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The UnFair Trial Of The Order: 1886 Campaign's Length, Is 5+ Hours Too Short?

Like you, I was a little disappointed to see this, but only because the game is looking so amazing. And in-case you missed it there was a Youtuber who uploaded the entire game, his account has since been deleted, but among a lot of things we learned, one of them is that the game is only 5.5 hours, depending on how you play.

Are we gamers becoming too jaded, I mean are we expecting too much for our $60 dollars or are our expectations becoming too unrealistic. I can't answer that, but that is the question I would like to ask you.

This game could be a little longer if you take your time, or shorter if you like to speed through things. Here is the thing though. I know size really should not matter as it’s really all about the experience but for a game that has no Multiplayer, is it kind of important to make sure the campaign is longer than a standard game that does have Multiplayer. Or does that not matter to you?

For me I don’t want to judge it too harsh, but I really doubt there will be replay value, there never really is most of the time with these games, but I guess if the story is really good and the game is a lot of fun to play it won’t be that bad. I am a little worried since the last of us -an amazing game- was 10 hours long, and it had a pretty cool Multiplayer.

I remember playing Bioshock Infinite and thinking, wow this is really good, but why no Multiplayer, that game could have been really amazing with a nice Multiplayer. The world just seems like it would have been amazing to play in, with the whole roller coaster thing theme too, that little tool you just held in your arm. Could have been amazing.

So does the Order 1886 get a pass, the thing is, I don’t know, but what I do know from the videos I watched from the Youtube leak, is that the game is looking amazing, and there is a real tone being set that really seems to make the game come to life.

The game seems to slow down but then catches itself and picks right back up, there are a lot of cut-scenes but there are two ways you can look at this, for me I looked at the video and thought wow, these are perfect they set the tone and the mood and give purpose to what you're doing.

Or you can look at it as this is in the way of me just getting back to killing or hunting down the monsters. Either way your opinion going in will set the tone for you, and cause the game to either fall on it’s sword, or raise that sword to victory.

If you didn’t see any of the videos then you're in for a treat. I would say the best thing to do is go in with an open mind. Pay really close attention, don’t let anyone tell you about the game and spoil it for you, by explaining parts or talking it about it, it has something really nice building, and it can only be delivered if you experience it for yourself. Kind of like watching a Movie. That’s probably the best way to describe it, The Order 1886 is a Movie that you're watching, but then start to play. The cutscenes are like watching an animated movie -Beowolf- comes to mind, that’s the bar these graphics mark this game tries to hit and it’s stunning. This game will spoil you, because once you see this, all other games seem like they really need to step up there graphics. It’s the one thing in-which the order is really trying to push the bar.

Some of the detail in the world starts to amaze you. It will be talked about for days and days after this one is released. If you're ready to really fall into something new and different, if you're ready to just be an open minded gamer, meaning just take a deep breathe and play the game without the hype wagon and without expectations, just slow down and play the game, taking in the story then I think you're really going to enjoy this one, you’re about to really get a good look at a true nex gen title. For better or Worse, I’m excited, and I can’t wait. The five hours does not bother me, but that’s only if it’s really good. -And I get the feeling it will be. I think you just have to have an open mind going in.

That's the key, keeping an open mind going in, kind of like when someone told you to download the P.T. demo, you had no real idea what to expect, so you didn't really judge it before playing you just went in, and took it all in. If you come in with no per-expectations or hyped up views, this will then be a better game experience.

The thing is I know people are going to flame the game for being so short, and I would say it's justified, I can't blame them, but the reason I feel bad for the developers is because they clearly tried to push the envelope and take the graphics to Cinematic Movie level, some of the best CGI seen on console. But this level of detail comes at a price, apparently the price is the length of the game.

A Price Gamers seem to be unwilling to pay. As the internet has gone crazy talking about cancelling their pre-orders and possible getting the game used later when it's 30 to 20 bucks instead. And that kind of feedback has got to hurt for the developers. My question to you would be, is that fair?

So is 5.5 hours a deal breaker for you are you cancelling your pre-order?

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Valenka1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

In my opinion, it doesn't matter whether a game has multiplayer or not* or how good the experience is. If you're going to charge $60 for the game, there needs to be more meat on the bone and not just embellishments around the plate, if you'll excuse the food related analogy. There are plenty of games out there that were brilliant, but simply too short and that is not okay for the price we're asked to pay.

I don't care if the graphics are the best we'll ever see or if the gameplay provides the most fun we will ever have; charging $60 for a video game that can be finished in three times the speed of sound is absurd and unacceptable. I'd rather play a game that is enjoyable, has dated visuals and gives me my money's worth than play a visual marvel that lasts less time than a work day. I'll surely appreciate the time and effort that went into everything except The Order's narrative length, but not at a $60 price tag. I'd rather eat the money.

