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Truly Awful Gaming Puns

So it should be said: I love puns. I have a sick love of them and I also love really corny jokes. Grew up on that sort of humor, and I decided to take a break from my daily routine to come up with really cheesy, awful, cringe-worthy puns that hopefully you all can love/hate with the same passion. Hopefully you all get many/most/all of them, but any readers should totally add their own to the mix because why not. I hope, if you do choose to add some, that they're either insanely clever or just really awful to the point that you can't help but be amused. So that said, here are some inspired by my recent gaming interests. Kudos to whoever gets them all, even the more subtle ones which I made easier by providing some context:

1. "I didn't want to walk a mile, but I found it to be a better way to tide us over than Blitzball!"

2. "Where's the car grant--" "There is no car grant! Only a real driving simulator!"

3. "If I meet the guardians of the galaxy, I'd say, 'hey! High five, Guardians!" "Well, just to be different, I'd say, 'Hey! Low five, Guardians!"

4. "If I could talk to Uncharted 4's insane engine, I'd say, 'there's a really powerful graphics core in you!'"

5. "That giant vole at that Alaskan-Inuit dance party has sick moves. That vole can rave and such."

6. "Gadgets like iPods and tablets rule with an iron fist. If one thing can stop our generation from reading, tech can."

7. "A single electrocution wouldn't hurt so bad, but I would be feeling a dual shock for days!"

8. "I asked my military buddy how his experience with his Sargent went. All he's willing to share is how PT was terrifying."

9. "I hate being home alone. The doors cast scary shadows. Doesn't help I installed another 5 doors. I can't handle the shadow of more doors."

10. "Whenever I finish giving the guardians of the galaxy fives, I'll make the last guardian wait a long time and have them question if it's even coming."

11. "I enjoyed the football game between Notre Dame and Duke. Notre Dame tried, but Duke Nuked 'em...forever. It was pretty terrible.

12. They weren't sure how many of the seven deadly sins they'd inflict upon us, but they assured us wrath would be there.

13. "You got a charlie horse riding around on your cloud? That's funny! I hope you get tight and fall!"

Okay, I'm gonna go throw up at how ridiculous and reaching some of these are. I hope any you all post make me sick. :0)

DarkOcelet3153d ago

The Duke Nukem one was actually pretty funny lol.

F0XHOUND3153d ago

Its not a pun as such, but in sleeping dogs, during the "cock fights" that you can bet on... I always laughed at...

You pick best cock

My cock is the best

Yeah.... lol

Spore_7773147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

The man with a flute razzled and dazzled the crowd. After the show he approached me, gave me wallet and told me I had dropped it. He's pretty good. A solid snake charmer. :p

Spore_7773147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

The man with a flute razzled and dazzled the crowd. After the show he approached me, gave me my wallet and told me I had dropped. He's pretty good. A solid snake charmer. :p


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