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Is Digital Starting To Take Over, I Find Myself Buying Everything Digital?

It’s funny but if you talked to me when the PS4 first came out I would have told you, yeah I’m only going to get a few games digitally.

But then something happened, I started buying everything as a digital download, in-fact I love digital. There are a few things that make this really sweet for me, and of course there are downfalls but first let’s look at the reasons it’s so good.


1. No tax:
There is no tax on the PSN store, OMG I love that / Doesn’t seem like much but it adds up, 5 games you saved $25 bucks, by 10 which most people do in a year which is $50 bucks savings, that’s a free game in savings just for going digital.

2. Instant Access:
No driving to the store, small thing, but could be a big thing if you're far from your local game store. Nothing feels better then just clicking a button and you're done it’s downloading.

3. Game Sharing:
I game share with my brother, and that’s one of the coolest things about digital, before I had to buy a copy and then give it to my brother when I was not playing it, but with game share, your brother can be at college or your nephew can live across town. Or they can be in the same house on their PS4, the point is you get to share that game with one other person. And that’s awesome. For me that alone makes digital worth it, knowing that whatever I buy I can also give it to my brother to download on his PS4. Too Awesome. You get to share Your Plus Account too which is pretty awesome and just another small reason for going digital.

4. No Disc Loading:
Ok call me lazy but I really love the fact that I don’t have to get up and go find the disc, I just start my PS4 up and go right to my game. Pure sweet gaming harmony. Everything is just right on the dash, how cool is that. No disc spinning noise, even though the PS4 is really quiet, every now and then a game gets intense and you can sometimes hear that CD screaming / Not with digital / No screaming fan when you go digital, and that’s another small plus, I’m all about keeping my PS4 nice and quiet and not over heating. It does run cooler if you game is digital.

5. Can Re-download Anytime:
If you need to / Remember that game that you thought you were done with, but then some sweet DLC came out that you would go back and play but you sold the game already, well no worries with digital, it’s all right there stored on your account / you can just re-download if need be. Destiny I’m looking at you. Guess I will be coming back for that DLC. It’s looking pretty cool.

So what about the cons:

1. Can’t sell a game once you're done with it. / So no money back if the game sucks.

Yeah but that’s about it on my list. Yeah just one thing, everything else is a plus for digital for me. I mean the real question I guess is why not go digital. I find it hard to say no to. It’s really becoming a pretty sweet option.

You might find more reasons on your list for why to stay on Disc, but for me I find it harder and harder to find reasons not to get it digitally.

Hard Drive space is the only real problem with having a lot of digital games, but lucky for me I solved that problem day one, by installing a 1TB hard drive when I first bought my PS4. I knew space was not something I wanted to worry about.

Digital is becoming a way of life for me on my PS4, as I just find it to be really convenient and really not as bad as I thought it would be.

Money might be another issue why you stay on Disc since you can sometimes find deals on the Disc copies that you would never find on the Digital. For example Battlefield Hardline was on sale at K-mart for $15 bucks because they will no longer be carrying games. Digital is like never on sale. Which kind of made me find a way to create my own discounts.

So I do other things to get my discounts on games, for example I have the Credit Card which I use to buy food and pay for things that I was already doing every month, but now I use my card, so I do everything I was doing before but now I get points, and with the ponts system on that card, (which I have about 8400 points right now, which is like $84 bucks) I’m making some good points just for using the card on stuff I was already buying every week like groceries, shoes, clothes, friends birthday gift, my mom who needed a new toaster because her old one blew up (long story, but you get the idea). Basically just about everything I was already buying I now just use the card so I can make those points. It really starts to add up, and it pays off big time. Which I use to buy games, so I like to think of it as my own personal discount reward. So while some people say oh I’ll get this call of duty because it comes with a $10 dollar discount or credit or whatever, I like to use two $20 dollar PSN cards on my games as a bonus system. That way I take off 40 bucks off of any 59.99 game on the PSN store, bringing the price of the game down to $19.99. Do you know how many games you would buy if you could get them for 20 bucks. LoL..

Probably every single game that comes out, because when a game only cost 20 bucks it's not hard to decide if you want to get it. At 20 bucks any game you were thinking about getting is like a no-brainier. Sure, for $20 bucks I think you would have a harder time finding a reason not to buy it.

It’s a system that has worked really well for me, I don’t think I’ve paid full price for any of the games I bought this year. So just all the more reason I’m enjoying digital even more. I use my points to buy an Amazon gift card which I email to myself, and then use the gift card to buy PSN cards. It's been awesome, It's just another reason why I love digital.

But maybe that's just me, what about you, are you buying more digital games this gen, or are you still on Disc?

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Heyxyz1254d ago

I hate to be "that guy" but I must address your fifth pro-digital point. Re-downloading games isn't something that you can only do if you go digital because you can just keep your disk. In fact having a game tied to your account can be considered a con because if you get hacked that game is gone forever.

Other than that great article (I actually read a whole article for once)! I really enjoyed it!

At this moment I still buy disks. I don't hate digital, but I got hacked a few years ago so I'm really paranoid about my game collection.

Crazyglues1254d ago

I see, thanks for the comment, really glad you enjoyed the article, and actually read the whole thing.

Also, I'm sorry to hear that you got hacked, I can see how that could make you a little nervous about going digital.

Wii_nes_0071254d ago

Plus buying digital forces you to rely on the PSN. If PSN gets hacked again, God forbid, no games for you until its back online.

freshslicepizza1254d ago

you can still access the games on the hard drive even without a connection.

