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The Ads displayed on the Mobile version of N4G needs to change

I love N4G and I have been visiting it almost every day for 3 years now but at the moment, it's getting so unbearable with how awful the Ads are displayed on the mobile version. It is so irritating how everytime i open an article, a stupid Ad just pops up and takes half the screen and even closing it is annoying. And quite a lot of users at N4G have been complaining about this and so far, there was no response or feedback from the higher-ups at N4G and this is truly hurting the website as a whole for me and a lot of people who enjoy visiting this website. So please, do something about this.

Update: Sorry to hijack your post DarkOcelet, but we want to make sure all can read this as our post in the comment section will not be seen by most users. This is just a quick message from the N4G tech team to let you know we 100% agree with this blog post and we are working on sorting this out. Short answer is that we do not have full control what ads are shown on the page at all times as they are served via many different ad networks. Lately there have been a few ad formats introduced that have been too aggressive and we are working together with our ad partners now to make sure these no longer will show on the site. It is also worth mentioning that any redirect ads that automatically takes you to another page are caused by spammers attacking the ad networks with malicious ad scripts. These type of ads are never supposed to run on any site. This is a wide spread problem that is hurting a lot of sites. In most cases these ads are not "dangerous" to your phone, just super annoying. We are working with an ad security company to help us shut down the spammer who has attacked dozens of gaming websites the past few weeks. We are sorry this have negatively affected so many of our users and going forward we will also try and be much quicker with shutting down any ads that are not within our ad guidelines.

N4G Tech Team

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DarkVoyager208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

“The Ads displayed on the Mobile version of N4G needs to change”

Tell me about it! How are you suppose to type with this video crap in the way!

Gaming_Cousin208d ago

Just as I try replying to you the video pops up...

kneon208d ago

Even on my tablet the video ad is so huge that I have pretty much given up trying to view the site on anything but a PC. It easily takes up 3/4 of the screen, and to make matters worse it often won't close.

choujij208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

The amount of times I clicked the video when I attempted to tap the X...

The_Jackel208d ago


no its actually coz the ad hasnt timed out.... i got a note 8 with the pen and even with the pen its clearly on the x to close it but yet opens the video still

UltraNova208d ago

The very reason I'm not bothering with n4g so much these days. This needs to be fixed asap.


The Wood208d ago

What ads

Firefox plus ublock origin = what ads are you talking about

nix207d ago

let's not forget how heavy the site is... and i don't even know what creepy sites these ads are coming from. Also, if you're on slow internet speed, the site never loads and instead shows you a page with html coding.

NecrumOddBoy207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Thank YOU so much for bringing this to light. I didn't know it was such an epidemic. N4G it's not only filled with insane amounts of pop ups. Many times you can't even click them away, or have to wait for them to completely load which means it takes anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 minute before you can even comment or read what you want to. N4g also opens up secondary pop up sights on any browser that doesn't have super sharp ad blocking. It's incredibly frustrating and I cannot stand what N4G had become. I have been using N4G for what seems like nearly a decade but I barely come on here because of the ad and malware. :( Please fix this mods

Relientk77207d ago

It's so frustrating

These ads are EVIL, PURE EVIL I tell you

G20WLY207d ago

I think we should offer an incentive for N4G to fix this.

How about if it's not fixed within 4 weeks we all take 2 weeks without visiting N4G?

lalalala207d ago

To be fair to the owners of the site though, they won't have overall control of whats ads they are showing, but they can probably remove certain type of ads. The issue is that these ads that are annoying are also the best paying ads, and the site needs to cover costs somehow.

The only solution really is to offer premium membership on top that has no ads.

xHeavYx207d ago

I use Blokada, haven't seen an ad in forever

ThePenetrator207d ago

Even when you close it comes back

81BX207d ago

Lmao, thought I was the only one

Testfire207d ago

To add to this, these ads automatically stream video so those with limited data get screwed even more.

blackblades207d ago

Ikr, I got mad last night when typing and the ad came up. I said screw and got off. Glad there's a article now cause last time a complaint came around was in the comment section of n4g article.

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WilliamSheridan208d ago

Also the redirects are off the chart here...

PoopsMcGee208d ago

Those irritate me to no end....

morganfell208d ago

Some of the redirects actually point you to the fake Google cleaner malware installer. Perhaps N4G should consider they are legally liable under such circumstances.

Xenophon_York208d ago

Especially when I'm two paragraphs deep in a reply and I have to start all over because I won something on facebook. Furious is the choice word that comes to mind.

Atticus_finch208d ago

N4g seems to be taking advantage, they believe we will still visit even if they are forcing disrespectful ad practices. I know this ads and their dissabled x, aren't an accident.

