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The Console Wars are Finally Becoming Healthy Competition Again

Think back to console wars past. Have you noticed that the further forward you recall them, the more silly they've become? Let's go as far back as, say, Super Nintendo versus Sega Genesis. Both were great and had some multiplatform titles, yet both were heavily defined by their exclusives. You just knew what a Genesis game looked like and what a SNES game looked like. Graphics aside, they simply felt different. Genesis was perhaps the pinnacle of what we understood about gaming and SNES pushed our understanding beyond its conventions (particularly Star Fox). Competition was good. It was healthy. Fun smack talk between two worthy rivals depending on your interests. Then comes the next generation with PlayStation, Saturn, and N64. Saturn's advertising was poor, hurting its success considerably. It really came down to N64 versus PlayStation and the new guy turn out to be the most popular in school. And with PlayStation's success came the expansion of the JRPG genre which has historically been heavily associated with PlayStation since. It became one of its differentiating experiences. Cue Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube, and, eventually, Xbox. Dreamcast bowed out thanks to Sony's aggressive marketing. And some gamers blamed PS2 for that. GameCube lost a good amount of Nintendo's following and Xbox made a name for itself with its relatively robust online platform. In the end, PS2 gained an almost absurd market share for Sony and they rode that fan love into the next generation with...a $600 console with lackluster launch titles? It launched a year behind Xbox 360 which already did online service better and had a good sized install base. Sony dug themselves a hole and they came out of it by devoting a lot of their time to first party titles and creating more immersive, cinematic experiences. These two consoles, vastly different in architecture and online setup, still however shared many titles. Exclusives disappeared. It then became an issue of network, controller preference, and whatever exclusives remained. Then Sony introduced PlayStation Plus, giving them a strong advantage and prompting Xbox to counter with Games with Gold. Competition between the companies heated up and in the process, created a rift unseen in gamers. Xbox vs PS2 wasn't so bad, but PS3 vs. Xbox 360? You had two machines with similar games and vastly different architectures that had people arguing specs for the better part of the generation. Worst yet, you had people who hadn't the foggiest talking specs talking about incredible power differences when the games oftentimes were comparable in performance. Somewhat irrelevant though: Nintendo took down both Sony and Microsoft with a weaker but more unique platform. Despite being the most diverse, people argued about the superiority of the platforms that were more akin to traditional consoles.

And now we have PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U. Again, Wii U being the most individualized console, is set aside...that is, the most individualized at the time of me writing this.

Now, however, we start the generation with two consoles that have virtually the same architecture, have games of similar quality, both have great controllers, comparable online experiences with some minute differences that must be paid for, and share even more games than before. What we fight about now includes (but not limited to) backwards compatibility, Spotify, EA Access, and apparently sometimes, games. And when games are on both, it becomes a matter of frame rate tears, resolution, and loading times. Yep. We're now debating playing old games on our new consoles, having a music service, playing games early/free, and which runs better. It's gotten pretty bad.

But now, Sony and Microsoft made great moves that bode well for the future of their platforms. Now that Xbox One and Windows 10 developed a heavily intertwined relationship with Xbox One, porting and shared experiences are now possible. The best part? Cross-platform play. This, in my opinion, is perhaps the best way to compete in a healthy way. The details still need some elaboration, but presumable, I can either hop on my Xbox One to play with my Xbox friends or I can fire up my PS4 and still play with them. Microsoft has done a lot to make great moves this generation under Spencer and I believe we can say Microsoft has changed their stance on a lot. Perhaps they may wish to move to a more service-based approach where gamers on the PlayStation side of the fence can appreciate their offerings. Regardless, everyone wins. If you worried that not enough Xbox gamers bought a game, your PlayStation buddies may have. And if you're feeling brave, take on your PC mates who undoubtedly employ some crazy advantageous setup (I kid, mostly). My point is, with this move, you have more friends and the experience is cheaper. No Xbox One? Don't need one to play Xbox One players. Are your friends console peasants? You can still hand down judgment from your rig. The sense of community in gaming becomes positive and more friendly with this move. I, for one, cannot say enough how cool I think this is. Remember that guy you argued with on an online message board who said, "dude, you can't beat me in Call of Duty. You're lucky I only have this console or I'd school you!" ? Well, nobody actually talks like that (I hope not) but point being, they're gonna have to prove themselves now. Should be interesting to see how that plays out...

