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Xbox One - MS's big failure

I just can't believe how much the Xbox One is changing. It's definitely becoming different than the system first announced. It's like the public is telling them how to have the system. And that is where MS is failing. The company is supposed to be responsible and knowledgeable for how their product is going to be ending up being, not the people in the streets who keep telling them how they should have this or that. It's shocking and it describes that the company failed with its own product; they have lacked direction, marketing and connection with the audience. Their vision was not to have DRM-free system or to have indie's easily available to develop on it, and not restrict lending, borrowing and renting, and so on. It was changed because people complained about all the restricting and lacking features, and expressed it should be changed. So, MS had to change their policies and marketing, because if not, they would of been obliterated by SONY with their PS4. After E3, the pre-orders and positive comments was much higher for the PS4, as much as 1:3 for pre-order sales. Yes, company's do ending up changing or adding features for the products before release based on public feedback anyway, but when a company keeps changing and changing them, even major ones, it just becomes disturbing.

In contrast to SONY and their vision to PS4, they haven't hardly changed a thing since their announcement. A region free console, no DRM (if the publishers decides to do it with their own games, it's their fault not SONY's), can rent, borrow and trade-in games easily, includes headset, easy indie development with the PS4, and so on. They knew how their product should be, how to market, lead, develop, and connect with the audience. Representing their wisdom and knowledge with us gamers. As people keep saying, they are leading the industry, with MS just copying them. Before people say anything, we are talking about the PS4 and Xbox One, not previous consoles.

I understand what MS was trying to first do with the Xbox One, and give them some credit for changing and adding on what they have done. But the market was not ready for how their Xbox One was going to be, and as I stated, they had to change a majority of those, or they would of had lost tremendous market share with the PS4, they basically had no choice. And we can't really trust MS yet with Xbox One. They have shown constant deceiving with their consumers. To enjoy most of the features of the Xbox One, we have to $60/yr. with Xbox Live Gold.

What is this? We have to pay for gold to just use a free app like Skype, record in-game DVR, and pay a sub to access another sub via Netflix?

We can't trust them, and should not be associated with them for a while. An example is when the government just screws with you, then of a sudden, they stopped. You going to suddenly trust them again like that? No, you have to wait and see how they will be afterwards. The Xbox One hasn't even been released yet.

When the consumers have to keep telling you how your product should be, it's a failure in the company's part. This displays they did not know what they were doing.

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BillytheBarbarian3034d ago

All they need is one killer game to stay in the game. It will have to be a must have title. SNES wasn't doing so well until Street fighter 2 hit, genesis was trailing turbo grafx until Sonic hit and Psone had mgs. Mario 64 moved the 64, Dreamcast was helped by NFL 2k and Soul Calibur, and Ps3 hit it's big one with GTA 3. Gamecube had Nintendo properties, Xbox was saved by Halo and 360 moved because of Halo 3, Gears of War, and Oblivion. Wii took off primarily from Wii sports. Ps3 got stronger with Gran Turismo and Mgs4.

History may have been different if these games weren't around. Xbox would have been a fail without halo. Sega held almost 60% of the American market until Street Fighters' exclusive deal for SNES evened things back up.

You can have all the crappy features you want and it won't matter if one console get's the must have killer app. It only takes one game to save a console.

LtSkittles3034d ago

PS2 you mean with GTA 3. Oh don't mind him, he only sees what he wants to, it's not his first dance with Microsoft, and I'm sure it won't be his last. Hell, he doesn't even a PS3. So, I don't know why it affects him so much, it's like he has a stake in the company.

iamnsuperman3034d ago

"It only takes one game to save a console"

I actually think that time has passed. At one side you have people who only crave Fifa/Madden and COD/BF. At the other you have those people who want to play exclusives but are going to choice a system with not only the best but also the most. Selling a console is less about one killer game now. People can live not playing one game (especially when the big popular games are all third party and on all systems and since these consoles being a big investment when smartphones....take priority). You have to out class your competitor in all aspects

dedicatedtogamers3034d ago

Like iamsuperman said, I think the days of a "killer app" are gone. You need to have long-term support for a console to make it a success.

BillytheBarbarian3034d ago

I guess I should say you only need one big game to get the fire going then the longevity kicks in afterwards.

Nivalis3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Sonic was a launch title for the pal mrgadrives in europe....