WilliamSheridan207d ago

The disabled X is a trick to make you click, thus creating more ad revenue

CaptainCamper207d ago

The redirects are not always the fault of the website, although they are responsible for cleaning it up. It's typically due to the third-party advertisers not doing their job to clean up ads before sending them through. Google usually punishes for these rather quickly though, but it's been a problem here for a while now.

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Zabatsu208d ago

Completely agree. I've installed an adblocker just because of this reason. N4G doesn't care though. It's all about the money in the end, that's why the approve of every flaimbait article tjat ever existed, because it causes drama and attention.

pinkcrocodile75207d ago

YES, the article count is down and the horse shit opinion count is sky high.

Sgt_Slaughter207d ago

I downloaded the Ad Blocker Browser specifically to get around these ads. It's probably the worst mobile site I've had to use due to that. Add that on top of the text box lagging when trying to type.

ThatDudeMunkee207d ago

They actually have no control over the ads that are displayed through their providers. That's why they are having to contact their ad suppliers. They can't really keep control if what is displayed as much of it is more than likely based on a viewers search algorithm.

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StormSnooper208d ago

I can’t even read a single article without a pop up from “amazon” forcing me to go back and reload the same page.

Sam Fisher208d ago

Finally an article we can all agree on

fenome208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

I know right! This has seriously been so damn irritating though, hopefully they actually take notice of this and do something about it.

G20WLY207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Who the hell disagreed with this??


BlackIceJoe207d ago

I'd like to know who the person that disagrees on this issue is, because the ads are really bad and need to go away.

VenomUK207d ago

Well said brother. I’ve never seen such unified agreement in the comments before!

I understand that a website requires ads, but they are done so badly and obstructively it sours the user experience. Many ads take you away from wha you were doing or reading. When on my phone I will read the headlines, tap one story, then get fed up and leave. There has to be a better way?

TheVetOfGaming207d ago

I use Firefox with ad-block and I don't get one single advert on any web page. Chrome is slightly quicker, but I only ever use that for "ask Google" type of stuff. I was using Chrome on here, but as you say, the adverts done my head in.

Muzikguy207d ago

I agree as well. The redirects have kept me away. It’s frustrating

joab777207d ago

This isn’t even what bothers me. It’s the instant port to some ad site. And you can’t get back. It happens ALL the time.

Nu202d ago

Christopher please fix this

Edito188d ago

I simple stopped using the site on mobile because of that.

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Araragifeels 208d ago

This video ads are annoying and sometimes it takes a couple of time to close. Plus the scam ads website comment is really annoying especially when they write on someone comment and they haven't done anything. N4G OP probably avoid people complain since they most likely making money off this video ads.

travestyj208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

I can't even close the video on my phone no matter how many times I try. If I click on the x it bring me to the advertised site.

JamieReleases208d ago

Can you send over any screenshots please? Thanks!

JamieReleases208d ago

Thank you! If you've got anymore send them over, I'll bring it up with ad ops tomorrow morning. Sorry for the issues.

WilliamSheridan208d ago

It's even worse if you are trying to type

DarkVoyager208d ago

I posted one above if you want to check it out.

KwietStorm208d ago

Sorry did you say something? I can't really tell

Ciporta1980208d ago

Are you actually serious? You need to be sent a screenshot to see this problem. Try looking at the site on your mobile for I dunno.......2 seconds and you will see for yourself.

ThatGuyDart207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Thinking the same thing lol

Liqu1d207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

It's fake concern. They won't do anything and instead hope that people stop complaining. People have brought up this issue a lot over the last few months and there's be no response to the issue, instead people complaining have their issues marked as inappropriate. To act surprised and ask for screenshots like it's a new unknown issue is disingenuous.

Aenea207d ago

This has been going on for months, I've stopped using the site on mobile for this reason alone...

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ILostMyMind208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

Which ads? I don't see any. 😘

Kiwi66208d ago

Go look at the links that some have provided if you don't believe it

Leeroyw208d ago

I think they are being sarcastic......

Or flirting with me....

I am married!!!!!!! How dare you.

G3ng4r207d ago

That's fine, it's nice you've found a way around this trash but not everyone wants to use a second browser specifically for n4g.

letsa_go207d ago

Why would you need a second browser for N4G? I just use adblock in google chrome. But then again I don't look at the site on mobile devices, only desktop.

battletrax207d ago

@letsa_go There is no adblock for Chrome on mobile smartphones. You have to use an adblock browser.

ILostMyMind207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

I use AdBlock on Firefox and uBlock on GChrome for Android.

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