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Its not Fair comparing GTA:CTW Sales to PSP GTA games Period (Analysis)!

Right before everyone says DAMAGE CONTROL (lol I don't even own a DS so don't pull that one on me)

How can ANYONE even dare to compare GTA:CTW sales to the PSP Versions

First lets look at the past......a BLAST from the past if you want:


the 3D GTA's all SOLD in excess of 10 Million........the highest GTA:SA with 17.79 Million

The highest selling PSP GTA game (LCS) was 5.67 Million.......the lowest selling VCS was 3.37 Million

so basically GTA LCS got only 31% of GTA SA's fanbase.......while

GTA:VCS got 19% of GTA:SA's fanbase

BUT to be fair lets take the AVERAGE of all the 3 PS2 GTA games.....it comes out to be ~ 14.53 Million

So the PSP GTA's (taking their average) got around 31% of the PS2 GTA's Fanbase!


now GTA:CTW is a 2D GTA game......so lets the take the average of the PS1 2D GTA's.....

its comes out to be ~ 2.87 Million (between GTA I & GTA II)

Now for GTA:CTW to be FAIRLY COMPARED to the PSP Versions sales.....we must find 31% of 2.87 Million = 0.889 Million

So the conclusion is:

For GTA:CTW to be FAIRLY compared to the PSP GTA's we MUST compare it to the PS1 GTA's (as they are 2D) in the same way that we compared the PSP GTA's to the PS2 ones (as they are 3D)

so GTA:CTW needs to sell around 900K to technically get the SAME % of the 2D GTA's userbase as the PSP GTA's got from the 3D GTA's

In Short

If GTA:CTW Sell 900K its "AS SUCCESSFUL" as the PSP ones.....& NO-ONE should complain!! (oh and it'll probably BLOW PAST that mark)

butterfinger5574d ago

Honestly comparing GTA:CW to the PS1 GTA games does not make sense just because they are both 2D. The DS game is very different from the PSP games, yes, but that doesn't make up for the fact that there are over 100,000,000 DS handhelds out there, and about half of that for the PSP. M-rated games will not sell well on the DS, just like they don't sell well on the Wii. These sales have nothing to do with whether or not the game is great, so why worry about it?

xabmol5573d ago

Who's the fu*kin nihilist here?! What are you, a bunch of fu*king crybabies?!

/Walter Sobchak

starcraft2fan5572d ago

Dude, your formatting is astonishingly poor.

Although your argument does make some sense, saying a NINTENDO game is comparable to a SONY game is preposterous.

pixelsword5572d ago

that you are using 2D and 3D sales to directly link PSP and DS users to sales percentages while ignoring the fact that no one knows how many went from the PS1 or PS2 to the PSP or DS.

peeps5572d ago

i very much doubt the sales are down to it being 2d or 3d.

the sales are down to the fact that the ds's fanbase isn't interested in a game like gta/ they're not actually old enough to play it. Nintendo fanboys may take that as a dig but it's just the truth, nothing to do with the quality of the game, it's to do with the audience the game is aimed at

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