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Nightdive Studios Q&A - Your questions answered

Nightdive Studios, developers of the System Shock remake, have answered your questions and here they are. Thank you all who participated as well as to Larry Kuperman from Nightdive Studios for taking the time to answer our questions.

How did you balance having to retain the original feel of System Shock with updated visuals?

Larry Kuperman: There were many challenges we faced when we decided to remake a 30 year old game and the art direction was perhaps one of the biggest. Fortunately we had one of the original artists, Robb Waters on board to help guide us through the process of translating the sprites and primitive 3D models of the classic game to the Unreal powered remake. The end result was a very unique aesthetic that paid homage to the technological limitations of the version from 1994, but featured the advancements in game art that had been made over the last 3 decades.

How important was it for you for parity between the PC and console versions of the game?

Kuperman: We wanted the versions of the game to be the exact same across all platforms and our team delivered highly optimized experiences that anyone playing on either a base PlayStation 4 or a high-end PC would thoroughly enjoy. It took a great deal of time and effort but it was worth it.

What was the most challenging aspect of bringing this game to console?

Kuperman: The controls. We’re still tweaking the controls on console for future patches based on feedback, but System Shock is a very complex game that was built for mouse and keyboard. Translating that to a gamepad was an incredible challenge.

What's the biggest challenge a company like Nightdive Studio faces when they want to remaster cult classics like System Shock 2?2. Out of all the classic game engines, they've worked on, which engine caused the most head scratches? We know they'll remaster both NOLFs ... the simple question here is: when?

Kuperman: The biggest challenge is usually finding the original source code, and if that’s not available, reverse engineering the retail code of the game so it can be ported to our KEX engine. Specifically System Shock 2 has been an incredible challenge as the original code has eluded us. We’ve found pieces, but many of the games’ libraries had to be reverse engineered which is one of the reasons the game has been in development for so long.

You did an amazing job with this game! Are there plans to create further remakes now that System Shock is complete?

Kuperman: The feedback and overall reception of the System Shock Remake has been incredible and the team is currently busy on our next game.

Any new update on a possible eta for System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition? Also at one point a System Shock 3 was in the works by someone else but looks like that fell through, with Nightdive's experience on System Shock 1 and 2 would Nightdive ever get the rights to make System Shock 3? Lastly any chance of a Deus Ex, Outlaws and Handful of Missions, or Arx Fatalis remake as well?

Kuperman: No update to share for SS2:EE - it’s still in development, but it’s coming along nicely. When it’s released Shock 2 will be a showcase title of what our KEX remastering team is truly capable of.

Deus Ex, Outlaws, Arx Fatalis, those are just 3 of the many classic games we’d love to remaster.

What are you most proud of with the System Shock remaster? Were there any old gameplay elements that needed to be completely revised?

Kuperman: I’m most proud of pulling it off! The development cycle was long and arduous. We hit many obstacles along the way and there were many instances where it was doubtful that we’d ever finish. Not only did we launch the game, but it’s been loved by fans of the original and new players who are getting to experience System Shock for the first time.


Thank you Larry Kuperman and Nightdive Studios. You can check out their latest game, System Shock, on Steam, Epic Game Store, GOG, Xbox, and PS5.

Petebloodyonion46d ago

Great victory, Christopher! The generosity of Night Dive is truly commendable.

DefenderOfDoom246d ago (Edited 46d ago )

All I have to say is , thank you Nightdive for the remasters of such iconic video games QUAKE 1 and 2 . DOOM 64 , Star Wars Dark Forces , System Shock and many more. Thanks!!!

Tacoboto46d ago

Quake II is such an astounding package. I played through everything in it on Series X. Quick Resume worked perfectly, smooth 120fps across every campaign, and Call of the Machine - what a campaign that was.

Highest praises to Nightdive, and what a great addition from MachineGames with CotM.

Skuletor46d ago

I heard they want to do a The Darkness remaster/remake. I'd be interested in that.

monkey60246d ago

They're teasing a remake of The Thing on their twitter page. And I'm all for it!

Skuletor46d ago

Hopefully they focus on developing only a few games at a time, for quality sake.

coolbeans45d ago

Nah. They announced Killing Time: Resurrected.

coolbeans45d ago

Update: turns out you were right. The Thing: Remastered has been announced too.

Tacoboto46d ago

The Darkness, yeah!

Condemned: Criminal Origins is one I'd like to see remastered. Can't believe it's been like 17-19 years since them

Skuletor46d ago

I still remember being really impressed by Condemned: Criminal Origins back when the first Xbox 360 game trailers were coming out on GameTrailers.com (and YouTube didn't exist yet).


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