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Xbox Live Gold Increase-Just Say No

That's right!
Even if you agree with the increase, say no, you don't agree with the price increase. My reason why, is the same reason you could use in about every other situation.

Microsoft Price Increase - the response from the public was positive about it and didn't mind the increase. Then you know what that means? That means, MS would know it wasn't much of a problem increasing the price of XBL Gold. And would much more likely increase it again.

If the public instead is upset and negative about it, MS would less likely raise the price of XBl Gold again.
If you don't mind the raise, then you are encouraging MS to do an increase again, its very simple.
Just say no

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AndrewRyan4106d ago

I don't think many people are going to say no to the best multiplayer game ever. I don't own an xbox but if I did, I would still pay to play Halo reach haha.

DaThreats4106d ago

try reading the blog next time

HarryMonogenis4105d ago

Another person preaching against Microsoft's business strategy.

Listen, if you don't want to pay any more; then don't. But don't expect others who intend on doing so to suddenly change their mind about it because you wrote a blog post that blabs on about future increases.

I won't be stopping, simply because it really doesn't affect me at all. Before, 13 months of Gold was £33... now, it's still £33 -- but this time for 14 months (special Halo: Reach themed codes).

I have no problem with the service, I truly believe that the price is worth it.

DaThreats4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

So, you'll be happy, if they increase it to 70..then 80? Cmon

DaThreats4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

knew they were going to raise it to 60$? They did it out of the blue,
so what makes you think they won't do it again?
Exactly, support my reason.

John_West4103d ago

The price'll fit to the demand. If demand wanes significantly after the price increase, then Microsoft probably won't do it again, it might even lower the price. If it doesn't wane, then, yeah, Microsoft would be correct in the assumption that it's fine to do it again. It's fine until Microsoft starts losing money, that's the bottom line from what I can see.

Rrobba4102d ago

Unfortunately, most people will still buy the subscriptions :(

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