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PS3 The First Time

First of all, I would just like to say that I am a fanboy of games, not gaming consoles or console companys, I admire Nintendo,Microsoft and Sony very much as they have brought me so much joy from their machines over the years but my heart is always with the games themselves, franchises such as Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Halo,Mario etc, I love them more than console companys. So my following first impressions are of Sony's Playstation 3 , with my impressions being honest and truthful of my own personal views.

Over the past few weeks I have had the chance to play Sony's new machine, due to a friend having a lot of money and a love for gaming (he also owns a Wii,DS,360 and PSP).  He only owns the one game, the Japanese version of Motorstorm.

The machine itself, I have to say, lookswise, is sexy. Its big but sexy. I love the shine, the little power light and the fact it is so quiet. I own a 360 and I have to say the PS3 is a better looking machine overall, thats just my view.

The dashboard menu once the console is turned on is dreamy, wonderful little icons with a sleepy flow to the mood of the whole set up. I was impressed with the PSP version but this is better , mainly because I am watching it on a 42inch LCD tv. I was saying to myself through the whole process over the past few days, there is something about this machine, I want to have it, despite being a bit pricey to say the least!

The controller, well , I prefer the 360 one, thats just my view . Playstation 3's joypad is nice, not as bad as some have made out but its nice,very much like the PS2. So we go on to what is most important, the game....Motorstorm.

Motorstorm is a graphically impressive (not E3 demo/trailer impressive) but impressive racer that is , especially, fun wise, a cracking game. Its not as fast as I would like but its still a joy to play and shows the potential of the console with so many little things going on at once and I adore the dust trails and mud marks on my tyers. For a launch title , this is very promising for Sony, as it shows straight away that this game was impossible on a PS2/Xbox/Gamecube and that the fact that its good playability wise could set up a trend of Motorstorm sequels.

When I first bought a 360 some of the games to me were tripe, Perfect Dark Zero (Vastly over rated in my view ), King Kong, Hitman (lazy Eidos simply added lighting effects to its supposedly next gen experience). It was only PGR3, Fight Night and Elder Scrolls that to me, were next gen, so when people buy a PS3 they need more than Motorstorm to keep the purchase people happy. (Fall of Man I've not played). They need some truely next gen games this year, graphically and playability wise, great games to match the likes of Gears of War, Mass Effect, Halo 3, Alan Wake. For the sake of gaming I hope they do because at the end of the day, if you will end up owning a 360 and PS3, you will have so much joy overall.

On first impressions , is this the 360 beater? Not sure, it has vast potential gaming wise although I havent seen one bit of online (just played one game offline) or the blu-ray in action and with a very impressive set up of games in 2007 for 360, Sony has to work at it, which they will, they are not stupid but they wont have it easy, which at the end of the day is good for us who plan on purchasing a PS3 and already own a 360.

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Master of Menace5887d ago

But as soon as you said, the 360 controller was better, I stopped reading.

miasma5887d ago

Just that it was what he "preferred". I personally think both controllers are fine, different yes, but not so much to get into a twist over.

I do have to say, although this reading was a welcome lighter read (comparing it to the many articles about which console was superior), i think coxyefc should probably spent a little more time delving into the PS3 experience (game wise) for the sake of this article and any readers of it. It's nice to see you focus on just one aspect (the games) and express an opinion, but for me, this would have been a more worth while read if you did try out other games (whether or not they are good or not) to give a broader view of the current gaming experience (on PS3) and what you think are the goods and bads, strengths and weaknesses, etc. I guess i liked where you were taking your blog, but it seems a bit shallow as you only played the one game, and i was interested in your view of it and wished you had a couple more to comment on and then expand on that.

Sorry this is a bit of a ramble, but i do appreciate reading articles without all the BS that usually accompanies it. A good straight-to-the point opinion is always welcome, whether or not i agree with it...

Badhabit0075885d ago (Edited 5885d ago )

First of all, he just said that it was his opinion, not a fact.

Second of all, he is right. I have a 360, a PS3 and a Wii and I too prefer the 360 controller. Quality my friend, quality. Give to M$ what it deserve: they made a very nice and a good quality controller. The SISAXIS one feels like it's going to break in my hands. Have you tried the 360 controller for more than an hour? Do you own a 360? If yes, and if you like the SIXAXIS more than the 360 one, OK, my apologies, we all have our opinions. But please, do not say that you stop reading because of that, you're not a baby, right?

Sorry for my rant, I'm so pissed-off about all those fanboyisms posts everywhere over the net.

coxyefc5887d ago

"But as soon as you said, the 360 controller was better, I stopped reading."

i am gutted to say the least.

timmyp535885d ago

youve probaly never touched ..its great when you get use to it and the motion sensing just adds more and more