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Want Multi-Platform Equalness?

With this generation of consoles, we make a bigger deal and fuss of the power between 2 consoles. However, from the target of game developers for multi-platform games, we never get to really see the seperate power between the 2 consoles. What I am saying is

Would you rather have a developer try to make a multi-platform game equal on all platforms, or have each game different taking advantage of the console's power?

With the PS3 having obvious power superiority from the Xbox 360, we should be seeing better quality multi-platform games on the PS3. But most of the time, they are both equal, or oddly the 360 is the better of the two; like RDR and Mafia 2, but occasionaly the PS3 version is the best console version; like Dragon Age or Burnout Paradise.

As a PS3 owner myself (my 360 rroded), I am disappointed with the games devs are releasing on the PS3. A minimum of a 25gb Bluray disc is used for a PS3 game, but only use like 6gb of it, because the devs want the experience to be same on both platforms. I can guarantee you when the next xbox comes out, it will have the storage of a bluray disc, and all of a sudden devs are using, say 15gb of storage. Then the articles of the extra space not needed will vanish. SONY wanted devs to make full advantage of the PS3, they supplied a very powerful console, but yet, devs are in a way cold shouldering them, and don't want to, and want the experience the same for both platforms.

I have thought why devs do this, and I have thought, it is because they don't want to ruin their relationship with MS. Well MS should have build a more powerful console. They should've included HD-DVD storage discs for their games, but they didn't.

Imagine games right now, if each of them is really using each consoles potential. I'm not sure how the 360 is more powerful than the PS3, people say the Xbox 30 GPU is beter, but the RSX(GPU) of the PS3 can with the Cell(CPU), so the GPU becomes more powerful.
Imagine all PS3 versions of multi-platform games having uncompressed audio, textures, and etc. As just the basic.

So far, I'm just talking about the storage space of the PS3, but in other areas, such as graphical performance, processing power, etc. It ws proved in PS3 exclusives, the PS3 is above the Xbox 360. PS3 version of GTA 4, shouldve looked better, played better, and should've COD MW2 and RE5 and RDR and Fallout 3 and all multi-platform games.
Some games weren't able to do this, because they develop on the wrong system first. Devs complain, o its harder to develop on the PS3...Well Calculus II in College is Harder then Algebra in High school, meaning to achieve more, you got to work harder. To be the best, you have to match it with difficulty and effort. Or Devs say it costs more to develop...well would you spend more money to make a better game, or know you couldve made a better gme, but instead invested developing ona weaker platform, and risk a crappy port.

Devs want to make the best game possible, but they are ignorant, if they say they were able to do that, while both console versions are the same on our current generation of consoles.

Think about it, if they were able to make a better games, because of the advantage of a system, the game wouldve sold better and be a more successful commercial hit.

360s owners would say, why is the PS3 version is better than ours? Well, PS3 is a more powerful system, so we are gonna take advantage of that. We can make games more attractive on the PS3, so if you want the best game possible, it's only available on the PS3, so make sure you get one!

But in reality, PS3 games aren't like this, and devs always make sure multi-platform games look the same on all consoles, and we aren't really able much able to see how the PS3 will compare being used to its full power with the 360 being used to its full power.

Are you happy devs are aiming the same experince on all consoles? Or would you rather have each game taking full advantage of the console it is on?

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Enigma_20994118d ago

On one hand, if genuine, then the idea of equality between multi-platform ports isn't necessarily bad, but it's always going to be undermined by said console coming up with "exclusive" content to sway you to their version, rendering the whole idea moot.

And yet on the other hand, how do you ever expect to push the more powerful console of the current generation to it's limit by releasing games for it that could be done on the lesser consoles, in the interest of fairness? Last gen it was the XBox, or so they say, this one seems to point to the PS3, or it d*** well better be, seeing as how I paid $600 for mine.

So far there just isn't a clear-cut compromise in this situation that will make everyone happy.

Nate-Dog4118d ago

"Would you rather have a developer try to make a multi-platform game equal on all platforms, or have each game different taking advantage of the console's power?"

This is an interesting question (which I assume is the main point of your blog) and like Enigma said it really is a double-edged sword and everyone has differing opinions on the matter it seems.

I personally would prefer if we lived in a world of all games being multiplatform. Everyone gets an opportunity to play the games they want and there is less bickering over exclusives and such. But the problem is, while more companies are going multiplatform, quite often they aren't making games of the same quality on each system. On one it's buggy, on the other it's graphics are lacking, etc. So my problem is why companies decide to go multiplat after being exclusive to one company / brand when they cannot make games of equal quality available to players. Look at Red Dead Redemption and Final Fantasy XIII. The graphics on RDR for PS3 were considerably poorer than those of the X360 version. The graphics on FFXIII on the X360 version were considerably poorer than those of the PS3 version.

Petty differences considering it's just graphics, but the point I'm making here is about the principal of the matter. Why make a multiplatform game and charge the same price for it if you cannot offer the a full quality experience to every user on each system? We're in an age of massive technological advancement and these problems really have to be ironed out.

And so while I want everyone to be able to experience every game out there, I don't think it's fair on those that have to suffer a lacking experience when one system cannot be used to it's full potential to make up for the other.

I have a PS3 at the moment and I do feel that it is beginning to take the lead from the Xbox. We seem to be getting more exclusives and more very high-quality games now than we've probably ever had on the system, while new IPs on the Xbox are seemingly fading away or aren't making as much of an impact as they once were.

theonlylolking4118d ago

That is why I cant wait for M$ to release the next xbox so we can see all PS3 games look like Killzone 3.

ChronoJoe4118d ago

If you're on the weakest system, then you want parity between the systems (if your spiteful and don't want the users of other consoles to get a better experience, than yourself - anyway).

If you're on a stronger system, then you want the developer to take advantage of the hardware. Hell, you bought it to use it properly, not on some half assed port.

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