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Winner of November N4G Rewards

Hello everyone!

We've created the list, checked it twice, determined who is naughty or nice, ignored that, and then randomly selected a winner from the top 100 legit and not spammy users based on the total user score from November and part of December (because we started it late in November). And, we've got that winner right here.

But first, I want to thank everyone for contributing to the site. N4G is only as good as the community and you folk are a great community, no matter what fellow N4Gers who post daily tell you!

Second, I'd like to delay the reveal of this winner announcement by explaining to you how determining this winner reminded me of my mother and how we used to cook talking about selecting winners and how those led us to recipes that we'd share online with twenty paragraphs of text having nothing to do with said winner.

Wait, that's silly.

Third, the winner is anast!

Congratulations to anast! I'll be sending a ticket your way soon to ask for your details on where to send the PS5 Slim console!

When's the next N4G Reward?

We will be having our next N4G Reward in January 2024 and we're hoping to keep this going cleanly from month to month. If you ever have feedback for the N4G Reward program please comment below or shoot me a PM and I'll pass those along to the BGFG team.

Thank you everyone!

Kurisu191d ago

Congratulations, anast! Enjoy your new PS5 console.

What is the first game that you'll be playing on it? And what is your most anticipated upcoming release?

Aloymetal191d ago

anast, wake up come get your reward;)

OtterX191d ago

Congrats @Anast! Getting a PS5 slim is quite the prize.. enjoy! 🥳🥳

coolbeans191d ago

Congrats to anast. Well deserved W imo.

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