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What Makes More Sense 1080p @ 30 or 720p @ 60fps?

This is kind of a trick question because it all depends on how you look at things.
Gamers these days I don’t think understand either.

Someone ask me this the other day so I thought I would explain, so let’s start with the basic’s - resolution is important because it determines how good the picture will look./ More pixels mean better detail. (even though sometimes is hard to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p they are after all both HD.

If you think about your cell phone camera, the more pixels it has, the better the image quality is, because it has more pixels to make up the picture. (So think about this, it’s just like watching a video on youtube, at 360p it’s not that clear, but at 720p it’s really sweet and at 1080p it’s even more detailed.) Same thing with games. When you start to do games in 1080p vs 720p or 900p you are taking about a lot of pixels that make up the picture you see. The more pixels there are the better and clearer the image will start to look.

And fps is important because frames per second is how fast or fluid the image is being show to you.. / More speed means the more it looks true to real life, so higher is better, and that’s kind of why 30 fps works fine, since at 30 you are really close to how you see things in real life, of course 60 fps is the icing on the cake because at this speed you can’t tell the difference, everything will look as fluid as it does in real life. Anything above that is overkill, you really can’t tell the difference past 60 fps.

But here is where it gets tricky, you need both, so of course that’s the problem, you rarely get both and the reason is not as complex as you might think. It all comes down to hardware, if you were on a high-end PC with a monster graphics card, no problem. PC’s have been doing 1080p gaming for years, hell for today's gaming PC’s 1080p is kind of the minimum you expect it to be able to do. But pulling this off on consoles is actually very tricky.

Why? Because it usually means you sacrifice one to get the other, and by that I mean, do I want really amazing picture detail / but less physis less add-ons. Or do I want a really fluid game experience more physis more add-ons. / but less detailed world with lower textures.

But wasn’t 1080p last years big thing, so why in the world are today’s next gen consoles having problems hitting 1080p? Good question, here’s the simple answer, games today are trying to do more, much more than they did on last gen consoles. So graphics are much more detail, size of the games are getting bigger, you begin to try to do more. And that brings you right back to the same problem from before. Hitting 1080p is not as easy as it might look.

It’s mainly because it requires a pretty strong graphics card, so why not just put a super graphics card in the PS4 and XB1. Sure that is a great idea, just one problem, it already has a really high-end card, and no matter what I put in it, the problem will still be there. Why? Because as the graphics card becomes stronger, the game companies then just try to push the graphics even further to look even better. So the problem just starts again.

(it’s a tricky balance, because gamers want next gen graphics that look like a high-end Gaming PC which has a super graphics card in it, but then they want that console to not cost more than $399) It’s like saying I want a car that can go 0-60 as fast as a porsche but I want it to cost the same price of a station wagon.

This is a double edge sword. It cuts on both sides, consumers want amazing graphics and they want it to run at 60 fps. So now game companies make a really tough decision, get the game to look amazing, much better than last gen’s game, and also make it look insane, and then somehow get it to run at 60 fps too. So game companies shoot for the star’s (it’s part of the reason why every demo you see of a new game coming out / Watchdogs / The Division / Looks amazing. Then the actual developers start trying to make the whole game and deliver on the promise, but they run into a problem, the engineers say, “ok we have a problem, as soon as we hit 60 fps there is no way it can keep it looking that detailed. Since we probably won’t get both choose which one suffers if we have to choose one.”

So now the downgrade begins. Make it still look good, like the insane demo we showed, but get it to run really great. The only way for that to happen is for the textures to be slightly turned down. So now it still looks like the demo but not as detailed or as amazing as what you saw at E3. And if it does get close to that demo then the frame rate is going to suffer, no way it stays locked at 60 fps. Project cars I’m looking at you. The game does dip below 60 (gets as low as 45) but it remains above 30 which is more than playable so I really don’t mind that, because it looks and plays amazing.

Game companies don’t really get to ask gamers which one is more important, they instead just try to deliver a great game experience and meet the requirements of the game, while still looking as good as possible. As they should, they basically just try to deliver on the promise.
The problem is most of the time they fall just a little short, but no one wants to hear that.

So which one is really more important to you, do you want that 1080p at 30 fps or is 720p or 900p fine just as long as it’s 60 fps? Or do you say, oh hell no, give me 1080p at 60 fps above everything else or you have failed? What’s your preference when it comes to console games?

