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Assassin Creed Unity: First Impressions? Is It Really That Good?

Wow, Yes, yes and yes this one is awesome, have just been playing for a little while and decide to just do a blog post because I’m loving the game so far. So I thought I would give you my first impressions in-case you are on the fences about the game.

Just for reference / this is not a review just my first impressions so far / I’m playing on the PS4. And while I’m sure the XboxOne is pretty much the same thing, I thought I would just make that clear for the purist who need this information in-order to understand the reviewer’s full view point.

That said,

1. Graphics are really nice, yes sometimes it does not look as amazing in some spots, but most of the time it’s stunning. So overall Graphics are just Amazing.

2. Game-play feels nice it’s on par with previous versions of the game but improved, there are some things that stand out right away.

A. The fighting is slightly improved, feels like you need to counter and time stuff right, but not to the point that if you get it wrong you lose, it’s very forgiving I would say it’s very close to Black Flag, so if you enjoyed fighting there, it’s slightly improved here.

B. Jumping down from a roof feels awesome, a little hard to explain but somehow they got the feel right, you feel like you’re falling in this one, where in black flag you jump from a really high point and it feels like nothing, here going up or jumping down feels more live, there is a little effect were it’s like you feel the wind a slight blur and it feels like you're falling.. Nice effect. (nice rumble effect as you hit the roof or the ground) very subtle but adds so much to the immersion.

C. Climbing and jumping down is just so improved it’s night and day, much easier to climb and feels so natural, this is Ubisoft getting it right.

Ok, ok forget all that, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, do you get this game or do you pass? That’s really what you want to know?

Answer is simple. Yes, get this one. Sell watchdogs, or whatever you have been playing and are finished with, and get this. You will not be sorry, game seems to be worth it.

Paris looks beautiful. I have never been there but I’m already in-love with the place just from the game’s detail. This game is a massive step forward in the franchise, it’s a game you can get lost in playing for awhile and really enjoy that time. I would sell whatever games you have to sell or just get off the fence and pick this up. It’s good.

I’ve only played a little and I can’t wait to jump back in, the story telling seems to be flowing better in this one, the game is really nice, has really nice cut scenes pulling you into the story, and not that long that it feels like it’s dragging (MGS4 I’m looking at you) these are done right. Quick and to the point but look amazing, and they mix game-play right in them so before you can say this is interesting, you're back in it. Running, jumping, chasing.

Game just feels really good, it’s a leap forward from black flag and it has the kind of improvements you would expect to be happening game after game, but here it’s done right, they get it right. That’s the key.

Pick this up and play, you don’t need anymore validation it’s fun to play, you will get lost in it, and you will enjoy it and you will come to appreciate the other aspects of the game. Just get this one.

If your on the fence let me leave you with this, it’s a good game, it’s fun, and it’s worth returning to the brotherhood of Assassins. Even if that price is $59.99, in my humble opinion it is worth it.

Ok I’m out, time to get back to Paris. Will you be there, have you made up your mind yet?

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Crazyglues1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

One thing I should say about this is, "if you like assassin creed games then you will like this one, but if you didn't like the last one, Black Flag, like there were things you really didn't enjoy."

This game is not for you, this seems more like a slight upgrade to what AC already was, not a completely different approach. So if you didn't enjoy the last one, then this one Most likely won't be your cup of tea.

It's more of the same kind of game with little improvements here and there..

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KonsoruMasuta1441d ago

So it's still following the same basic formula. From what Ubisoft was saying before release, I assumed there were going to be some big changes.

It doesn't bother me, though. As an AC fan, I can deal with them not changing too much.

Crazyglues1441d ago

Yes, So far from what I have played, yes, it follows the same formula -- Which to me is good because if your an AC fan then it's what you played before but smoothed out.

Really nice feel here, Paris looks amazing. Crowds are insane, and also bring the feel of the city to life.

They just improved it, and that's a good thing because it feels smoother and it makes the game feel good.

For AC fans I can't see how you would not enjoy this one.

1441d ago
thepatientgamer1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

What about the cons though? Especially from someone who likes AC

Idree1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

I enjoyed AC 1, 2 and 3.

Black Flag not so much, guess i'll pass.

Bimkoblerutso1441d ago

Well, it's much closer to 1, 2, and 3 than it is to 4. It's not a pirate simulator anymore.

...I really liked that 4 brought something new to the table, myself.

starchild1441d ago

I, too, am really enjoying this game. So far the storytelling is a lot more engaging than any of the past games have been for me. And the gameplay truly has been enhanced in important ways. The combat is indeed harder, but not pull-out-your-hair hard, just right.

The stealth mechanics for me were just what I have been waiting for. Finally, you can use proper stealth mechanics in an AC game and it is wonderful. It opens up so many new gameplay scenarios. I love it.

The visuals are just jaw dropping most of the time. I don't know how the console versions look, but on my PC this game is impressive as hell. I haven't played a better looking game overall. The graphics remind me of Ryse, but on a much grander scale and with more subtlety and detail.

I'm about 6 hours in and so far I'm really liking it.

Crazyglues1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

@ Starchild

yeah I'm hearing it looks amazing on PC -

I guess those extra little effects like superior ambient occlusion (HBAO+) are really making it pop on PC... -But let me tell you, it still looks really impressive on PS4 too

-really impressed with the visuals, the game at times just looks stunning..

-yeah 4+ hours in and I really like it so far..

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