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Fanboys Be Like...

Since this generation has gotten underway, the crazies have been overly vocal, supporting or defending their platforms of choice. Nothing wrong with that, except in the past, it was a very different scenario for their company of choice. So I've come up with a list (in no particular ranked order) of some of the silly things I've heard this generation so far.

1. "Microsoft's Cloud will show the true power of XBOX One"

- Maybe. There are supporters and naysayers. When Microsoft demonstrated the Cloud, many people dismissed it as a controlled demo running on PC. On the other hand, some took it as empirical evidence of XBOX One's benefiting from it. We won't know, truthfully until Microsoft does something about it.

WHY IT'S FUNNY: Last generation when Sony was touting its CELL processor in the PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 fanboys laughed about it and Sony fanboys thought it was truly revolutionary, believing Kutaragi's claims of it being a supercomputer. Of course, to the credit of PlayStation fanboys here, The Last of Us did happen. Have you seen that game last gen? It looked incredible like several other PlayStation 3 exclusives. Basically, Microsoft fanboys were left eating crow (to a point) because they didn't believe in the PlayStation 3's CELL. The shoe's on the other foot now and I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft's Cloud does some mind-blowing stuff. Bottom line: don't talk the talk if you aren't prepared to have your egos bruised. You never know...

2. "If it isn't 1080p/60fps, it's obsolete".

Okay, this is a personal good-will chuckle-worthy quote that cracks me up whenever I see it. Following the PlayStation 4's steady stream of Full HD, fluid motion games, Sony fanboys felt confident in themselves and put down the XBOX One as inferior and not a true current-gen console.

WHY IT'S FUNNY: Killzone Shadow Fall. inFamous Second Son. Both games that are exclusives from Sony's own studios for the shiny new PlayStation 4 that...aren't next gen?! Well, according to the precedent that Sony fanboys set before, no, they aren't. inFamous trades a buttery 60fps for 1080p visuals (and they ARE magnificent). Shadow Fall used some tricks to "reach" 1080p that isn't really 1080p as we've discovered after a resolution analysis. The best parts? Someone is trying to make millions off Sony for himself (NOT a class action suit--psh, right) and before the analysis, NO ONE was saying the game wasn't 1080p...yet people say that they can tell. It did a great job of calling people out and hopefully they can admit that they can't see the differences unless put side by side. Shadow Fall has no comparison platform and, even if it did, the only conclusion you could draw was it was a higher resolution relative to another screen, but NOT 1080p per se.

3. "[Insert DirectX12 comment here]"

Sony fanboys (or in this case, just realists) have stated that the XBOX One's use of DirectX12 would not be the revolution that it will be on PC given the current level of API access already afforded to developers. On the other side, Microsoft fanboys assured us that the differences would be tangible because the XBOX One was designed to use DX12. That is, until Spencer himself came in and said that the XBOX One's gains would not be comparable to what we will see on PC. Your boss basically agreed with the "enemy". Ouch. But don't fret, hypocrisy rears its circus ugly head again.

WHY IT'S FUNNY: Both PlayStation 4 and XBOX One are pretty much to-the-metal as is. Sony fanboys wasted no time in cutting down the XBOX One's use of DirectX12 and yet, for some reason, when Team ICE says their improvements will draw out some awesome power from Sony's box, it's taken as an official statement of why it's true. No doubt, both consoles will receive updates worth talking about, but curb your expectations because games like MGSV: The Phantom Pain, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Final Fantasy XV, Drive Club, and The Order: 1886 are already possible.

4. "PlayStation 4 has no games! #IndieStation4"

Hoo boy, this one. So the past few conferences have appeared as "unanimous wins for Microsoft over Sony". Well, the games Microsoft showed look great. The only thing is, we see a lot about games we've already known about several conferences in a row. Sony's been keen on showing more new titles with each conference, which is something that people can debate subjectively (NOT objectively) over which is better, but the thing is, PlayStation 4 has a lot of games. And it continues to get games. Yes, there are quite a few indie titles, but they are often very well received, so they aren't bad games. Let's be honest: multiplatform games look better and run better on PlayStation 4, there are more games on PlayStation 4, and the games on PlayStation 4 are better received. It has games.

WHY IT'S FUNNY: They said the same thing about PlayStation 3, which was flopping hard in the beginning. Over time, it turned out to be a juggernaut console with an amazing resume. Would I say it stands up the PlayStation 2's? Not even close, but the titles were still great quality. Support for the PlayStation 3 was even bad in the beginning, but with the help of dedicated partners and Sony completely stepping their game up, they turned it around. The PlayStation 4 now has universal support from partners with easier development. If you're doubting PlayStation 4 will be getting some great games in the near future, you should probably pay closer attention to history. They will come and they always do. If anything, they're already here, but with much more to come, AAA especially.

Okay, I'm getting a little bored. I might make a part 2. Or not. I don't know. What are some of the crazy things you guys have heard this generation? Feel free to comment below!

CrimsonAzure3284d ago

This is a fanboy article in of itself. Do you smell that hypocrisy, son?

DarXyde3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Don't see how you arrived at that conclusion. I thought I was being fair. I mentioned arguments on both sides of the camp and why it's funny. Let me guess, I should have come up with an even number of complaints for both sides. Son, I think you need to read it for what it is and not try to make weigh the criticisms for balance in quantity.

And for the record, I'm a PlayStation/Nintendo gamer (mostly) and have abstained from including Nintendo or PC fanboys because Nintendo fans are very much to themselves and humble this generation and you really can't argue with PC fanboys because they're often objectively right. I guess I should've written this to your liking, but I've never been a fan of censorship in my literary pieces. You don't have to agree with me, but I'm not in any sense of the term a fanboy.

Try again.


Thanks for reading. My thoughts exactly.

Z5013283d ago

Where does it come across as fanboy?

The critism(s) aren't an even number?

No Nintendo?


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