*On a side note, I feel the same way about video games that are primarily multiplayer and throw in a half-assed campaign to supplement the difference. It's one of the many reasons I give zero money to Activision for Call of Duty (hell, I haven't bought a Call of Duty game in six years) and a prime reason why I'm skeptical on getting Battlefield Hardline at launch. It's also the main reason why I avoided Titanfall as if it were a viral plague.

But that's just my $0.02. If anyone wants to pay full retail price for The Order and not give a flying nun how short it is, be my guest. I hope it's worth it for you.

FriedGoat1425d ago

Lack of content is one of my pet peeves.
I won't be picking this game up.

thorstein1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Have you played the game from beginning to end the first time and confirmed this?

I prebought the game this week because I saw all the hate it is getting.

It seems that every time a new IP or game comes out for the Sony system, it garners incredible amounts of hate: Killzone: SF, Infamous: SS, (and the claims of graphics downgrades!!!!!) Dragon Age Inquisitio. Since I bought everyone of those games and had an absolute blast, I am now basing my decisions to buy games on how much hate it gets. It appears that the more hate the game gets, is a direct correlation to how much fun I have playing it.

I've put in 9 days 10 hours on Destiny alone. Sure, that'll get me some disagrees in and of itself, but obviously, I'm enjoying the game.

Recently, I finished (quite enjoyably) AC Unity, I am currently playing NHL 15, and will be playing Far Cry 4 this week up until the Order releases on Friday!

Next month's hate will be Bloodborne (the hate will probably start Saturday)

So, hate on up, hateboys, the majority of gamers, like me, will be gaming and having fun. This is really a new golden age of gaming.

Crazyglues1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

@ Thorstein

I have not played yet, but I did watch the Youtube videos that were posted, I tried to stay away since I do have the digital PSN copy already pre-ordered. (And for those that don't know that can't be cancelled.)

-But curiosity ate me alive and I watched, yes I did, I tried to look away, but got overwhelmed, one video became more interesting then the next. Silly I know -to spoil a game you bought and are about to play at the end of the week-

I must say, I learned something really interesting about the game from watching it. It's really good and I like the pace, not too fast not too slow, and very entertaining as long as take your time to take it all in.

-That part might be better understood when you play, you will see what I mean. Detail in amazing, I'm pumped to actually play the game. I think it's an amazing game.

Some will write it off because of the length but that's a shame because the game really is trying to set the bar to an insane level.

||.........___||............ ||

thorstein1427d ago

Totally agree with you. I am wary of Youtube vids after I saw a guy claim he spedrun Demon's Souls but then close analysis of the video showed that he had changed armor and defeated bosses that open up pathways to make the run through easier.

Without playing the game, we don't know what the player is skipping. The Demon's Soul run looked seemless.

Crazyglues1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

@ thorstein

You know I didn't even think about that, the person who uploaded the play though could have skip some things / and there could be some stuff missing between the next video.. very good point.

Well I'm hoping it turns out to be a really good game, and I think it will be-

Were about to find out, one more day to go..

uth111427d ago

yeah I've noticed that many of my favorite games generate lots of controversy, and they aren't always exclusives. I really liked The Crew, despite how much hate that got. Knack too was enjoyable.

But when it comes to the games that are universally praised with high marks, I often end up feeling like I wasted my money on them, they aren't as much fun as I expected. (TLOU & Transistor bored me) Maybe it's all a matter of expectations. A game that has been talked down doesn't have to do as much to impress as a game that's been praised to the heavens.

fitfox1427d ago

for the $60 price tag? YES

freshslicepizza1427d ago

it is too short if a large percentage of the so called game isn't playable.

i have a feeling this game will go down as one of the fastest and most returned games in history. that's not to say it will be a bad game but one that offers little to no replay value and apparently you can't even skip the cutscenes which would make a return play all the more daunting.

what i don't understand is all the hate this is getting pre launch but in a couple of months nobody will even be talking about it. i think if it was priced lower it wouldn't be getting so much hate.

kstap331425d ago

I think you're right that the perceived value is not there with this game at $60. $30 sounds a bit more reasonable. I wouldn't pay $60 for Ryse either... I see these 2 games as being similar (short, shallow gameplay, but gorgeous graphics).

SuperBlur1425d ago

In today's world, 60$ for 5hours -+ gameplay is overpriced. I think they should have worked on a co-op feature and some multiplayer .
I have not looked at the gameplay too much as to not spoil it for me but it came off as a Gears of War type of game. If that is indeed the audience they were gunning for, they should have included either or both co-op and multiplayer in my opinion. I do not think anybody would buy either COD or BF for its SP campaign alone.

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