Next, we have Sony with PlayStation VR. It's a complete change of pace with incredible support and great early impressions. A medium many of us have dreamed about since the days of the Power Glove are being realized in a far more glorious format. We're talking about a great sense of immersion, mates. We're talking about an entirely new way to play. We're talking about something significant that actually makes a good case for choosing a console over another that does not limit itself to arguing about trivial things like background music and backwards compatibility (say what you will, but if playing old games is a dealbreaker, well, I'll have to respectfully disagree since both platforms launched without it; it's a bonus, if anything). The future looks great here, especially with a fair price tag and some very interesting looking games. I'll be looking at Robinson: The Journey before too long.

And last but certainly not least, Nintendo's NX looks to be a sincerely competitive platform that can rival PS4 and Xbox One in terms of power with super-easy development (if the rumors are true). It's a promising prospect for Nintendo that almost guarantees third party support and shows their return to good form. This is a platform to get excited about as it looks to be recapturing Nintendo's glory from the SNES/N64 days when it made you proud to own a Nintendo. Things have changed over the years, but NX sounds oh so much better with every patent and rumor that surfaces.

In summary, we have some great things over the Horizon for all three of the companies. Big things are happening and we can really embrace the offerings of all three. If VR is your thing, you can get a pretty well-received setup at an affordable price on PS4. Wish Nintendo would get with the times? Hang on as we learn more about the NX. Can't wait to get into the game with some cross-platform goodness? Thanks, Microsoft. Maybe it's just me, but this is the healthy competition and diverse interests and experiences I've missed for so many years in gaming. It's great to see that we can still be surprised and all three are doing big things for us, the gamers.

To that, let's agree: that 'This is for the Players' and it's high time we 'Jump Ahead'. And as a keen throw back, 'Get N or Get Out'.

donthate2758d ago

I really feel that MS is turning the negativity around a lot, and that Sony being so beaten down last generation, and that MS being so beaten during the Xbox One reveal that they both have become more humble.

Phil Spencer at the helm of MS seem to also has steered the industry into positivity.

Let's hope we can end 3rd party exclusivity soon so all gamers are treated equally and can get access to games they want on their platform of choice.

Theo11302758d ago

All the console turmoil makes me glad I spent my money on building a new PC.

Most of the 3rd party games come to PC, Xbox games are coming to PC, and we are starting to see more cross games.

Unfortunately I don't have much reverence for PS4 exclusive since I grew up with Nintendo consoles, and then I got a 360.

On top of that, I can get all the new games for $30 dollars on day and date.

Great time to be a PC gamer.

gamejediben2757d ago

Especially since the Japanese devs are finally putting great JRPGs on PC like:

Final Fantasy
The Legend of Heroes
Tales of

It's really the best time ever to be a PC gamer.

I own a PS4 and Wii U as well but there's no question that with mods and multiple control setups, PC is dominating my game time.

KwietStorm_BLM2756d ago

What is with the obsession with saying "Great time to be a ______ gamer" on this site? It sounds like a promotion. Why isn't it just a great time to be a gamer, period?

Theo11302756d ago

Because not everyone has every console, and if you don't have all of them you are missing out on stuff. Like I want to play Gears 4, Forza, and Halo, but I don't want to buy a $400 dollar console for about 3 games a year. Especially considering I can play almost all game that come out on console on my PC and they are the best versions most of the time.

darthv722758d ago

All the positive things that MS are doing is still not swaying PS fans minds in picking one up. And granted that once you become a loyalist you tend not to want to give credit to anything else.

They see these moves are desperation and MS practically begging for somebody to buy their product (like that video professor guy hocking his DVD's on how to teach you to use your PC or whatever). The fact the XB1 has gotten so much better than it started out means nothing to them. They have their minds made up and nothing is going to change that.

But there is a faction of gamers who see the changes and understands that healthy competition can mean those involved will all be better for it. It is those people that fit right in the middle, willing to give something a chance because they believe in potentiality. They believe there will be something appealing to them to warrant a purchase.

This gen is probably the most close i have ever seen in terms of the two (major) players being virtually the same system. A few specs different but still more alike than different. It's like each side had a spy sitting in on the others round table discussion about what to build next.

There seems to also be this consensus that what one company does, the others have to do. Meaning they expect the same across the board when each company can do what they want. Sony can do their own thing, MS their own thing and of course Nintendo as well. Yet when they do their own things they get serious heat from gamers questioning "why" as if gamers suddenly forgot that these companies are supposed to do their own thing. It's what makes them unique and differentiate them from the next.

They can't please everyone and when they try they get criticized for it. I really do wish the next gen is as different with each companies idea as possible.

Godmars2902757d ago

"And granted that once you become a loyalist you tend not to want to give credit to anything else."

They also tend to not to question possible issues with things they favor, blaming others for bringing them up. Your post is literally a case in point.

