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My top ten gaming franchise/series to date.

Now, I've been gaming for nearly 30years now and though I've had many memorable gaming experiences over 25yrs ago, I'm just not one to harp on days gone by with false delusions of games with past glory.

I however am not one to just pick the latest hype material either but rather I just enjoy what I enjoy and that's that. Here are my top 10 favorite gaming experiences in the 30years of my gaming.

Number 10
The Silent Hill series

This series for me has been my number one horror adventure game for over a decade. Silent Hill was probably the first time I had ever gotten legitly scared out my ass by any video game and Silent Hill 2 just ramped it way up later on. Though some have gripes of later installations, I however have really enjoyed this entire series.

However, with the new Home Coming installation I was rather disappointed cause though I enjoyed it a lot, I felt Current gen Silent Hill should have been way more "meaty" in over all quality. Here's to hoping the Hill can continued to be climbed instead of forgotten about and dropped off my top ten list.

Number 9
The Driver Series

I can't help be feel infuriatingly mad at Atari when I look at what they've done to this great franchise. For me, the game Driver was a heavy hitter entity on it's own and commanded respect from other top hits. Driver 1 was an incredible experience while Driver 2 just expanded on everything and brought a high level of potential hope to future renditions of the series. A level, however, that Atari miserably fell way low below.

In not recognizing the nature appeal and unique gameplay elements to the game, they went for cheap knock off thrill with some messed up GTA wannabe for the rest of the series and this really pisses my off to no end. There were so many great gaming qualities that this game was delivering back on thePS1 and it's unconscionable that Atari would dump all the greatness of this game and sell out to being just another GTA clone.

Driver's Director editing mode, where you can record your actions in the game and then edit them like a film director and replay the scenes like a real movies was, for me ground breaking and something I looked forward to improvement in later console generations but alas, Atari were too stupid to understand what to do with this thing that they actually removed this incredible feature. I'm hoping with all hope that the Driver series gets a worthy developer to give the fanbase what we've been awaiting for years, the real Driver 3.

Number 8

All I can say to this title is OH MY GIDDY ARSE! Turn based strategy is my bread and butter genre; I eat that thing up like no other genre. However, with this game, I hadn't expected I'd been floored by it as I did. It's RPG like elements were a very welcome addition to the gameplay and it is the only TBS game I've ever sunk over 200 hrs of story mode campaigning. For me, it is the ultimate TBS game on the planet and though not a series, one can only hope that this great gem doesn't just end with this one game.

Number 7
The Hitman series

I was actually, ironically, turned on to this series around the time of the infamous DC Sniper saga a number of years ago. I walked in to get a rental and I saw this game that I'd seen for the PC many years previously but never got into and was now intrigued. WOW, what a game. It delivered way past any expectations I may have had and I had to go experience this game from the beginning of the series. Great to see it's still a great series and totally looking forward to this current gen rendition. Eidos, DON'T 'UCK THIS UP OR ELSE! *looks square at Kane 'n Lynch tapping toe furiously with arms folded*

Number 6
The SOCOM franchise

Gosh, not much to say at all to the greatness of this series. When you get tonnes of gamers world wide throwing thousands of hours into a tactical shooter like this game, that should be enough to tell you about it's greatness. Between it's SP campaign to it's renowned MP, the series has done the best job at relying the feel of Navy Seals Special Forces operations from both a stealth stand point with it's SP campaign to all out rock'em sock'em action to display that side of the work Navy Seals get into.

Hands down the most incredible strategy online shooter I've ever experienced in my life. It's nick name, SOCRACK, is well placed with this one.

Number 5

Yeah, we all know of the controvesy of this title and just a peek at any forum discussing this game is covered in wall to wall insults but for me, not only is it one of the best current gen games I've experienced on the PS3 so far (second only to MGS4) it has also become my top 5 favourite gaming experiences of all time.

Though not a series... yet, my fingers are firmly crossed on this title cause for me to believe such an incredible game with equally incredible gameplay can be lost just cause of a bunch of closed minded and sheep like gamers persuaded by cheap viral marketing tactics & campaigns, is unacceptable to me. You dont' like lair? great for you, just quit trying to dictate MY gaming experiences. Here's to a Lair II down the road - HERE, HERE!

Number 4
Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver Series

To date, no game has surpassed the theatrical performance of this series. Save for the likes of Heavenly Sword (which is the closest to toping this game in this field) and the well renowed God of War series, you'll be hard pressed to match the quality of thearical entertainment which this game oozes and for which was the primary reason I got so endeared to the series.

The blend of action and puzzle solving with a deep involving  story line is too much for me to resist. Yet another incredible game you feel sick to think there might never been another rendition of it. For the love of all things good in gaming, surely this can't be the case for this great series.

Number 3
God Of War Franchise

Ok, I'm sure I don't even have to say much about this game. One of the most thoroughly satisfying gaming experiences I've ever had in all my years of gaming. A supreme master piece of enormous proportions and indeed a series that I'm baffled hasn't made it to Broadway yet. It would be killer if it did.

Number 2
Killzone & Half Life series

I don't know what it is about the Half Life series that just commands interest. Could it be the fact that I feel so happy that I actually have to think while playing a FPS? It being known as a thinking man's FPS is well noted but I think the reason I've been so smitten by this series is the way Valve have masterfully found a way to connect the player with all the characters in the game. They have this ingenious way of making you care - INGENIOUS! I say.

Then there's this other game called Killzone. Very different from Half Life but I believe what got me about the series was the fact that it, consciously or not, pulled of what Valve had done with the Half Life series - it made me care. Care about the Characters, their backgrounds, the Killzone universe, everything. Though not an optimized game, technically speaking, it made me see the huge potential in this game's universe down the line and I'm so ecstatically happy when I now see current gen renditions in Killzone Liberation & the beast it's self - Killzone II.

THIS is what happens when games aren't dictated and manipulated into the gaming community's gaming experiences; we get to experience bigger and better gaming. I shutter to think what would have happened to this great series had the naysayers had their way and totally squashed it's potential or had gamers not gone out and supported it cause of the negativity surrounding it back in the day. No Killzone II? Say it can't ever be so.. SAY IT!

Yes, two games I love so dearly and equally they just have to share this number 2 spot for my second best gaming experiences of all time.

Number 1
Metal Gear Solid Franchise

Never has and video game put me through the kind of emotional roller coaster this game has in all it's series; with MGS4 totally blasting me with emotional turmoil, from extreme joy to extreme anticipation to low bouts of sadness and everything in between.

The emotions I've gone through with this game's series are on the same level as I've had viewing great movies that have also had this effect on me like Brave Heart, Cool Hand Luke, Saving Private Ryan etc and even surpassed them in many regards for me.

The metal gear solid series for me is the poster child for what video gaming is about and where I think it should head towards. A game that deals with real human issues and displays such intellectual prowess but through it all, never forgets that it is, after all, still just a video game.


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