BillytheBarbarian3034d ago

I'm a Sega freak. Sonic came out in 1991. Mega Drive came out in Europe in 1990. Altered Beast was the pack-in game in most areas until holiday 1991. Nintendo was releasing the Super Nintendo with Super Mario World that holiday and Sega wanted Sonic to go head to head with it that year.

1991 was an awesome time for gaming! I have to go play some FZero now.

Nivalis3034d ago

1990 in uk, many parts of europe, including where i lived at the time got the megadrive in december 1991

ravinash3033d ago

I think one of the main differences thee days is connectivity.
In the old days once PS1 &2, Genesis, Dreamcast came out, the console will forever stay the same.
But since Xbox and PS3 can connect to the internet and have updates, then services play a much larger part of the process. Suddenly they can do a lot more than play games and the games are far more connected, so there fore you want to be on the same system as your friends.

Most games are multi platform, so for the console makers, it's up to them to draw the people to their product as soon as possible. Because once one person is on, then others will follow.
One main way is exclusives, but as we can see with MS history it pays to have a reputation for producing exclusives, otherwise people will start to expect that there won't be as many exclusives in the future.
So these days just one big game will draw a few people, but it will be the reputation that will draw the masses.
Reputation for producing exclusives over time, reputation for quality hardware, reputation for solid service.

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XboxFun3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

I agree with your blog. MS should be held accountable for all the backtracking they are doing due to listening to their customer feedback.

I also find it very suspicious and cold on MS's part to have a number of its features behind a paywall. Even though the both the PS4 and X1 main strengths lies in it's multi player features which has pretty much 100% defined this generation.

We shouldn't trust MS at all because we all know that somewhere down the line they are just going to screw us.

Good blog.

dedicatedtogamers3034d ago

But just like what happened with PS3, people should give Microsoft a fair chance to make up for their mistakes, as long as Microsoft does indeed reverse their behavior and make up for their mistakes.

XboxFun3034d ago

Well for me personally I don't trust them. They make all these changes that seems like they're benefiting the consumer but what if they reverse these changes?

What if they drop support for their console way in the future?

What if they only focus on TV and Kinect?

Not to mention their focus is not clear, I really don't understand the message they are trying to get across to their users.

zerocrossing3034d ago


"We don't know what we're doing" is the message I'm getting.

I do agree with dedicated though, that we should wait and see whether MS can redeem themselves so to speak. As forgiving them, well I'm not sure Microsoft have earned that quite yet.

EXVirtual3034d ago

@zerocrossing and dedicated, if and when MS roll off that patch, would you be want MS to exit the industry? I want them to already, but I'll explain later.

dedicatedtogamers3034d ago

@ XboxFun

Um, what part of the messaging is not clear? What part don't you understand?

I only ask because you seemed to give me grief just a few hours ago for mentioning Microsoft's less-than-clear vision for Xbox One.

The_Klank3034d ago

Don't know why you guys are humouring him, because unless he has been brain swapped with aliens he has been stealth trolling all day.

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EXVirtual3034d ago

Wow. I'm impressed. You're smart. I honestly think Ms will roll off that patch when they sell enough units. What do you think?

Convas3034d ago

You're kidding right?

DigitalRaptor3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

@ Convas

Is it really THAT hard to imagine after what we've seen from Microsoft in this industry for over a decade?

Let's visit some troubling questions.

Why is the DRM not able to be removed before launch? Why does it have to be patched out on Day one? Why can Microsoft make some fundamental changes to the GPU and continue to develop their OS before launch, but they cannot turn off the DRM before launch?

C'mon dude. Microsoft will be looking for any excuse to re-instate the DRM and control methods they spent years and lots of money developing.

HammadTheBeast3034d ago

See, I like you as a poster. You're not some ignorantly blind fanboy.

tehpees33034d ago

A lot of people have the changes down to Sony but it really wasn't. Pre-orders were terrible. They went up when they backpedaled but the stories going around at the time say people don't just lay down and take what a company tells you to.

This is where the industry is wrong. We have more power than these corporations think we do. Sony not implementing the features just made the choice of what the majority wanted far too easy.

In comparison Xbox One still looks bad. The price is higher and they aren't in the clear about this Kinect thing yet. Plus, as others have pointed out, there is always the possibility they will bring back the features once they get deep enough into the market.

We'll see what happens when sales come. I have a feeling MS will still feel the burn by the time it comes out.