MS isn't doing their own thing. They're doing what they are in effort to recover from what they wanted to do which was micromanage XB1 owners. From how games were bought and sold to how they were accessed with MS poised to make a profit at multiple points. Now they're moving onto new phases which are either a new direction or older original plans that again suggest micromanagement and restrictions if not options to demand fees.

We've been through this since complaining about paying for online when it was only XBL with the Xbox camp lording over Sony fanboys when it came to the PS4 while missing the point. Most arguments in regards to PS3 vs 360 happened because the Xbox camp took anything from MS as if the Holy Word even when MS themselves tried to back off from their own claims.

bradleejones2757d ago

Yeah the other day I saw someone post "but Sony was the last company to charge for online". I am thinking... Wow, if everyone w Xbox wasn't clamoring how their paid " service" was so far superior we would all still have free online. People don't see the big picture...

freshslicepizza2755d ago

Godmars290 is exactly what darthv72 is talking about. there is still a group out there that will never move their position no matter what and it really highlights how toxic the forums get because of it. the problem in my eyes is these people are way too invested in the politics of gaming and have forgotten these devices are only created for your enjoyment.

micrsoft gets blasted (and rightfully so) for what they initially wanted the xbox one to be. those ideas went out the window and life went on. these people didn't. microsoft gets blasted for focusing too much on kinect (and rightfully so) and they retracted and now kinect is barely even mentioned. life goes on but these people don't. microsoft gets blasted for how they deal with indie developers (and rightfully so), microsoft changes their policies nd life goes on. these people still fester. same with cross-platform play.

on and on it goes. so the question is do these people want the xbox one to improve or are they never going to be interested and just want to hang out in the forums so that they can continue to be armchair critics?

Godmars2902755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Would ask if you understood that the issue isn't cross play but the larger plan to make a Steam like service on Windows 10, taking control away from the at large PC community in the process with option to introduce a paid requirement like XBL, but with something so obvious I can't tell if you're being willfully ignorant or purposely trying to confuse things by only focusing on cross play. Something MS have been hindering for the longest likely because last gen PSN was free where XBL wasn't.

The overall issue with MS, why people like me "wont move on" is because there are repeated examples of MS prioritizing control and profits over consumers. From the DOS days of Windows monopolization of the PC market, to IE's integration after they weren't allowed to lock out other browsers - their only never really improving during that mess - to currently with once freely offered Win 10 reportedly now being forced installed.

The thing is in regards to Xbox though is that many like myself wouldn't be as vehement in reminding people of MS's shenanigans if people like you weren't so defensively in denial about them. Kinect had issues from the onset yet up until MS pulled its plug, even a bit after if not currently, the defense force was saying give it a chance while MS clearly wasn't.

In comparison while I can say Sony haven't any better of a record, from hidden DRM instals in music to what they did to devs with system architecture on the PS2 which caught up with them on the PS3, I can personally say that when such things were found out I called them on it as they happened. Not years after the fact if not at all.

freshslicepizza2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )


so what i said is true, you aren't really interested if the xbox one gets better or not. you'd rather just be a bystander who loves to critique and remind everyone of the past. and like i also said, you guys are way too invested in the politics behind the scenes and totally overshadow that these are just boxes to entertain you.

and no, i am not ignorant of the past. i already vented about paying to play online and already said kinect proved it was a failure for games. however unlike you i can and have moved on. things change and in this case for the better.

Godmars2902754d ago

What has MS done that's better? In the wake of the X1's initial launch after saying they realized the value of exclusives, they've now said - yet again - that exclusives don't matter and canceled a high profile if not heavily promoted title. You're giving them credit for cross play, yet ignoring that they hindered it. To say nothing of how the move devalues their own console and is likely a transitional step towards eliminating.

Nevermind that none of that has to do with games, which again is something MS seems more than ready to relying on 3rd parties for.

freshslicepizza2754d ago


even e3 people called them out for showing too much about rthe media and things like the nfl license, the last few have been all about games.

what have they done better?

how about the tools to help developers? early on we seen a bigger gap between the ps4 and xbox one with games like call of duty at 1080p on the ps4 and only 720p on the xbox one. now that gap has gotten closer. it will never be as powerful but their provided much better tools.

dedicated servers for some games now. something sony used to do a lot more of last generation which mocked the payment for xbl all the more alarming. funny how the two sides have flipped.

cloud computing and things like drivatars. which again stems from their huge investments into cloud gaming.

making every xbox one a developers kit. unlike the ps4 which is $2,500

things like netflix no longer require xbl gold. but again your answer will be they never should have charged. the point is they are correcting the complaints critics like you never let go of and when they rectify it you guys move onto something else to complain about.

which again highlights what i've been saying, you dont care if the xbox one improves or not. you just like being on the sidelines to be a critic and never wanting to move forward, always reminding people of past practices they made.

