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Why people are connecting with Kinect

I pretty much called all this weeks ago. Xbox 360 slim would sell amazingly and Project Natal (Now Kinect) would be a hit and sell the projected 3-5 million units this year.

I should charge like Miss Cleo or something seriously.
Why is Kinect the top selling and most talked about item other then the new Xbox 360 slim you may ask?
Simple, Microsoft got MTV, Spike TV, a big screen in Times square and oh yeah, they actually showed it as well as the games at E3. The same E3 most Sony and Nintendo fans called "Fail" "Disappointing" and said things like "Where's the hardcore games?".
Well who is laughing now? I am sure Microsoft will take the amazing sales for Kinect over being considered The "Winner" of the E3 conferences. While Sony and Nintendo were talking about "The Future" "3-D" and thing like that, Microsoft was all about "Here today, ready for tomorrow".

They got their message across to the people they intended to.
How many of you out there said "$149 is too expensive, it will fail at that price"? I am guessing a lot of you, well I submitted a story stating at $149 Kinect or (Natal) at the time would be a "Striking success". So far, again, so right.
There hasn't even been a price point yet and it's already outselling Move by a scary margin. Move has a price and a date and is not doing nearly what SOny had hoped. Why? Because Sony tried to convince their "Core gamers" that Move was for them too. Once the Casual people hear that, they back off. The problem is, what Core gamer is going to use Move in say Killzone 3 online? I mean Move lagged without it being online and through a network connection, who is going to risk it against someone with a standard controller? Sony alienated their possible buyers.

Sony showed what? Three actual games for Move on stage? How many did Microsoft show again? like 8, 9, 10? They might not have bee games for the "Core gamers" but that, again isn't who they were meant to show them too.

Now who walked away from the Microsoft conference and said "I know someone who would love that"? I am guessing a lot of people judging by the sales and pre-orders.

Kinect is something never seen before, no matter how badly people wanted to compare it to something, it stands alone. Nothing like it.

Were Microsoft fans upset at the MS conference? Some maybe, but we got a new, slim, sexy, quieter, 250 gig HDD, Wireless N Xbox 360 slim with headset for the same price, which is an actual upgrade instead of a downgrade like the PS3 slim. We gained features in our slim, while Sony took features out. Also it didn't hurt having the biggest game of the year their HALO REACH. Gears 3 is going to be epic and it don't get much more hardcore then that. Microsoft didn't confuse it's targeted audience.

People liked what they saw with Kinect, I am a core gamer and I liked it and so I pre-ordered it as well. The media functions and games look interesting.

For all the talking Sony fans do, they rarely step up to the plate and actually purchase anything or back the products. 3-D televisions aren't selling, Sony cant get a game to break the 5 million sold mark, most like MAG and Heavy Rain don't see 2 million. So for big name titles they seem to not do well at all. Now Move, which was supposed to be the greatest thing ever is literally and figuratively lagging behind Kinect.

So Kinect will fail ? Nobody will want it at $149? Think again.

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