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Don't gimp my PS4 versions (Part 2)

This is what I like to hear, no gimping of my products. When I want something, I want it produced and expressed as best as it can. Something else comparable can’t keep up? Well its their fault for not making a strong enough or efficient product. Don’t hold back your products, and make the public suffer. Give us the best experience you can, and you will shine because of it.

I made a blog some time ago that I do not want my PS4 games gimped. So far, I believe this still has been moderately done.

For the good:

COD Ghosts for PS4 is native 1080p while for Xbox One is 720p

Battlefield 4 for PS4 is native 900p while for Xbox One is 720p

Assassins Creed 4 for PS4 is 1080p while for Xbox One is 720p

Now, Tomb Raider Definite Edition for PS4 is 60fps while for Xbox One is 30fps.

These games are taking advantage of the extra processing power from the PS4. I do not know any gamers or consumers that want parity of the games with each system. If a system has games that shows visibly it's better than the other, then that's great for them. People will just buy that system, or just switch consoles. Several generations had one console dominate, and it has worked fine. I even wrote another blog about it, it actually benefits us more if one console dominates, here is a quote that basically highlights what it describes.

"If we have this new generation for one console to dominate, and have a lot exclusives for it, we would have much better quality games since it will take full advantage of that console's hardware, we have a higher number of games since they focus on one platform, developers don't have to worry about profit because that's what the majority of the public have, your friends would be able to get the game you have and be able to play together, and of course we would have a lot less competitive fanboys."

Now, here is the bad:

Every other multi-platform game that doesn’t visibly shows the extra power being taken advantage on.

EA Sports UFC for both PS4 and Xbox One is 1080p and 30fps

Can the PS4 version actually achieve the same graphical performance with the Xbox One version, but be in 60 fps?

NBA2k14 for both PS4 and Xbox One is 1080p and 60fps

Since they can both hit it, does that mean the PS4 version can display much more performance output?

I am glad and proud that the developers did not hold back on the PS4 version of Tomb Raider Definite Edition. Not only that we see games on PS4 have higher resolution, but the PS4 version also has higher fps. It is evident that the PS4 has considerable more power, we have had multiple sources say it is, including just looking at the hardware. I hope this continues of not having the PS4 versions gimped. Have SONY rewarded for their work on the PS4, and have its power fully used and visualized.

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DragonKnight2864d ago

You need to consider that some games don't need to be in 60FPS. It's all about style of presentation. Some games, like shooters or racers for example, that are fast paced benefit from 60FPS because it helps the gamer improve their skills. Other games, like Tomb Raider for example, don't require fast paced movement and 60FPS really wouldn't do much for the game.

So if a game is 30FPS on both consoles, it isn't necessarily because of parity or because one console can't do 60FPS and the other can. It could be design choice based on presentation style and genre of game.