason most of my friends don't play much else but CoD, they have kids/work/school so they just jump on for a couple game at the end of the night or when they wake up. They also chose Ps3 I think because of the free online and the fact that everyone one pretty much owned a ps2 so they just picked up a ps3. I let them borrow some of my games though every once in a while and they say they enjoy them but never seem to buy anything but CoD games and the occasional PSN game.

Funny thing is when we all got our ps3's (me and like 3 friends got them the same day) we all hated CoD from the ps2 days and were just waiting for BFBC...then my mom rented me CoD4 and we sat up at my house for probably 12 hours playing and everyone was hooked. I don't think any CoD game has been as good as 4 though (2 on pc was close), I guess I just really liked the map layouts and the guns the best.

hay3778d ago

That depends on friends. Only one of my friends is playing CoD. The rest(despite little time) prefer quality entertainment for their bucks.

hennessey863779d ago

i know people on my friends list who bought an xbox just for cod4 and have stuck with it ever sinse.

DoomeDx3779d ago

Yeah, but WHY would you buy a PS3 if you play nothing else but CoD? And do not watch Blu-ray movies?

PS3 is known for its exclusive titles

El_Colombiano3778d ago

Playstation brand.
Free online.
More friends with PS3.
****Not giving a damn about which console is teh best***

Who knows.

ThanatosDMC3778d ago

It's their choice, not to mention it's more casual friendly and takes less skills to get kills. My friends and most of my PSN buddies are MAG junkies. Most of us dont like COD except for the zombie mod.

hennessey863779d ago

thatas why i have a ps3 but not all casual gamers want to play bowling on the wii, some want to chill out with a few beers and shoot people on cod. I couldnt miss out on titles like uncharted but you ask these people have they played it and thet have never heard of it.

DoomeDx3779d ago

Im talking about Xbox360.

Just buy an xbox360 if the only game you enjoy is CoD.
thats what im trying to say with this blog!

Nate-Dog3778d ago

Well that doesn't really make sense though. I mean then you'd have to pay for Xbox Live plus each CoD title, and if you only use it for one title is there much point in that?

ProGrasTiNation3778d ago

I know alot of people like that to,except on the ps3.Its just kids & people who dont have the time or care to branch out.

Xbox360PS3AndPC3779d ago

True, If I Buy A PS3 It Will Be For The Sheer Number Of Exclusives, I Have A Xbox 360 & Am Very Happy With It

DoomeDx3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

May I Ask You Why You Do A Capital Letter After Each Word.?

EDIT: I Am Not, And When I Am In The Train Or The Bus Going To My Work / Home, I Always Go To N4G.

jesus its horrible to type this way

Xbox360PS3AndPC3779d ago

May I Ask Why You Are On N4G Day & Night ?

soundslike3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

We'd All Rather Know What The First Capital Letter Thing Is All About

Lyr1c3778d ago

Actually, I'd prefer to learn why he has "PS3" in his name, when he doesn't even own one.

GodofSackboy3778d ago

The same effing thing happened to me, I got my Cod-retard friend to get the Killzone beta, within half an hour he was back on Crap Ops. I have played Blops round his house (I actually DIDNT buy it!) and it just wasn't fun compared to Killzone...I can't bear cod graphics after playing Killzone

Oldsnake0073778d ago

funny I played the killzone 3 beta and IMO it was shit. It wasn't killzone anymore, more like a hybrid between mw2 and kz2.

Then I went back to Black Ops because it is way more fun than kz3beta.

Terarmzar3778d ago

I thought about this before and well i think that a lot of people add friends from call of duty so it almost bound for them to play it all the time. I met people in games other than call of duty and they tended to play a lot of other games.

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