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StarHawk Can Resurrect PSN

With the current farce of the hacking situation of Playstation Network hopefully reaching a satisfactory conclusion next week, I think it's time to start looking forward to what gamers can enjoy on the service once the dust has settled.

Whatever your opinion on PSN, I feel sorry for Playstation 3 only owners for the simple fact they currently cannot enjoy online gaming. I'm a multiplatform owner so it doesnt affect me as much but I would not like it to happen me and although I can understand the hatred towards fanboys on this site, you would not like something like this to happen to you and die hard hostlile fanboys are not the majority.

Soon enough PSN will be back up and things will be back to normal, what better way for a company to get people excited again by announcing a multiplayer purposed title exclusive to the Playstation 3? Let's bring in StarHawk.

Being a Warhawk fan (still play the title from time to time up until the hack situation) I've been trying to gather information about this title from various people for the past three months, some I know in person who got into this wonderful industry and some from being polite and getting to know people from various sources such as Facebook and Twitter.

StarHawk will be revealed within the next week or two (via G4TV according to reports) and I think it is a very smart move by Sony to do so even with E3 fast approaching. Why you ask? Well for one reason it will help smooth over the recent hack once the service has been resumed for the sole purpose that the game has a very strong multiplayer element to it. Apart from getting back into the Killzones, Call of Dutys, Warhawks and so forth, showing something for the near future will get PSN users excited, here is a product designed for PSN and will work well with PSN.

Second reason is from the information I've gathered the game is going to be a vast improvement over Warhawk. Whilst Warhawk is an excellent title in it's own right with a faithful community to boot, it can always be improved on and Dylan Jobe alongside his team have done exactly that. Here is a list of things I've heard about the game:

*Heard nothing of single player or co-op, it's very possible it will be included in the game but I have yet to learn of anything of the kind.

*Much better customisation options including the option to use imported images from the Playstation 3 hard drive for clan logos, troop symbols and plane designs.

*Theatre mode with the option to watch with friends. Highlight options include the abilty to send to Youtube via 480p upload or xmb.

*Excellent lighting engine with much improved sun, reflection and explosion effects

*XP points system that will also show career progress updates & trophy unlock progress during gameplay incidents.

*A vehicle that looks a little similar to the tumbler from Batman Begins/The Dark Knight with a fusion cannon

*Player models are much improved especially the texturing of the combat suits.

*A shotgun has been added

*More defined gun sound effects

*32 players per match

*10 maps not 25 as what had been previously rumoured.

*One map is similar to Island Outpost in level design with a much more futuristic look including stunning weather effects

*Another map has a similar look to the Knossos system,Artemis Tau cluster in the original Mass Effect game.

That's it, whilst it's understandable that many will read this and be skeptical to say the least I would say that the information has come from people who not only have a interest in the game but have employment in the industry. We shall see soon enough but if the information is true or partly true I can say with confidence it will be an excellent game, one to help put the dreadful hacking situation to rest and one that can help restore faith in Sony and it's Playstation Network.

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-Alpha2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

It's got incredible potential to blow people away.

Warhawk, as a launch title had a lot of gameplay depth and variety.

Imagine what Starhawk can do.

As for PSN, it'll be a great spirit booster.

Emilio_Estevez2718d ago

The next one will be awesome....

Dexter's cool too.

Godmars2902718d ago

PSN needs to come back up first and, judging by promises, stand up to follow up hacker assaults.

mastiffchild2718d ago

Indeed Godmars, indeed it does but looking forward to something can't hurt, can it? A beta announcemtn for everyone to get on with their free month of Plus or just a fully open Starhawk beta would whet MY whistle ANY day to be frank.

Anyway Godmars-who'd take YOUR bubbles like this? I'll bub you up and so should a few more of us who've been here for a while and know you to be a fair gamer. I know people have been volatile lately and all but you're a vet and deserve better mate. Anyway, don't Anon think they're losing ENOUGH gamer support in all this? Why would Sony deserve them to do this and what good does it do Anonymous? Surely, Anon should let court decide if Sony are in the wrong or are they butthurt that their boy ran rather than standing up for them when Sony had him in court?

Back to Starhawk-my source said there WOULD be SP but I didn't ask about co-op even if i have seen it mooted by other people claiming to know members of the team. I think a SP ould be wise to drag in a few people who like a bit of a frame of reference for their shooty , shooty online stuff and if the community is as good as the Warhawk one but a bit bigger it's a guarantee that it's gonna be tough but fair online with people willing to oput a bit back into the game and the community that supports it.

I was pleasantly surprised, as a latecomer to the game, to be asked if I wanted a bit of help changing from noob to proflight by a nice chap and we had a few private games with a few newbies and a few of this guys mates and they taught us all the basics of proflight. Naturally it wasn't totally selfless as it helps to bring the overall standard of the matches up but it was refreshing to see this, for the first time for me, on a console online game.

Whatever, looking forward to the game as much as anything coming up as everything about Warhawk was right. Not perfect, naturally, but you know, nothing was wasted, no flab and a long learning curve make it one of the most rewarding console online games ever made imho. roll on Starhawk AND the return of PSN. we cannot keep worrying about hackers-won't they get bored one day?

Godmars2902717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Would like to say the bubble I lost was because I did elsewhere what I did here, try to introduce sensibility to prevent hype meltdown, raise a concern that others don't even want to hear, but in all honestly pretty sure an obvious troll level joke that I just had to type was involved.

Funny thing is the joke was about the PS3.

And like I said before here, I'm all well and excited for Starhawk - played the crap out Warhawk even though I stink at flying - but no matter how good or better that Warhawk it is will mean nothing if hackers start to bring down PSN repeatedly.

My main worry is that Anon have given the worst of the worst type of fanboy license to directly express their hatred.

MikeTyson2717d ago

I will slap the shit out of this game on launch.

jukins2717d ago

man i cant wait. i still think it looks good considering the chaotic mess that can go on and the incredible draw distance, oh oh and that sound probably one of the best sounding games on ps3. warhawk is the only game i've played this gen that lasted longer than 6 or so months, let alone what? 4 years? would be a nice surprise if it came out this year but thinking early 2012

Trroy2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

StarHawk probably won't be out for over a year (if it even exists, which, admittedly, it seems like it does). It hasn't even been announced.

Lyr1c2717d ago

Let's just hope that they've been keeping it under wraps for a while.

Hopefully they're further into development than we think they are.

INehalemEXI2716d ago

Last I heard, month or 2 ago they where presenting a build to Sony. Starhawk will blow our socks and pants off easy.

Solidus187-SCMilk2716d ago

all PSN needs is to come up and continue working. COD addicts will be right back online asap. This might be my next online game for PS3 tho, or maybe uncharted 3.

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