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Summer Game Fest 2024 - General Discussion

Well, that happened and there was a lot in there for better or worse. In this age sans-E3, it's been harder to get your news like we used to, but they're still trying.

We hope you enjoyed the news coming out of what events we have and just thought we'd throw the ball to you to discuss any of the interesting games being shown throughout today's shows (Devolver is last, so who knows how that wil lturn out).

Let us know your thoughts or the shown content and hopes for upcoming events on this sans-E3 weekend. Thanks to you all for hanging in for the news that does come out.


P_Bomb45d ago

I wish the big 3 had more presence. Help Geoff out guys! I guess XB is saving itself for Sunday. PlayStation first party awol again. Lotsa filler. Eh, what can you do?

Garethvk45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Exactly. That is why I stopped covering PAX West and let local staff do it. No Big 3, no. Bethesda, W.B., Capcom, Square Enix, major hardware developers. All small Indie games. Cannot justify plane tickets, rental car, hotel, etc. Even when we stay with family it is not worth it for me. Much prefer the drive to CA or Las Vegas for the shows and events there.

Michiel198945d ago

this is not meant to be only be blockbuster titles, that's what the game award reveals are for. I thought it was actually a pretty damn good show, saw a lot of indie titles that I'm looking forward to play. Especially that new game from the creators of Gris, I think the title was Nema or something, game looked fantastic.

Lightning7745d ago (Edited 45d ago )

SGF is not like E3, Geoff's speech at the beginning was pretty good imo. Sticking it to the big guy's and catering to the little guys.

Buuut, E3 had the big games and smaller games. Summer Game Fest is smaller games only going forward. For 4 years now it's been smaller titles. I just thought it was the big AAA's were skeptical or not ready for SGF this whole time. Instead it's being made for AA dev teams.

So that leaves Sony who's not been all that great or doesn't show up, ubisoft sucks now, EA.. Is EA... that leaves MS at least they try around this time period. Doesn't make them any better but again at least they try at these events.

SGF is just filler, indie fluff after fluff. Some good things are in there of course but there's no wow moments, no big game moments anymore at these events. Don't ever expect anything big at SGF going forward not smaller indie things. Game Awards as the official place for Bing AAA now.

Makes me miss E3 even more now.

Michiel198945d ago

wdym filler? just cause you only like big AAA titles, doesn't mean everyone else does. The sales of the indies proves it. At least they try to push the industry forward that isn't only focused around better graphics.

Lightning7745d ago

Pacing is everything. When you shot gun titles like that it becomes uninteresting and tedious.

There was some great stuff in their. Hell there's probably some game changing AA stuff. It was all thrown in our faces. Individually there's probably some gold mines in there tbh.

These Indies competing for our time and attention all at once isn't the way to go about it.

Plus I'm talking about having games of all sizes like past E3's.

Geoff knows what makes a good E3. He's been attending E3 since it started 30 years ago he knows more than anyone what it takes to put on great E3's he should know that variety of games is key to a good show.

Unfortunately he's gonna be catering to only AA devs at these shows.

Michiel198945d ago

why are you comparing it to E3? that's not what they are going for with this show. If you are expecting an E3 like show, you will always be disappointed. They actually spend a lot more time on some of the games instead of just showing a trailer, though there were still plenty of those ofc. Honestly sounds like you didn't watch the show. Also got some release dates for some bigger games, Wukong, Kingdom Come 2 and I think the star wars title. Highlights for me were Tears of Metal and Neva

At TGA/E3 indies get 10% of the airtime, the rest is filled with all the big titles and concerts, a guy blowing on a horn and now it's the other way around.

Lightning7745d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Of course I Watched it. Of course Phantom Blade was my personal highlight. Thing is Geoff needs to come out and say It. Just tell us SGF is for mainly Indies and Game Awards is for big titles. It's been hard to justify gen 9 in general with loads of cross gen stuff and waiting a full year for SGF just for indie stuff isn't justifying the purchase or even use of PS5 and Series Series X.

I mentioned E3 because of variety of titles and those games back then justified say PS3 and 360 every year. Plus Geoff can fix the wrongs of E3 which lead to its cancelation.
Maybe this is the way and I just don't know it yet. Anyway fast forward it's either Indie or it's going to PC they'll just buy a PC. Makes me nervous about PS6 and next Xbox, it'll be even harder to justify those consoles in the future.

