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Community Interview - Questions for System Shock Developer

Hello and welcome to the first Community Interview, a series where we take the community's questions for a developer and ask them on your behalf.

Today we are seeking your questions for developer Nightdive Studios. Nightdive Studios is known for their history of remastered games, from Forsaken to Star Wars: Dark Forces. Their latest game is a remake of the original System Shock.

For the next 24 hours, we will be taking you questions for Nightdive Studios below. Simply comment with your question for the developers below and the N4G Unlocked team will ask them. The full interview will be published to N4G Unlocked.

Petebloodyonion31d ago

Love the work Nightdive Studios is doing at modernizing old games like Blood Fresh Supplies
What's the biggest challenge a company like Nightdive Studio faces when they want to remaster cult classics like System Shock 2?

RaidenBlack31d ago

Absolutely love their work! Both their original releases and their remaster works.
Out of all the classic game engines, they've worked on, which engine caused the most head scratches?
We know they'll remaster both NOLFs ... the simple question here is: when?
Also, are they considering remastering Monolith's other hit FP games like Blood II, Condemned and/or especially F.E.A.R 1? As in, are they considering remastering any early LithTech based games?

TheProfessional31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

+1 for Condemened and Fear. Also AVP 1 and 2 or the original Unreal remasters would be incredible! Happy there are some other fans of these classics here.

RaidenBlack31d ago

oh yea!
Unreal 1 & 2 + if possible, maybe atleast UT1 would be awesome!
Dunno if Epic will let them .... but who knows?
There are so many other classics I want them to remaster & preserve ...

RaidenBlack31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

But actually, I left my top one out, only because I want a proper Remake from either id or Machinegames and that's Return to Castle Wolfenstein, (one of the best FPS ever made, & in GmanLives's words : "RTCW is so manly that your body is literally creating more testosterone when you're playing it.")
There are so many other low-key classics as well I want them to remaster & preserve down the line ... like Novalogic's Black Hawk Down has one of the lowest chances ... but if they can + with slightly improved gunplay that'd too sweet!
(and other titles which I am definitely forgetting)
Oops, forgot Soldier of Fortune I & II

Ninver31d ago

Ooh thumbs up for bringing up F.E.A.R 1 we need a remake

RaidenBlack30d ago

And thank the indies, that Trepang2 exists!

Petebloodyonion31d ago

Another one
Can we hope for Blood2 the Chosen remake?

TheProfessional31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Dear Nightdive,
Is there any update on Sin Reloaded? Also are Soldier of Fortune 1&2, Blood 2 The Chosen, Shadows of the Empire or Messiah remasters a possibility? Thank you!

Petebloodyonion31d ago

Played the hell out of the original Sin MP.
Still remember the layout of the Sin city map and CTF bank map.
Use to make the game lag by planting tons of remote mines behind the flag and making them explode as ppl used to jump in the mines while taking the flag.
Good time!

RaidenBlack31d ago

ahh yes ... SOF 1 & 2 ... big fan!

31d ago