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Never Underestimate The Power of Playstation

So, the Playstation 3 is about to arrive in Europe , bringing with it mass debate from Japan and America over weither or not it lives up to its hype. Much like the PS1 and PS2 then I suppose?

Sony has taken mass criticial intake from gamers and game journalists alike over the past few months, with regards to price, blu-ray, motion sensor controls, the power of the console, basically everything that the console has,  has been either criticised or from certain people praised. The price is the reason I see for it getting so much stabbing, it is expensive (£425!) here in England without a game is a lot for a working man/woman to fork out on something that doesnt include a game. In fact its close to getting at the "straightjacket" stage. Even so, here in the UK, game retailers such as have reported record pre-orders for the console, outselling the Xbox 360 and Wii. Why?

Playstation is a brand that everyone knows, everyone has seen and nearly everyone has played games on. Why?

Games that have been marketed superbly and appeal to casual and hardcore alike, the ability to have gotten your product to the word of mouth stage, which is basically free marketing coming from the public on what they have bought and what their friends and family should buy. Its vital. Playstation is the Coca-Cola of gaming these days, with Nintendo and Microsoft arguing over who should be Pepsi. Some people might not agree but I think its true.

Now Playstation to me has brought me many good memories, I still remember the day I first played Metal Gear Solid on the PS1, nearly crapping my pants at the giant spider in the first Resident Evil, listening to Billie Jean while causing shit in Vice City, scoring a wonderful free kick for the first time on Pro Evolution Soccer, I could go on.  Playstation has brought me very good game memories, none like I have had since the SNES days (well, maybe apart from seeing Gears of War for the first time in person) and for me, the examples given are the reason you should never under estimate the power of  Playstation. It has given birth to so many good games that Bill Gates would give most of his bank balance to have that kind of reputation and history when it comes to the Xbox.

I am no Sony fanboy though, I love all three gaming companies' consoles, I own a 360 at the moment and I am very pleased with it and the Wii  but for those writing Sony off, you should not, they have given birth to so many new top selling and critically acclaimed game franchises in the past and they can do it again, that is the real power of Playstation, not Cell, not three cores , RSX etc, its the games themselves.

I hope they do because at the end of the day it will be great for us gamers who are fanboy of games, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft , all three will provide us with wonderful experiences over the next few years, its very exciting times indeed.

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plexdk5860d ago

I couldnt agree more. my best game experience has been with ps1/ps2..

I weight a good and innovative gameplay higher than gfx... even tho' gfx is important as well..

I have a xbox360 at the moment, but i still miss those games which made a difference,
im sure the ps3 is going to give me that. Playstation has always been a brand with the best gameplay,
thats at least how I feel it..

then its just a positive thing it has the cell, rsx etc etc...

it seems like the current generation of people only chooses the console with the best hardware/specs these days.. thats a shame imho.


daomay5860d ago


Playstation is the Coca-Cola of gaming these

Lets open a can of coke with it....when we next switch on our ps3 come launch day for us AUS & Europe


FordGTGuy5860d ago

go back and fix your grammar so I can read it. I can't read articles with horrible grammar it annoys me.

XS5860d ago

Becuase your grammar is perfect right FordGTguy ??? lol

daomay5859d ago

I know your granmma is a lotz bettar then my FordGTgay? It won heppan agian.

Have a co#k on me I mean coke on me.



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