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Why paid multiplayer on PS4 isn't an issue

It appears there has been a lot of backlash from many people over the introduction of a mandatory paid service for online play coming to the next generation Playstation.

Let me start by saying I am a PlayStation owner, and have been all my life.
Secondly I should state I have been a PS+ member for around 4 months now and have a fair bit of insight on this topic.

People are up in arms that they now need to pay $60 / £40 to play online. But why?

Let's see what we know you get for your money:
- You get Drive Club, a ps4 launch title, free of charge, for the same price as what the game would have cost anyway.
- Free games every month for the length of your subscription
- The ability to play next gen top quality games in all of their multiplayer / co op modes
- Cross game chat
- Cloud saves
- Automatic game and system updates

These last points are just assumptions as we don't have details as far as I'm aware

- The ability to stream, share videos and photos and connect with social networks
- The ability to use Gaikai when it launches*

* As gaikai hasn't been detailed in full yet, this could mean that over time the entire ps3 catalogue could become available to stream at no extra charge to your ps4.

All of these features for $5 a month is a steal if I ever saw one

Let's not forget this will also benefit Sony as another source of revenue to put back into PlayStation and create an even better service and acquire new games and exclusives.

I write this not to disagree with the people who liked having free multiplayer.

But to point out why it isn't a bad thing, and why it will benefit us all.

Greatness awaits.


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dedicatedtogamers2657d ago

I disagree that it isn't an issue. It is, and I say that as a PS3 and Vita owner who also subscribed to PS+. It's a new requirement. I can sympathize with anyone who doesn't want to participate in this whether it's for moral or financial reasons.

HOWEVER, it makes sense. We're moving into a new generation and with all this cloud/online/integration stuff increasing exponentially, Sony wants to make sure they can cover their butts. They're going to clean up, because once people realize they can get free games (and other bonuses) for all three Sony platforms, people will be hooked.

dedicatedtogamers2657d ago

Oh. and I don't know if anyone saw it, but Jack Tretton confirmed no more online passes for online games. He said third-parties can still use them if they want, but not online pass fees will be required for playing any 1st-party PS4 games (since you're paying for PS+ anyway, I assume).

HammadTheBeast2657d ago

It does kind of suck, I was bummed out. This will impact sales no doubt, I'm considering waiting a year or so now.

Additionally, they took one of the main PS3 features and destroyed it.


showtimefolks2657d ago

it isn't an issue for gamers and those who already have psn-plus, the issue is the xbox fanboys who now all of the sudden hate on ps4 more even though they have been paying for xblive for last 10 years

if paying me better service than i am all for it

dedicatedtogamers2657d ago

"the issue is the xbox fanboys who now all of the sudden hate on ps4"

Nope. You're looking for the devil under every rock. Sure, there are Xbox fanboys being...surprise!...fanboys, but I think some PS3 fans are saddened by that, and they're allowed to be disappointed.

Don't be like the Xbox groupies who kept shouting "THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO HATE XBOX ONE ARE STUPID SONY FANBOYS!"

showtimefolks2657d ago


yeh i guess i shouldn't have used that word, and you are right many are saddened or disappointed. The way i look at it is it costs a lot to build something like PSN and keep up the maintenance so sooner or later sony had to look at it as a paid service to make some proper and huge improvements

but we will see, sony did a lot right at E3 so i am willing to overlook that lol

WildArmed2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

The whole point of PS+ initially was improve servers and PSN as a service w/o restricting fellow members. It's not about "getting over it", by ignoring it -- we are only hurting our gaming community.

Yes, most people will pay for it to play online -- Gold membership has shown this already. But the minority that don't, we are excluding them. It's fine if you think of it in terms of "me me me", but it is more than just you and I -- it's the whole PS community that will suffer as a whole. I am a PS+ member now, infact 2x over. One US and another EU. So it really doesn't affect me, but it's not just about me, it's about the gaming community. "Get a cheaper hobby" is an immature way of looking at it, since when does your financial status turn you away from a hobby like gaming? Isn't that what made gaming great in the first place? 25c gaming at the arcades?

You'll have less people to play with -- even if they have the game, they can't join in w/ you.. i mean even for Co-Op?! Really? You can't just say play togethr w/ any friend anymore, IS YOUR PS+ SUB ACTIVE?

It's a disease, and I'm sad that so many people are willing to take it w/o any fight. I know it's harder to see when 2 of the big three are doing pay subscriptions now, but at least voicing dislike (even if it doesn't change anything) shows the gaming community won't just take anything it's given.

It's like picking the lesser of two evils, why did it come down to this? No consumer rights? (a lil' exaggeration on my part here :P )
The industry is moving towards a monopoly at this rate, and we'll end up in bad shape before we know it if we keep taking hits like this.

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SilentNegotiator2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I didn't ask for these extras. I just want to play online.

If you want those features, then YOU can pay for them. For ME, it *IS* an issue.

Why am I reading the same justifications I read for LIVE the last 7 years with "LIVE" scribbled out and "PS+" written in its place (except with some free B-games, stream features that aren't exactly clarified on yet, and video sharing)?