Either way you had a good time I didn't personally I was disappointed but it wasn't the worse ever, this was the "best" SGF out or the 4 years since it started. I'll be watching highlights from SGF from this point on though. Not sitting through a 2 hour show again.

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lelo2play44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

So far, the shows were crap. Sony had a crap show. Summer Game Fest 2024 had a crap show.
Let's hope Microsoft, Ubisoft (and Nintendo???) can save this gaming season with their shows...

Garethvk45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

For me I did not see a single new thing that peaked my interest at first glance. I am looking forward to seeing what Bethesda and Ubisoft offer but I miss E3 as it was so much better than a parade of clips; even in off years.

Lightning7745d ago

When they do game after game they all run together and I start seeing essentially the same over and over. How many JRPGS, pixel art, or or artsy open world game can they show until they all look the same?

It's jarring and I get bored quickly.

Garethvk45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Well said. Indies with dated graphics and gameplay just don't do it for me. I know that is personal taste but I cannot think the majority liked it. G.K. wanted feedback on Twitter and 42% rated it a D or less and many said they want E3 back and the show was boring. Even the ones who liked it said the games need to be more interesting. Some said for 250K a minute the broadcast quality could have been better but my feed was fine.

-Foxtrot44d ago

Yeah same. I think it's harder these days to have a more general show because everyone is usually doing their own thing.

Microsoft - Have their own show

Sony - Does their own thing

Nintendo - Also does their own thing

Bethesda & their Studios - Owned by Microsoft now

Activision - Owned by Microsoft now

Ubisoft - Have their own show

EA - Either have their own show or just don't have enough for one

Capcom / Square Enix / Sega - Some games can be shown at other peoples events but they usually wait for Tokyo Game Show.

Studios like Valve or Rockstar never do these types of events

I think because Microsoft are the only ones who do a big show out of the main 3 most studios will see their showcase as more appealing. We all know most third party games will be multiplatform so I don't think they are that bothered with Summer Game Fest especially with how much it costs to have a trailer, who knows Microsoft might be offering them it a little cheaper.

PRIMORDUS45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

For me at least nothing will replace E3. I have many E3 DVD's from years ago GameSpot, Planet GameCube, and another from I think it was called Next Gen who made them. Now comes the huge task of ripping them all to mkv and keep them on my drive. 🤪

darthv7245d ago

I liked the Lego horizon and power ranger games. Everything else i feel like we have seen over and over again. This first person shooter is going to be different than that other first person shooter... trust me bro.

At least the two I mentioned did their own twist on existing IP and did it in a way that looks to just be fun, no matter who you are. i am a bit hopeful we may see sequels to Quantum Break and Control after they get some inclusion in the new AW2 DLC. But that will have to wait until next year (or so)

Aphrodia45d ago

Power rangers was game of show for me. Loving the beat em up revival.

Elda45d ago

Horizon Lego looks cute for the kiddies but I'll pass, but I was a little surprised to see that the PS game is being released on the Switch as well. Maybe Sony may be dabbing at putting some of their franchises on other consoles too.

MrNinosan45d ago

Most likely the choice of Lego.

Christopher44d ago

It's not a PS game. It's a LEGO game.

Elda44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

@Christopher It's a joint venture project & the Horizon games are owned by Sony Guerilla. Sony would have had to agree with letting their franchise be multiplat, Lego does not own the Horizon i.p. Again..Basically it's Sony & Lego's game.

Garethvk45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Report was that it is 250K a minute for a trailer to be included. People left E3 saying it had become too expensive for space and travel costs and then said disruption to production schedule and a firm timeline for content to present. Now we have massive layoffs and companies cutting back from media reviews and now find it's pay the fee or hope you have a good enough relationship with media to get your trailer out.

Michiel198945d ago

nah it's cause of the internet and a lot of publishers having their own nintendo-direct, it's way more convenient, you can do it as long or as short as you want, you can do it in a time when there's not much other game announcement or try to 1up the competition by holding it close to theirs. It's just way more convenient.

Garethvk45d ago

Yet sales have declined since they tried this new approach and massive layoffs followed. A edited trailer is no substitute for seeing it and playing it and if they do not have confidence in their prodect; then don't ask $59.99 for it and expect people to buy it.

Michiel198945d ago

Corona happened, gaming industry blew up, they overhired and now we're seeing the result of it, that's also why the sales have declined.