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Why it's good for one console to dominate (But not too much)

When I look at the current sales of the X360 and PS3, they are neck and neck with the PS3 recently beating it. Now I look back at the PS2 days, and how it dominated the market. When I look at the pros and cons of the two generations, I think it is good for one console to dominate but not by too much.

When the PS2 dominated there was a lot less fanboys, hardly issues of friends not getting a game to play together because it wasn't for their console, games came out quicker because it was exclusive to one platform, developers didn't complain games take too long to develop, and the budget was smaller for them.

Now it is the opposite: A lot more fanboys, a lot more issues of not being able to play with friends because it was not for their platform, games come out longer to release because they have to develop the game for multiple consoles, budget is bigger because it will take more time/crew to develop the different versions, and quality of the game is sacrificed to make the games equal.

Now I see what some of you are saying, if one console dominates then they will do some sort of monopoly. No, no and no. That's why we have another console in the market. Kind of similar to the sales of the xbox and PS2. The other console will keep the dominating one on its toes, they will be worried if they do some sort of monopoly, people will head to the other console and spike their sales.

If we have this new generation for one console to dominate, and have a lot exclusives for it, we would have much better quality games since it will take full advantage of that console's hardware, we have a higher number of games since they focus on one platform, developers don't have to worry about profit because that's what the majority of the public have, your friends would be able to get the game you have and be able to play together, and of course we would have a lot less fanboys.

Don't you hear how many developers keep complaining how developing games this gen takes too long? And now they have a weird system to fix this, or have like 3 studios for just one game? This would all be resolved if we focus on one console. It's a win-win for developers and us. We gamers have more games released to us and quicker, while the developers budget is smaller, can release games quicker and more overall!

I think it's good for us gamers, if there is one console to dominate the market.

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