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N4G and the Forza 3 modding catastrophe

Ever since Turn 10 announced Forza 3 over a year ago, this site has been hellish to post on about said title.

Microsoft and Turn 10 (mostly Turn 10) were extremely vocal about their love of Forza 3. In their eyes, it was God's gift to gaming (or for you Atheists, the Big Bang of Gaming) and they made sure to tell everyone about it.

And anywhere you posted anything negative about it was met with deletion of your comment, or probably a ban of some sort. And this site is no exception.

With the recent news of the awful move Turn 10 is making by releasing the Ultimate Edition (why they didn't capitalize on Definitive Edition is beyond me, maybe the mass bugs and glitches have something to do with it) of Forza 3 and having all DLC, plus non-DLC content, packaged with the game; it's needless to say that there are plenty of people pissed off with this move, and even more who decry them for such shady business practices.

When the news broke and was posted on this site, the very correct majority of people spoke out against the practice. And what were they met with? Nothing but report after report of Trolling, Off Topic, Immature, Offensive reports to more than half of the comments on the first page of the thread alone.

See for yourself...

As you can see if you click on the posts that are hidden, MOST of them are legitimate concerns or gripes with Turn 10 posted in an inoffensive fashion, and yet were still reported for trolling.

My only conclusion is that Turn 10 once again sent out employees to gaming journalism websites, only this time not to troll but to stealth report out their asses to ensure nothing negative is said about their milked, I mean "new", game. I mean, why not, it's not like they're above that kind of thing.

A poll was posted on that asked which game would people buy, Forza 3 or Gran Turismo 5. Turn 10 posted that if people voted for Forza 3 and it won, the voters would get exclusive content for the game. They tried to rig the vote.

And then there was the Microsoft employee that trolled the GT5 release date and was outed by a NeoGaf forum mod. Read about that here...


And now, with the release of this new dairy product, I mean game (keep making that mistake... mooo), Turn 10 have ignored the dozens upon dozens of posts on their own forums of angry gamers who are upset, and rightfully so, that they already paid full price + the cost of DLC for a game, only to be told they'll have to pay another $60 for new content to an already year old game. They've even deleted many comments, essentially censoring and erasing negative feedback to this horrible move of theirs.

Read about that here...

And the Turn 10 Studio blog about this topic is here...


So, is it entirely inconceivable that Turn 10 studios, or Microsoft, would send out employees to the internets largest gaming news aggregator? I don't think so.

My own comments on the how the comments were being removed even though they weren't trolling were themselves marked for trolling. And today, I had 2 bubbles removed (from the mods) and a 3 day commenting ban for my comments on the Forza 3 issue.

This kind of Nazi-like modding is pathetic and just goes to show you that Turn 10 is either paying N4G's bills, or mass reporting anyone that says anything negative about their dumbass milking move.

Well, too bad for them that they are outnumbered significantly, and they will never suppress the truth. That they are a horrible excuse for professionals, make horrible games, and are not above trolling the internet, rigging votes, and ignoring the people WHO MAKE THEM MONEY to get what they want.

So, N4G site admins, congratulations on continuing to fan the flames of the fanboy wars by allowing sensationalist articles that go against the site rules. Congratulations on allowing Turn 10 to tell you what can and cannot be said on a supposedly "free" site. Congratulations for being Nazi/Facists. I'm sure your mothers are very proud of you.

Have a good day.

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MrMccormo4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

I somehow lost a bubble in the Forza 3 thread even though I had 88 agrees and 7 disagrees. I also was hidden by the post above me marked as 'trolling', although my own post was not marked as trolling. But like I said, I still somehow lost a bubble.

I made a blog post about this same topic yesterday. Here is the post if you're interested:

4122d ago
rroded4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

biased mods say it aint so...

lol welcome to n4g
chk my comments n see why i've had 3 bubs so far popped by mods for legit comments. if your opinion aint all roses for ms means even if you follow all the posting rules they will close yur comments n pop your bubs jus cause they can.

ever since they updated the mods powers its been abused jus follow my bub count lol

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LordMarius4122d ago

Odion has already confessed it was his doing.
He also says he doesnt moderate much of the PS3 news because he doesnt own one(something along those lines), so blame Smokey for not taking care of our PS3 news

Joule4120d ago

Listen to this women, she speaks the truth.

LordMarius4120d ago

Thats right, cuz Im Rosa Parks mathafreakers!!

UltimateIdiot9114121d ago

At the end of the day, I think gamers should really let their money do the talking. Way too many complain but most of those who complain don't follow through.

I do not like Activision's practice, so I resisted many of their titles (SCII was the exception). I can't say the same for my fellow gamers who end up buying games they said they wouldn't.

If these Forza fans are really unhappy, not only should they complain but make sure it bombs in sales. If the Ultimate Edition does well, then it only reinforce MS to continue such practice.

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