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The Last Of Us. Theories / Wishlist etc...

I have decided to write this post to discuss some things that I have been contemplating since the release of the trailer for the upcoming PS3 exclusive "The Last Of Us" .

The last of us is being developed by the makers of the PS3 exclusive Uncharted Series, this alone has many people very excited about what this game could bring to the table.
The uncharted series has gained a lot of critical and public acclaim scoring in the high 90's on meta critic.
This would leave people to believe this game would reach or ever surpass those standards, and I don't doubt that.

Here's where I share my theories / possibilities on the game.
I have watched the VGA trailer several times now and undoubtedly this game will not only take a leaf from uncharted's book but most likely a whole branch.
The graphics, as in uncharted, look amazing, arguably the best this generation, this is of course a huge selling point of the game, the character models and environments are extremely well detailed just as you would expect from this developer.
Now to the game play, I am aware the trailer did not show any game play but lets look at what we have.

Naughty dog this generation have only developed the Uncharted series. This is why I believe that The Last Of Us will play very much like uncharted minus running and gunning as they will probably be going for the survival horror feel. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as Uncharted had great game play.
What this means is the game will be quite linear, you can probably venture off as in Uncharted but this just gives the illusion of freedom, when really, if your not going forwards, your not going any where.

And I personally have a problem with this, the problem I have is that if this really is what the game plays like, it just means were going to get another 8 or so hour long campaign with no incentive to go back once we have played through it. This might not be a problem to some but to me it is a wasted opportunity.

This is the wish list part of this blog.
Imagine this.
And open world, not huge, not tiny.
A sense of danger every where you go, there is no cars to drive, the streets are dangerous and thought must be put into every decision you make.
The world is gritty and almost "alive" , your best bet of survival is to find shelter and resources while following what ever plot line Naughty Dog will undoubtedly come up with.

Now, would you prefer that, or uncharted with zombies?

I know which I would choose. But each to there own.

I don't want any hate for this, these are just my opinions and theories on how this game will turn out.
I am not claiming that I am correct, I am just putting 2 and 2 together.

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-Alpha3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

It's hard for me to get excited because there's very little anybody knows about gameplay. The only thing I am really liking that I can derive from the trailer is how nature is taking over the world rapidly. I love that idea a lot.

As for gameplay, it can go anywhere, but my highest hopes are that it isn't anything like Uncharted. Uncharted's linearity and scripted nature works for an action game, and I don't see ND making this game anything like Uncharted gameplay.

I do hope it's more like I am Legend, where you can go out and explore with some level of freedom, but have extremely limited resources and must bunk up during the nights, etc. Maybe like Jak, where you have an open world to mess around with, but the story-pushing levels are contained outside of the open world. The self-contained sections in Jak offered both styles that worked really well.

Krew_923208d ago

Yeah it would be awesome if it was open-world. The Jak idea is really good too, I dig it.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3207d ago

I agree with the first part 100%. I can understand some of the excitement, because of Naughty Dog's reputation, but there seems to be quite a few people who are way too hyped for a game we know next to nothing about.

As for the rest: I'm one of the two dozen people who who haven't plaayed any of the Uncharted games, so I can't say with any certainty "agree" or "disagree."

I am going to get Uncharted eventually. Got it lined up from Blockbuster.

Brownghost3206d ago

exactly, there people who already want it now but it now looks like a generic third person game. Will wait for more details

QuodEratDemonstrandm3208d ago

I like the idea of an open world game. That would be the difference between renting and buying for me. If it does end up being a sandbox game, the best setting I can think of would be one of the five boroughs; preferably Brooklyn. Low buildings, plenty of places to hide, and a lot of houses have bars on the windows, making fortifying for a night's sleep easier.
It looks like it might be good, based on what little we know. Definitely worth playing, but if it's a sandbox, I'll go ahead and buy it.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray3208d ago

Kind of in between on this one. Fist off, I would like a resident evil camera angle but also to move and shoot at the same time and yes, limited resources should be in the game throughout.

But I think they may lose some of the atmosphere with an open world game. The best survival horrors were linear but tense - resident evil 4, dead space etc. also I would want to be more than just 1 city. It's a worldwide epidemic so just to stay in 1 city would be limiting.

Krew_923208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

I think it might just be that city. However, if it is open-world they can make a gigantic map, making it worth it. The city didn't look like it would be small.

Maybe you can explore, but you wouldn't want to? Because you have so few resources, and death would be imminent.

Any information at this point would be awesome.

Ducky3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

"Imagine this.
And open world, not huge, not tiny.
A sense of danger every where you go, there is no cars to drive, the streets are dangerous and thought must be put into every decision you make."

You mean, imagine Stalker, except not as a FPS?

Whatever it is, I hope it isn't like Uncharted with zombies/infected. The whole 'cinematic' thing that UC does is nice, but leaves little replay value. If they're going to be focusing on single-player, then I hope the game has some level of freedom, as well as some level of uncertainty.

ND certainly has some experience making those kinds of games (such as the Jak series) and I assume they know what's best for their game.

kramun3207d ago

'You mean, imagine Stalker, except not as a FPS?'

Stalker did zombies better than any other game. I die a little more inside when I think of the fact that there may not be another. :(

On topic -

All I got from the reveal was it was a man and a girl against some sort of (zombie) infected enemy. I have great respect for ND, but until we have something a bit more clear cut than a cutscene we don't really know a lot.

All we have are assumptions, and months and months of websites and fanbois going on about it.

Oh joy.

smashcrashbash3207d ago

It obviously won't be 'Uncharted with zombies'. First of all to set the record straight, no one has said these things are zombies, so could we refrain from calling them that. Lets say monsters for now. Many creatures in games are not zombies. Secondly if it is a survival horror and they are scavenging for something as simple as a few bullets put in a gun I doubt you will be running and gunning down anything.

Thirdly games like Silent Hill and RE are linear and were very enjoyable and functional and I didn't see anyone complaining that the linearity threw them off from buying any of them.And finally I think that UC climbing and hanging mechanic would be great for a survival horror. Instead of simply just running down a corridor to escape a creature why not climb up the side of a wall or hang from a light post until a group of enemies pass by or climb to safety if things get too hairy and hide. So they should keep that part in for sure.

mafiahajeri3206d ago

She looks like a 14 year old girl which is not a character I would like to play, the other dude looks like a badass. The way they can fix this is make it co-op nobody likes to play alone except maybe the HARDCORE survival horror (weve heard alot about survival but no horror in this game) who are the minority in the gaming community so if ND want people to buy this game It would be in their favour if they add co-op

Im not saying I wont buy the game but I would prefer to be the other guy.


They said it takes them accross the US so I dont think it will be open world

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