Godmars2902754d ago

The thing is for you "moving forward" is compensating for shortcomings and making announcements about things that wont be delivered in years if ever. Drivatars are something that could be done with hardware which has only been moved to cloud servers to no real improvement. There aren't multiple examples well after the fact, just the one. Likewise MS's cloud servers aren't just about the Xbox but a far larger ecosystem similar to what Amazon does.

As for Xbox dev kits - is that still a thing? Thought that was canceled along with DRM. Is still just another announcement that has yet to be delivered upon given the absence of home brewed titles which should have resulted.

And Netflix. I'm sure that I've pointed out to you multiple times how MS screwed themselves with that by maneuvering behind the scenes to gain limited exclusivity only for the paid XBL requirement the hold things back. How once it became available on the PS3 that platform became the #1 used for the service even above PCs? Even with that smack in the face it took MS years to fix that.

You keep calling me an keyboard critic who only wants to see Xbox fail? Fine. But what are you other than a keyboard cheerleader? Someone who praises them for things promised undelivered or canceled.

freshslicepizza2753d ago


i'm not praising them or criticizing them on a daily basis. why should i? in fact i know the ps4 is a better product but why burden myself with nonsense when at the end of the day these devices are just created to entertain us.

it appears your entertainment is spent foolishly constantly going on and on about nothing. it's a $350 or $300 box, who cares beyond that? you guys act like your debating about something that is relevant, it's not. the RRoD disaster happened how many years ago, yet have you moved on from that even? doubtful. that's why you're stuck in rut while millions of xbox one owners are enjoying the system.

so you if have no interest in the xbox one why don't you just keep it to yourself and talk about something you do enjoy, perhaps the ps4 or pc or whatever. your input serves no purpose other than to annoy those who are interested in the xbox.

darthv722753d ago

So in reading the back and forth between god and mold it can be determined that god is holding onto a grudge against MS and will stick to that position no matter what.

Grudges are an unhealthy thing to keep inside. generally speaking.

donthate2752d ago


Mars has been on this site a long time... and his/her positioned has never changed and always sticking by Sony.

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Aloy-Boyfriend2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Xbox can cure cancel and I still don't have to get one because PS4 is giving me all I need for now. Not only that but with Xbox exclusives going to PC I see no reason to get one. Better keep saving for a poweful rig to game and college.

I don't have anything againts Microsoft and I acknowledge all the good things they've done...for their own good, but I still don't see the need for an Xbox. Am I a loyalist? Maybe, and there's nothing wrong with that

donthate2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

The only wrong is loyalist tend to be blind. They don't see how the grass is greener on both side, just different....

They miss out, but that ain't my problem. I don't let "sides" blind me, I enjoy them all! :D

kraenk122757d ago

I guess with the PS4 selling at a rate of 3:1 even before PSVR price announcement and MS's announcement to get most games on PC I'm not sure if there is that much competition involved anymore.

Bigpappy2754d ago

PSVR is not going to sell many PS4's, at that price, no matter how innovative it may turn out to be. it will s r ll to many who already own a PS4. but very few will spend the money to acquire both pieces needed for VR.

kraenk122754d ago

Wouldn't be so sure about that. If you consider people who are still undecided which console to get...there won't be many anyway...but for those the possibility to upgrade to VR sometime later could well make the decision easier.

iTechHeads2757d ago

What console war? PS4 is like at 40 million sold while Xbox One is at 20m. I won't even mention the Wii U.....

If you ask me this war is already over, there is a clear winner.

ElectricSponge2757d ago

It's more closer to 25m Xbox one to 35m ps4.
Keep dreaming fanboy vgchartz numbers are way off.

Ps4 hasn't reach 40m yet and Xbox one crossed 20m units from December 2015.

Geez fanboys telling lies to promote their preferred piece of plastic.

If ps4 really has a 20m lead on Xbox one. Why come online and make comments? I know the answer, because Ps4 doesn't have a 20m lead on Xbox One and never will, unless something unusual happens.

bradleejones2757d ago

Think I'll put a pin in this and revisit in some months when there is a 20 or 30 million lead.

yomfweeee2756d ago

Sony themselves announced 35.9m on January 6th.

There was a MS person who on January 11th said there were 18m X1 activations... which is the best estimate anyone has.

So you're clearly overestimating X1 numbers and underestimating PS4 numbers.

VGChartz is probably not very far off.

kraenk122754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

The PS4 atm sells at a rate of 3:1 worldwide so it probably is even more than 2:1 all in all.