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Remember When You Became A Gamer? What Was Your First Game?

And I don’t mean what was the very first thing you ever played, I mean what was the first game you played that after you played that game, you knew you loved video games and you would be a gamer for the rest of your life.

It’s funny but sometimes your first is not really that good, for me, for example I first played on Atari 2600 and I was playing joust, that bird game, and it was a pretty cool game but I was so small, I really wasn’t hooked. I could careless if I got to play it again tomorrow.

It didn’t really move me and I wasn’t that into it. But the day I actually became a gamer was one Christmas I asked my mom if we could get a Nintendo Entertainment System.

And she looked at me like are you crazy, you know how much those things cost. It’s really expensive. I was so sad, I couldn’t even think for the next few days.

Then when Christmas came I looked under the tree and every box there was so small there was no way in hell we got one. By we I mean me and my two brothers. One of the gifts was clearly clothes because it was all soft and moved back and forth when I picked it up. I was as sad as any kid who just found out Christmas wasn’t actually as special as I had thought.

I mean what was the point in being good all year, just so Santa wouldn’t keep his promise on Christmas.

So that night when my mom called us to unwrap our gifts (gifts we had already knew what they were because we peaked by sticking little holes in the wrapping) I was as sad as you can be on Christmas without looking like a really disappointed little spoiled kid. I tried to save face and kissed my mom and thanked her for the presents, even though I was thinking wow, I can’t believe this right now, Santa did me dirty. What did I ever do to him.

(of course I didn’t understand money and how you had to actually work for it, there was no tree in our backyard, even though my mom would talk about it all the time, when she looked at the prices of things, she would say, “you seem to think there's a tree in the back yard that prints money)

And just then as I was going up the stairs because I told my mom I just want to go back to bed if that’s ok, she laughed because I looked so sad, and she said, “ok, that’s fine, but don’t you want to open this last gift before you go” - I said, “what last gift, we opened everything?”

My mom was the best, she already knew we would peaked so she hide this one at the top of the closet, and all I can tell you is if you ever have kids make sure you do this one.

She said, yeah Santa forgot to put names on this one but he said it’s ok because it’s for all of you. I looked at the box and it matched the dimensions of the one we saw at the store, and at that moment, I couldn’t even take it anymore if it wasn’t a Nintendo I was going to die right there in the living room from pure disappointment. So I let my brother take it from my mom, I was just in too much shock to move. But then excitement just took over me and I ran to the package and started ripping the wrapping with my brother.

Oh my god, my first Super Nintendo. I was too excited for words, it’s the moment I became a real gamer. We played Mario for hours, day after day after school, that was it for me, I was hooked.I became a true gamer, and every day after that day was amazing, I fell in-love with gaming and just couldn’t wait to play more games on my Nintendo. Over the years I went from a Nintendo Entertainment System to a SNES, to a Nintendo 64.

But what about you when did you become a gamer, and what game was it? Do you even remember?

-I love this video, makes me think back to when I was a kid (yes I was once that excited too) ..LoL-

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Nineball21121272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I"m so old, I couldn't tell you. It was before console gaming when all we had were arcades at the malls.

It was probably Asteriods or Centipede that probably hooked me.

My first console was an Atari 2600, so it was probably Air-Sea Battle.

And you know what? I was the happiest kid in the world because I could game at home!! Without being limited to how many quarters I could get.

I didn't care about graphics or resolution or anything other than I could play a video game at any time I wanted for as long as I wanted. Those were the days... LOL

Crazyglues1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Love that story player, yeah i liked 2600 but I was a little kid at that time so it didn't really stick.

you said, "I didn't care about graphics or resolution or anything other than I could play a video game" - yeah... those were the days...LoL

Thanks for the feedback brought back some good memories, forgot all about Asteroids and Centipede.

Ezz20131271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

i think my first game was Superman on Atari 2600

nidhogg1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Monkey Hero on the PS1.. not only was it my first console game, it was also the time that I became a Sony fan. Never had a Nintendo or Xbox console. Sony all the way. Thanks Monkey Hero!