-here's a great video below which helps explains this a little more-

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Concertoine1290d ago

9 out of 10 times i choose the higher framerate. There are exceptions though. The first Fatal Frame game was in 60 fps, and the sequel pushed for larger environments and more detailed textures at 30 fps. Ultimately, the sequel was a more effective horror game because it had better environments to enhance the mood.

Crazyglues1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Yeah it's crazy, Like for example in project cars I love the 1080p @60 even though it will dip below 60 at times down to 45 fps, So I like it the way it is because, I rather have that level of detail at 1080p over a solid 60fps..

But then I could see, how some might prefer 60fps over everything for a racing game, as you might want that fluid feel over everything.. So I guess it's about what's more important to you.

For me it looks so good at 1080p, so clear so detailed, I can't downgrade that quality for nothing. (it really sets the mood and just makes me love playing the game) and since 30fps probably would still feel fine I really don't mind if it dips to 45 here and there.. to me that's just really minor.

ABizzel11287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

The only problem with that is dropping from 1080p @ 30fps, does not mean 720p @ 60fps is instantly obtainable.

There would also have to be some kind of Anti-Aliasing drop (which is a struggle considering most devs are settling for FXAA which is the lowest solution out there), a drop in graphic fidelity (texture quality, lighting, etc...), and possibly a drop in V-Sync which means more screen tearing. One of these areas is going to take a hit in the transition as well, and hopefully most developers would choose graphics.

So the question isn't 1080 @ 30fps / 720 @ 60.

It's best resolution, better post processing, and best graphics at a stable 30fps.


Lower HD resolution, worse post processing, and a dip in graphics, for a potential 60fps.

Magicite1287d ago

30fps is perfectly fine whilst sub1080p is unacceptable (talking about PC games).

1289d ago
freshslicepizza1289d ago

most often on game consoles they will push graphical fidelity over frame rates. they know graphics sell more than performance and a lot of console gamers actually don't care about high frame rates.

Crimzon1284d ago

And yet the most commercially successful franchises are the ones that run at 60fps. Call of Duty dominates shooter sales, and prioritizes 60fps gameplay over good graphics. The Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, Burnout etc. racing games are the best in the genre and prioritize 60fps gameplay. The same goes for the fighting genre and so on and so forth.

Judging by the strong link between high sales and high framerates, I think that console gamers care more about high framerates than they do about graphics, even if the vocal minority on N4G would have you believe otherwise.

Another point worth bearing as well is that the most graphically impressive games of this console generation so far have been complete commercial failures. The Order, Ryse and DriveClub all completely bombed, despite having great graphics.

coolbeans1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

Ironically, no Insomniac-made game since their jump to 30 FPS focused titles has had the same financial or critical success as A Crack In Time.

(Though Sunset Overdrive MAY have a chance of beating its sales in the future)

user816731289d ago

your video to show the difference of 720p and 1080p is maxed at 720p...

Crazyglues1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Thanks for your feedback,

keep in mind the video being at 720p or 1080p makes no difference in this explanation as the video is only explaining the difference in pixels.

How many pixels make up 720p and how many pixels make up 1080p.

If I gave you a video in 1080p doing a side by side comparison, that would not explain anything - so for example -

so you watch that video but it doesn't help you to understand anything. This video in the blog explains everything instead of just showing it.

So a better way to explain this is, look at this video in 1080p -

At 1080p you notice right away how much better the 4k image looks, even though you are not at 4k... it would look even better on a 4k monitor. Because then you would see the true 4k, but you already get the idea.

It's better because you see more detail on the 4k picture then you do on the 1080p - so the picture didn't change just what res you are looking at it at 720p 1080p or 4k...

So for months my brother was playing GTA V on PS4 on a 720p projector in the living room, (even though it's an 80 inch screen it's at 720p) so he never saw the really clear detail of the game, it looked good but then one day he moved it upstairs to the office and put it on a 50 inch 1080p Screen. Then he was amazed because he could see all the detail and how sharp the game looked.

It was like watching that 4k vs 1080p video once he was on a 1080p HDTV he could see all the detail nice and clear, that he was not seeing at 720p

SilentNegotiator1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

If games like The Last of Us can run at 1080p60fps and look as good as it does, I would hope/think that more games could be 1080p60fps on PS4 with minor adjustments. So hopefully that becomes a growing trend and we don't have to choose one or the other.

Concertoine1288d ago

Keep in mind that there arent a lot of developers as talented and familiar with their hardware as ND. Still, we have MGS 5, Yakuza, and Resident evil revelations 2 in 1080p 60fps and they look great.

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