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Forget 8th Gen 4K consoles, what about 1080p60fps consoles??

Over the past few weeks this site has been bombarded with talk about an upgraded Xbox 1 or PS4 that can play games at 4K and gamers are split on the idea. They are wasting their breath because consoles that play games at 4K aren't coming anytime soon. Its too expensive and there wouldn't be a huge market for a console that could easily set you back $800 and most likely more. I think its just an updated console to support 4K video and 4K Blu Ray discs.

But what about an upgraded version of consoles that supports 1080p60fps in almost every game?? Similar to how phone companies have a base phone and a higher spec phone (Iphone 6, 6+) it wouldnt be a bad idea to offer a higher spec console. So lets say the current consoles sell for $300, the higher spec console would go for $500. Both companies would offer $200 trade in for people with the current consoles so you existing console owners would only have to pay $300 plus tax to upgrade.

Other upgrades these consoles would get are SATA 3 hard drives for faster loading times, better APU for faster multitasking, 720p60fps streaming, more USB ports including a couple 3.0 ports, more power efficient, and more.

Developers would have to optimize 2 more consoles but Im sure they will happy to work with a more powerful machine and don't have to sacrifice as much for the new console. The base model consoles won't go anywhere because there still are millions who want a cheap entry level console and don't care about 1080p60fps or the new console is too expensive. Me personally I already have a powerful PC and a Xbox 1 and I would be interested in a PS4+ but right now I'm saving up for a new truck. Doesn't mean I won't miss out on PS4 exclusives because I can just go to my friend's house to play PS4 games. I bought him Ratchet and Clank for his birthday and he is getting Uncharted in May.

So would you want to keep your base model or upgrade to 1080p60fps??

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wonderfulmonkeyman1016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

As long as it doesn't constantly jump between different speeds, anything down to 30fps is fine by me, as a playable speed for a game, though 60 is preferred.

And I can gladly and easily deal with a game that is 900p, or even 720p, if it comes down to that.
I've dealt with games that were only in 480p and still managed to look quite beautiful, after all.
When it comes to graphics, I'm extremely open-minded.

Art style will always matter more to me in terms of judging a game by its graphical merits.

You can look as realistic in 1080p 60fps as you like, but if you also look bland as a consequence, then those numbers equate to exactly jack sh*t no matter how many sweat drops the system can render on the latest flavor-of-the-day-war-soldiers face.

So honestly, I wouldn't upgrade.
I'd wait for the next true jump instead, unless that half-jump in console tech started getting games I can't live without that wouldn't play well, if at all, on the old version.
But it'd have to be the right games, and at least three of them, for that to happen.

Stick to the base model, dude.
You're not missing out on anything that's worth upgrading so soon for.

crazychris41241016d ago

I'm only interested in a PS4+ since I don't have a PS4. Already have a beast PC and a Xbox one which I won't Upgrade. Just finances is what's stopping me from getting a PS4, saving for a new truck.

freshslicepizza1016d ago

the talks about these new upgrades are not about getting into 4k gaming. we are still a long ways away from that happening while trying to keep console gaming affordable. sony is likely trying to push 4k video, not gaming. microsoft probably as well and also future proof themselves to both do augmented and virtual reality .

Heyxyz1016d ago

You must've read my mind.

Crazyglues1016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

This is so short I don't even know how it got approved, that's literally 3 paragraphs... LMAO..

I guess the approval process for N4G is not what it use to be..

DarXyde1016d ago

1080p/60fps is far more feasible financially for these companies, so I think that's what we're going to get. More power for gaming, but no way we're looking at anything resembling native 4K. Upscaled is more likely, but even that's iffy. I imagine it'll be for Netflix streaming if 4K is really on the cards.

If I can play Final Fantasy XV, Dark Souls III, and Uncharted 4 at 60fps though and 1080p, I'm totally game.

garrettbobbyferguson1016d ago

It was assumed that 1080/60 would be the standard this generation. Has been disappointing so far not only this isn't so, but people are more than happy to support less quality in exchange for some unnecessary bloom or unnecessary polygons.

kraenk121013d ago

That's naive in a way. 60 FPS will never be the standard because developers will always go for higher fidelity instead of framerate for most games.

AuToFiRE1012d ago

Me too, thinking back, Gran Turismo 3 was 60fps/1080i, and that was on the PS2.

yewles11016d ago

You're not even going to get 4K on the upgraded consoles from anything other than small indie titles, let alone 1080p/60.

kraenk121013d ago

The games are gonna be upscaled to 4K no problem at all.

2pacalypsenow1012d ago

"The games are gonna be upscaled to 4K no problem at all."

Your TV already does that

InMyOpinion1015d ago

And then maybe 9th gen can offer locked 60 fps. :D

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