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Tips for updating Left 4 dead Faster (and all other steam games)

If you live in the US like me you are probably experiencing a server overload and punching your cat.   Solution:  Go to steam setting then to downloads  then switch your server to some place in europe or asia that isn't being used I went from download suspended to over 1 mb/s dl.  

Note: switch it back once your done.

Pandamobile5145d ago

I set my download location to Benelux or Iceland.

I still get good speeds :)


MultiVersus Devs Are Teasing Another Steven Universe Character

A MultiVersus developer seems to be suggesting that a new Steven Universe character is going to join the roster soon, something that might even have been backed up by leakers.

We're just a few days away from the long-awaited relaunch of MultiVersus and while most of us are just excited to get our hands on the new Season 1 characters like Jason, Joker, Banana Guard, and Agent Smith, that hasn't stopped Player First Games from teasing some future additions.

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Baldur's Gate 3's Side Quest Design is its Secret Weapon

With a game like Baldur's Gate 3, a number of factors make it successful—but perhaps none are as powerful as its side quest design.

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How Horizon Forbidden West's Rumored LEGO Adaptation Could Work

LEGO and Sony may be developing a LEGO game based on the hit Horizon video game, potentially featuring playable LEGO machines and more.

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neutralgamer199221m ago

This could work and would be very interesting and fun the way these robots break

Cacabunga13m ago

A Lego game? I would never buy it and it’ll flop badly because the Lego games are cartoon or big movie licenses that appeal to casual and families with kids. Horizon no one knows what that is.