NewMonday1268d ago

was also playing Atari as a kid, but the procces was gradual as I discover more experiences

- the start was basically achievement based experience with 2D games in the days of Atari-->MSX-->Amiga
- discovered story based experiences with Lucas Arts PC debenture games
- got into competitive gaming with SF2
- got into RPGs with Chrono Trigger on SNES
- got into FPS games with Goldeneye on N64
- got into online MP with Bad Company 2 on PS3

bouzebbal1268d ago

cool thread..
my first console was Atari 2600 as well. My first game must have been Mario on it.
I had an Atari with many games stored in it.. Never had to buy any extra game.
Pitfall was also a great adventure game, kind of Uncharted ancestor.

Alexander1Nevermind1266d ago

Atari 2600 was my 1st console. The game I remember the most was Pitfall. I was 10 or 11 then. I enjoyed arcade classics like Par-Man and Donkey Kong

pixelsword1263d ago

My first game was peek-a-boo with my parents; where did they go, man?

I think that's why I love games like Gears of War and Uncharted, because of the cove system I was introduced to as a baby.

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Septic1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I don't remember my first game (damn I'm old) but it was this kid jumping on giant leaves (or what looked like leaves) to cross a river.

I remember playing it at my cousins (or trying to play, everyone was hogging the controller) and my parents had to drag me away as I was kicking and screaming.

Then my own console was the megadrive (was playing on my cousin's stuff until then) and got a 3 in 1 game, Mortal Kombat, Aliens and Sunset Riders.

I remember a really hot chick who was our neighbour and had just moved in near us and who I had a crush on. On the day I actually got my megadrive she started talking to me wanting to hang out...typical. I brushed her off to play the console without a second thought.

No regrets to this day.

....I think

BlackTar1871271d ago

My first video game was card readers

Still have great memories.

iceman061271d ago

PONG!!! Yep, that was my first!!! There were no real graphics. Just a couple rectangles hitting a square. You know what? It kept me busy until I finally got an Intellivision.

mechlord1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I was 6 and there was this joint near school and i used to peek inside whenever i passed by. the game that mesmerized me the most was contra, on nes. I got hooked just by watching others play and trying to make sense of it all with a 6 years old brain.

So yeah, i was hooked before i even knew how to shoot diagonally and collect power ups :)

Elwenil1270d ago

Mine was Star Castle in the local arcade. ;D

memots1268d ago

Atari was my most played console. That hockey game got us hooked, Pitfall,
Zaxxon on the colecovision ... Good old days :)

caseh1268d ago

Another for Atari 2600 here, my brothers to be exact but I still remember being quite hooked the Mario Bros. game. Led to me loving games like Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros. and Rodland as I was growing up. :)

madpuppy1267d ago

DugDug and gyruss, in the arcade so I know where you are coming from Nineball2112.

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thorstein1272d ago

Console: Atari 2600 Adventure. Asteroids was great and I loved it, but Adventure was the game that brought me back again and again. It fired my imagination.

Arcade: Speed Rumbler because it revealed that there was more to games than just shooting or driving. Here was a game that allowed you to get out of your vehicle, shoot enemies and enter another vehicle and continue on the journey.

RPG: Ultima IV for the Commodore 64. Just being able to traverse that wonderful world, the music, entering a town was a rewarding experience, traveling, learning, fighting, awesome.

RJ920091271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

1991 super Nintendo just came out I was 5 my mom took back my bat man cave that my grandma got me for a super nes I was so mad back in the day plus my mom did not know how to hook it up so it sat there a week but I still remember my first day gaming like it was yesterday . My baby seater hooked the whole think up and showed me the love of my gaming life back then zelda on the nes she even gave me her old nintendo when she hooked my super up showed me how to play mario we stayed up all night with tons of soda and candy been hooked every since.

mixelon1271d ago

The earliest game I remember having played was on the BBC micro.. Basically a knock-off Donkey Kong. :D (i must've been 4 or 5?)

There never was a game or even system I played that made me realise I'd be a gamer for the rest of my life really, as I always had them around the house since i was a toddler, and it was just normal in our household, so I didn't give it much thought, even though it influenced all sorts of things from my taste in music, art, and so on. I guess that's a privileged upbringing from a gaming perspective even though I never had consoles until the PS1 - had a whole host of home computers about instead, which gives you a bit of creative freedom too.

My first computer that was mine and not the family's was an Amiga. Still love that machine. Turrican 2 is one of my all time favourite games.

mabreu1271d ago

Back in the early 80's, Arcade games were my first. Although, I played very little. It was just to hang out with friends at the mall. Then my father got the Commodore 64 some time later and I officially became a gamer.