HammadTheBeast2657d ago

I was going to buy DriveClub anyways (B-game? What?), so I'm technically getting it $15 cheaper (PS Plus is $49.99 new games are about $65-70 with taxes) and I get all the benefits of PS+.

It was a bit of a hit though, and for a second I was honestly considering XB1 now that both systems had that, then I realized that the price would more than make up for it, especially with the PS4 $100 cheaper and with about 7 Free to Play games straight out of the box.

SilentNegotiator2657d ago

So they put the pack in game behind a paywall. So what? After that they'll be mostly B-games.

khellendros12657d ago

The difference between Live and PS+ is that you actually get more than just playing multiplayer. I'm sorry you feel screwed but the value is so great its a non issue for me. You can choose dwell on paying for MP or you think about the value of getting all these games. My 320GB HDD is almost full from games off of PS+. I've been wanting Xcom and now get to play it for free. Its free because I got my money back from the other 8 or 9 games I'm playing.

IcicleTrepan2657d ago

Something tells me that you don't own a 360 which is why you don't understand Live.

ZombieNinjaPanda2657d ago

"I get my money back because I paid for more things"


IMightBeRetarded2657d ago

B-games? Have you seen what the ps3 has been getting? Uncharted 3 and xcom are far from b-games.

SilentNegotiator2657d ago

Oh right, because they're normally games that good and Sony totally didn't throw those incentives in to get people hooked on PS+ before it becomes mandatory for MP. /s

IMightBeRetarded2656d ago

or you know, it could just be a great service?

Outside_ofthe_Box2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )


I'd rather have this model:

- Free PSN -
~ Free demos
~ Access to multi-player
~ Any app that can be found free else
~ Any other gaming ESSENTIAL features

- PS Plus -
~ Free games every month for the length of your sub
~ Cross game chat
~ Cloud saves
~ Automatic game and system updates
~ Any other gaming features that aren't essential to the traditional gaming experience
~ All other non-gaming features that cannot be accessed free elsewhere

I would throw Gaikai under Plus, but I doubt it'll be free for all Plus members. Thousands of games across multiple platforms for free? No way Jose. I see Sony putting an initial price tag on each game and then allowing unlimited access to it after you paid the price. Hopefully they have some sort of way to recognize games you already own both digital and disc wise so that you don't have to pay the fee.

Anyway I'm really surprised people are just allowing Sony to do this without a fight at all. Charging to play online is borderline criminal.

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Software_Lover2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

It is an issue. It's not for you because it it's your console of choice and you dont want to see anything wrong. You are paying for online multiplayer point blank. They could've left everything the same if there were no issues. You better believe they knew they could make "MORE MONEY" if they put multiplayer behind it. That is the only reason it was moved over.

No other reason for them to do so.

Also, No matter how many times the xbox guys kept telling you how much better the live interface was compared to PSN, you guys stated that "paying for multiplayer is still paying for multiplayer". I repeat, no matter how you try to spin it, "paying for multiplayer is still paying for multiplayer".

Lastly, do you actually believe there will not be a separate charge to stream ps3 games to your ps4? You will have to either rebuy the game on gaiki, or there will be a monthly/yearly fee. You could just keep your ps3 of course.

thebudgetgamer2657d ago

The problem with Xbox Live is you're paying Microsoft for the privelage of paying others, like Netflix and what not.

ForeAllEternity2657d ago

Totally agree with you there. I'm on PS+ right now for its free games and such but it's because I chose to have it. Having it shoved in my face for next gen for online play makes me not even want to get a PS4 at this point. I know all companies are out making $$. But as a consumer, I do not like having choices taken away from me.

pixelsword2657d ago

It's an issue. I probably won't get a PS4 for at least two years, if that, to compensate for price drops because of them forcing me to pay to play.

It's the gaming version of a toll bridge.

If I get a PS4 at all, it'll either be:

1. used

2. I win one somehow

3. after a few price drops that will equal the estimated $50/year for as long as I think this gen will last (so you're basically looking at a $300 price-drop)

iamgoatman2657d ago

Lol at the 2nd option. A bit of optimism never hurt anyone I suppose.

But I'm with you on this, I may get one in a few years if the price has dropped enough or someone sells me one cheap, but even then I won't cough up for multiplayer just out of principle. Did the same with the X360, waited for a big price drop, never paid for something I shouldn't have to.

SonyWarrior2657d ago

you should get a job then you wont have to wait 2 years lol. I have a job and im buying 4 ps4s.....

iamgoatman2656d ago

It's not about the price, it's the principle.

And 4 PS4s? You know what they say, a fool and his money are easily parted.

pixelsword2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I have a job, but I also have an I.Q.; so I'll wait.

turnerdc2657d ago

You get Drive Club...PS+ edition.

"The PS Plus edition of DriveClub, revealed yesterday, will – according to Evolution – be the full version of the game in terms of features and mechanics.
However, it will launch with a cut-back number of tracks and cars."

Sounds like GT5 Prologue.

Oschino19072657d ago

No not at all like GT5 Prologue. This game is very open world like and online multiplayer based from what I have seen. Most likely will have to pay for or earn other vehicles and tracks that Reg Version players already have. By the time the game goes free for PS+ it will have had a lot of new content and features added to the game overall.

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