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Would Batman Vs Superman Make For An Amazing Video Game?

I know this sounds crazy, but at the same time just think about how amazing this could be. I mean the movie is looking like it might be huge, one serious blockbuster coming out in 2016.

But can you really think of a better battle then this? Or a better superhero video game that you would rather play. (Ok sadly this is not happening)

This is just to talk about how epic it would be, if movie companies actually did video games based off of the movie the right way.

Two of the most iconic superheroes of our time set to fight each other, Just wow, if you're hyped for the movie, doesn’t it seem like there should be a Video Game.

I know what you're thinking, No! Just about every Movie Game always sucks, this would be no different. Well yeah, I almost would agree with you, except, just this morning (while I was drinking my morning coffee) It came to me, just how this could work.

And yes a lot of good ideas come to me when I’m drinking coffee in the morning, I just don’t always write them down.

You see the problem with Movie Video Games is they always get the wrong team to make the game, so of course it sucks. They don’t do it with the Movie because they know it would fail big time, but for some reason they do it with the Video Game.

(So for example if they got no-name actors and a weak director, no-one would care about this movie) So they get Ben Affleck and the guy who played superman in the last superman movie.

-But what’s really needed, is for the movie companies to pick a Video Game company that can make the video game version of the movie. (and when picking this company, you choose a company that fits the game style you are trying to create, so a game company that has made something awesome and has experience in making something similar to what the Movie is like)

So I pick → Sucker Punch Productions because they made Infamous, and they would be the perfect company to create a superhero game of this type. Especially since Infamous was basically a superhero movie in itself.

So right now your saying, “ok, ok, but how does the video game play out.? How would it work?

I’m glad you asked, I see it playing out like this.

Your either Batman, or your Superman. And the game start’s with you picking which one you want to be. Once you choose, you're given a quick back-story of your character and then boom, your dropped right into the action, no warm-up.

Just drops you straight into it. Well not quite, but you get the idea, the City’s burning and it’s your job to save the world of course. -(The story of every superhero) There will be a slow build up before you even meet Superman or Batman depending on who you picked to start with.

One thing Infamous, did really well was slowing getting your powers up to speed, so you start off pretty weak, still more powers than anyone else but still not really that powerful just yet, you have to slowly build up your superpowers.

Same thing here, you would start off with things or powers and slowly get more powerful by the time you actually meet up with Batman or Superman.

This slow grind would be a big part of the game as it get’s you to start to feel like you are your character and you are becoming really good with his skills. You begin to believe you are the superhero. All building up to the iconic battle.

This would be the game, gamers would love, but it’s not the game we will get. Sadly it looks like there is no video game planned.

So do you agree, do you think this could be an awesome video game. Or should movie companies just forget making a game?

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Crazyglues1261d ago

You could do that, that's actually not a bad idea..

DillyDilly1261d ago

Im sure a Mobile game will be made

Godmars2901261d ago

You would first have to make a good Superman game, then create a scale into what's become the model for a Batman game.

Also, the issue with movie games isn't - wholly - who they get to make them, but the relatively short amount of they're given. Which goes double in this era of games needing more production time.

lex-10201260d ago

The issue with a superman game is he's too super. It would be hard to make the player feel vulnerable while still making superman as super as he is. A DLC where you are batman and have to fight Superman would be cool though.

gamejediben1261d ago

It's easy to be cynical and say it would be another crappy licensed game but then I think of power suit Batman punching Superman through a wall and I get goosebumps.

Fully destructible open world super hero game... In my mind that is the ultimate video game.

Once that is achieved, the gaming industry will be fresh out of innovations.

But for the moment, I'd be happy with BvS DLC for Arkham Knight.

Malice-Flare1261d ago

of course it can be, however devs still need to solve how to do Superman right...

Crazyglues1261d ago

Yeah I agree with that because the superman games in the past have been really bad...

lex-10201260d ago

The problem is that Superman is too super. The player wouldn't feel vulnerable. And if they did make you feel vulnerable they would have to do so without making Superman feel underpowered.

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