Crazyglues1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

@ Wii_nes_007

I don't want to shock you, but we already rely on PSN far too much already.

For example/ Most of the games I play are online, sure I play some offline, once in a blue moon. But I'm already online far more then I am off.

DragonKnight1253d ago

I bring your attention to P.T.

No, you can't re-download whenever you want. You can re-download as long as the game is still available on the servers. If you keep the game disc, that's not a problem.

For me the no tax pro is the reason I buy digital. Games are $70 in Canada and after tax they're $79. Why am I paying $80 for a $60 game?

DefenderOfDoom21254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

For me it is both . Picked up a physical copy of Killzone Shadowfall at Gamestop for only 20 dollars plus tax, new . (I bought a PS4 last December) The PlayStation Store is now selling Killzone Shadowfall for 40 bucks minus a penny in USA. About to pick up Far Cry 4 for 30 dollars new at Gamestop , while the PlayStation Store is selling Far Cry 4 for 60 bucks , minus a penny .

But , I bought NHL 15 for like 33 bucks during at Flash Sale at PS Store last December . I could not find a physical copy of NHL 15 on sale at that time for less than 50 bucks . And i just came from Gamestop and NHL 15 is still selling for 60 bucks ,plus tax.

As far as your system that you have going with the Amazon card . I kinda do the same with my Gamestop Rewards card . When i buy games online at PS Store, i buy my PSN cards at Gamestop to get more points on my Rewards card .

Until we have really good Internet infrastructure for everybody , i think is great we have both options . Great blog!

Crazyglues1254d ago

Great blog! -thanks player, I appreciate that.

Oh and that brings up something I forgot about, I have been also getting some deals on ebay for digital games, Like FarCry 4 digital was like 29.99 when I bought it for someone -(it was one of these pick one of 4 games, digital cards -

And also I had bought a digital copy of Last Of Us for a friend for like 15 bucks- think it was best buy, but it's on eBay for 13.99

So yeah kinda cool you can get deals on digital too.

Wii_nes_0071254d ago

Agreed. The ps store is way over priced, even with old games. Even though you pay tax on hard copy games, hard disc is way cheaper if you do it right. I bought FC4 brand new on Amazon a month after launch for $30.00. Because I live in Michigan, no tax, and I have something to show for it. But to each there own.

DragonKnight1253d ago

Prices are set by the publishers, not by Sony (unless it's a first party title). That's another con to digital.

garrettbobbyferguson1254d ago

You've forgotten a few things in regards to cons.

1)Banned and you lose your games
2)____ bricks and you possibly lose them (limited amount of installs)
3)Depending on what you're using it will take up HDD space

Although my PC library is about 90% digital these are some problems. Specifically the banned part.

freshslicepizza1254d ago

1) you still have access to your games on the hard drive even if you are banned, you just can't play online.

2) the games are tied to your account, nintendo from what i hear can be difficult to work with but you can still re-download your games

3) he did address this but some systems allow larger drives internal and external

the big issue with me is ownership. i want to be able to access my games and have the flexibility to trade/sell/lend/borrow them too.

digital is getting better but pricing can still be an issue. what they should do to add extra incentive is have early release on digital, discounts on pricing for new games. the problem is retailers will complain but once they are out of the picture a more competitive field will take place.

SegaGamer1254d ago

Digital downloading is not good for gaming and never will be.

Here are the reasons why:

The price of digital games, digital prices cost far too much.

Hard drive space. I don't fancy buying a bunch of HDD's every few months. The cheapest 1tb HDD's cost £40, i don't want to pay £40 for a bunch of new HDD's.

If the console's servers shut down, that is it, you can't download them ever again. Just like i said above, i don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on HDD's to backup my games. It's far too expensive.

If one of the companies pulls out of the console market your account disappears forever and you lose your games forever. Basically, with digital, you aren't buying games, you are renting them.

If your account get's hacked you are potentially screwed.

Downloading, we don't all have unlimited internet usage and some people don't have the internet at all.

We shouldn't ever have to face an all digital future. Having the option to choose either digital or physical should always exist.

s45gr321254d ago

The problem with physical which ties up with digital is online only games. These games servers once they are shut down, no more game.

caseh1254d ago


It's actually a lot more straight forward than that.


1. No tax:

In the UK and probably the EU as a whole, tax or no tax we already pay far more for digital downloads than most high street retailers. To put that into perspective for y'all 'mericans, you now pay $80-$90 as an average for your digital games. How you like them apples?

Crazyglues1254d ago

I think you lost me a little bit, are you saying UK and EU already pay really high for Digital.

And that would be like if our Digital games suddenly cost 80-90 dollars..?

Because if that's what your saying, then yes that would be crazy. If it was that price I don't even think I would buy any digital games.

Aenea1252d ago

@Crazyglues That's exactly what he means. Digital prices in EU include VAT, the digital prices are the MSRP prices which are €69.99 for the regular games which is about $80 while in the US digital store they are $60.

Now physical prices are cheaper, they usually are around the €55 mark, some even €45 or €50 which saves a lot per game.

And there's another pro for physical games: I like the boxes and how they look next to my console :)

Septic1254d ago

Almost all digital here.

Moldiver1254d ago

Same here. I dont any physical games for X1 or PS4 at this moment in time. I think this will be the first gen where I wont be trading any games. And I dont even have a problem with that.

Crazyglues1253d ago

@ Moldiver

Yeah that's the thing, I thought I would be upset about not having the physical game to trade-in or resell, But I don't even miss it...

Yeah I'm with you on that, it doesn't bother me at all.

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