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All is not well with Modern Warfare 2.

Hi guys, so this is my first blog on N4g. I have my own blog which i normally write but have not done in a while. I just took this little update from it because it's something i feel strongly about.  I made a few small changes, forgive me if there are any errors and stuff.

As you all know this holiday is looking very good for games, in fact it could just be the best holiday for games on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.  Now from the Dark Witness himself I am going to give you my run down of must by games, but before I do let’s talk about the game not to buy this holiday.

Modern Warfare 2 ( AKA Cod6) is arguably the biggest shooter out this coming holiday.  Now I love Cod4, everyone knows it, but I will NOT be buying Cod6.  The reason is simple, price!

For those of you who don’t know the RRP for Cod6 is now £55.00, that’s for the regular edition mind you.  Quite simply its unacceptable.  At the moment there is a lot of talk from fellow gamers of boycotting the game.  Well I am in !  There are enough good games coming out such as Halo ODST, Splinter Cell conviction, Uncharted 2… the list goes on.

The real problem here is not just the price hike either, it’s the hypocrisy as well.  Only a few weeks back Activision was threatening to boycott development for the PS3 because they wanted the price lower.   The reason they gave for their price increase was that its needed for them to deliver the kind of quality in the title that gamers want and expect.  The game is using the same engine that Cod4 used, it’s just extra weapons, maps etc and a few tweaks…. and they want to talk about quality!   It’s not as if it’s been in development for 4 years like killzone 2 and using the most advanced graphics engine ever to land on a console.

Ok, I could rant on all day about this, but there are better things to talk about.  The last thing i will point out though before we go on is this.  If they up the price ( which they have ) and everyone still goes out and buys it ( which they prob will )… what is to stop other publishers following them?  This is probably my biggest reason for not getting it.

Anyway if you’re out there and listening, from one gamer to another, lets no let them get away with this.  We do have the power to make a difference, we are the consumers after all. We are the people putting money in their pockets and we are the ones who have the choice to buy or not to buy.  It simply starts with one person; You !  The great thing about being a gamer this generation is the network we have and how easy it is to make our voices heard.  Tell your friends on live and psn.  Tell your friends who are casual gamers and don't know about the price increase. 
Let them know how bad this could be fore us as gamers. 

Now the next thing they are going to want to know is this, if they are not getting Modern Warfare 2, what games should they be getting to quench their thirst for competitive online gaming, well here is a look at some of the best games coming out ( and they won't cost you £55 for the regular box... at least not yet anyway ) in no particular order;

At no 1 on my list is Halo ODST.  Halo CE has always been my best in the series and i am still waiting for them to top it;

At No 2 its Splinter Cell Conviction. One of the best franchises to hit the Xbox back in the days. All the games have been great except the last one in my opinion. Conviction has gone through a lot of change since it was first shown, with the developers stating that they had to go back to the drawing board with the game. See what you think now;

Next on the list we have two racing games; Forza 3 and Need for Speed shift.
Forza 3 is looking great; a huge improvement over number 2 which I thought was a bit of a letdown. Shift is a completely different game to the usual NFS games that we know. Once again EA is really trying to show they have changed their way. Back in the day I would have written it off, but after Dead Space I have to say give it a chance.

Next up we have uncharted 2 on the ps3. Could this be the best looking game we have seen so far this gen? I very much think so... oh, and it comes with multiplayer!  What was that Activision about delivering quality?  Check it out and see what you think;

Ok, so the action games are starting to heat things up this year as well. Now it’s Assassins Creed 2’s turn for the hot spot. The first one was one of the best looking open world games so far, the only let down was the repetitiveness of the game. From what they have said this is something they have addressed in this game;

Next up Dead Rising 2. The first Dead Rising is one of the few games that i still have and its in my little collection of keeps for all time. That really says it all.

So do you think you got enough action to keep you going without Modern Warfare 2? Don’t worry, there is more;

Now as I said before, this is just my list and not every game on this list will be for everyone’s taste. This is the problem, there really is so much coming out, just remember there is something for everyone and who needs Modern Warfare 2 !


update... ok bad news guys. I just heard that SC conviction has been pushed back. oh well, there is still loads more to play.

krogdog5320d ago

Very well considered blog here although wether u like it or not everyone will buy this gaem and australia has no price rise so honestly we don't care so gd luck with this little rally

wanaraceu5320d ago (Edited 5320d ago )

Great read.. I live in Australia and im not buying it because they put the pricing up and it will eventually happen here to. plus all the crap they were putting on sony about PS3 being to expensive. I might buy the extra maps for kz2 instead oh and also NFS Shift and uncharted 2. Plus there is MAG rachet and clank and strong rumors for Gran Turismo5. That should tie me over until march. Then i will be playing god of war 3 followed by heavy rain. Once that is all done COD5 might see a price drop. I will get COD5 though as i liked the others just not in any rush anymore.

RockmanII75320d ago

I'm not buying it. Too many good games coming out.

RockmanII75320d ago

thats not a bash to MW or MW2. Just that some other games I might enjoy more.

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